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Develop an SEO strategy in 10 steps in 2021

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to formulate an SEO strategy for 2021 step by step.

If you can do this approach correctly, you can attract up to 200,000 new visitors to your website every month!

So if you are looking for a higher ranking in Google rankings, follow this article!

What does SEO strategy mean?

SEO strategies (also referred to as “SEO strategy” or “Search Engine Optimization Principles”) are a process that involves planning, describing, and executing steps designed to improve search engine rankings.

In other words, an SEO strategy is a process that you follow when you want to get more dynamic traffic.

With this in mind, the following are the steps in creating an SEO strategy in 2021:

  • Step # 1: Create a keyword list
  • Step # 2: Analyze Google Home Page Results
  • Step # 2.5: Categorize Keywords (New Update)
  • Step # 3: Create different or better content
  • Step # 4: Add the link
  • Step # 5: Optimize the site’s internal pages
  • Step # 6 – Optimize for Search Objectives
  • Step # 7: Increase the attractiveness of the content
  • Step # 8: Get the link
  • Step # 9: Update and improve old pages

Step # 1: Create a keyword list

Everything in search engine optimization revolves around keywords.

This is why keyword research is usually the first step in any SEO strategy.

You can easily find the keywords that your target customer is searching for using Google Suggest.

Start entering a keyword in the Google search box and it will compile a list of suggestions.

SEO strategy 2021
Create a keyword list

These keywords usually make great SEO keywords because they come directly from Google. So you know people are really looking for them. Besides, longer keywords (known as “long-tail keywords”) are less popular with searchers than “short tail” keywords.

longtail keyword

So although long-tail words have a relatively lower number of searches, you can usually get a faster ranking in these words. Also, due to the high conversion rate of these words, they will be very useful for marketing and marketing.

I recommend typing a few different keywords into Google until you get a list of about 10 keywords.

If you want to check the search volume and level of competition for those words, you can use a keyword tool like SEMrush or Ubersuggest.

Once your 10 keywords are ready, you are ready for step 2 of this SEO strategy.

SEO strategy 2021

Two keyword tools introduced: SEMrush (above) and Ubersuggest (bottom)


Step # 2: Analyze Google Home Page Results

Well, you found some keywords. Now it’s time to see what results are currently being displayed for these keywords by Google. To do this, just type in one of the keywords you found on Google.

SEO strategy 2021

Check out the top 10 search results.

And write down any pattern that is repeated in the results and you notice it.

For example, for “Tools SEO”, the results often include numbers and lists.

SEO strategy 2021
SEO strategy 2021

Note the number in each result. Listed articles have been more successful.

So if you want to cover this particular topic on your site, it is better to note that the results of the first page are more composed of posts with indexed lists. So it might be a good idea to publish a list on your blog.

After that, go to step number…

Step # 2.5: Categorize your keywords

This is one of the steps that is more important than dinner!

Let’s say we chose 11 keywords in the first step. Do we need a separate page for each of these words? What is the task of sharing these words?

After selecting the keywords, we should categorize them and put the items that are common to each other in a group. Now we need a landing page for each of these groups.

Consider the following example, which is one of the SEO projects of Avengering :

Categorize your keywords

We have 11 keywords in this project, all of which are listed in the table above. If you pay attention, some of them share like a row. In this way, we categorize the target keywords and consider the backlink URL for each category. In this step, the entered URLs may not have been created yet, in which case they will be created in the next steps.

So your output in this phase could be a document called Keyword-Targeting in which each word group is linked to the corresponding target page.

It is best to specify the type of each of these landing pages as well. In the example above, all pages are made from a single raw page. There are other types of pages such as post, category, tag, and.

Step # 3: Create different or better content

Now it’s time to sit down and create some great quality content instead of SEO.

When it comes to SEO content, you have two options:

Option 1: Generate different content

Option 2: Generate better content

Generate different content:

Sometimes you just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. But sometimes it is better to create completely different content.


Because your completely different content appears great on the web.

For example, suppose we want to write an article about “SEO for mobile”; If you do a Google search for this phrase, you will find many results with the theme “n number of ways to optimize a website for mobile”.

Now we can continue this process and, for example, write an article on our blog site entitled “150 ways to optimize the website for mobile.” But this is not right and logical.

Instead, you should create completely different content! For example, write an article entitled “Comprehensive guide to site optimization for mobile.” After publishing such different content, you will see a lot of visitors. Including:

Many will share your content:

SEO strategy 2021


Lots of comments and comments:

SEO strategy 2021


And most importantly, backlinks:

SEO strategy 2021
SEO strategy 2021

Produce better content:

All you need to do is publish content that is only 10 times better than similar content on the net.

For example: If you look at significant content about “SEO Tools” on the Internet, you will find that 10 to 20 tools are mentioned in these posts. Instead of joining the huge number of similar posts that cover 10 to 20 tools, you can introduce 100 SEO tools instead and after a while, you will see your article rank higher in the results of the first page of Google!

Step # 4: Add the link

If you want to improve your site in search engine rankings by 2021, you need backlinks. In fact, according to a new study by the Stone Temple Consulting team published on the Moz blog, links are closely related to the ranking of the Google results page.

How to add backlink

This means that they are still an important factor in Google rankings.

But the question is: how do you do that?

Well, you need to understand why people link to certain areas of content in your industry.

For example, in the past year, the number of articles written about voice search has increased.

seo strategy 2021

When people wrote about voice search, they linked to statistics and data.

I would like to say that providing statistics is a way to attract “links” that you can use to get backlinks.

Another method that works well right now and is likely to naturally increase backlinks is to write a comprehensive guide.

When you publish a comprehensive guide to something, your guide is a link. And when someone else wants to write an educational article about it, they will probably link to your comprehensive guide in their post.

Step # 5: Optimize the site’s internal pages

This step is about how to SEO your website into the keywords you want. In fact, the content of this stage is so diverse and numerous that it can not be expressed in a single post.

In summary, there are 3 great SEO techniques on the page that I recommend you focus on in 2021:

Create internal links:

Yes! Internal links still work and are effective. But you have to do it right and in principle. In particular, you should do this on pages that have more credibility and attention. In these pages, you should link to pages with less credibility and attention. Be sure to use strong keywords in the links to have strong links.

SEO strategy 2021

Short URLs with powerful keywords:

Our analysis of 1 million Google search results found something that surprised many people:

When it comes to search engine optimization, short URLs overwhelm long URLs!

SEO strategy 2021
SEO strategy 2021

As the number of URL characters increases, so does the ranking in Google results

Semantic SEO

Finally, I optimize my content for Semantic SEO.

in other words:

I find words that are related to my target keyword. Then, I use those words in my content.

for example:

First search for your keyword in Google Images.

SEO strategy 2021

And Google gives you words and phrases that it thinks are relevant and close to the subject.

SEO strategy 2021

Then, type the same keyword in the Goal Search box. And go to the “Searches related to…” section.

SEO strategy 2021

Now, incorporate some of these phrases into your content. Work is finished!

Step # 6 – Optimize for Search Objectives

One of the most important things to look for when searching for top results on Google is to consider the purpose of searching for a particular keyword (Search Intent). For example, if visitors are looking for some practical methods in a particular topic, you should list your content and write in several different ways. Either you can have a summary section in your post to improve the UX user experience of search engines, or you can add some methods called “Simple Techniques” to your article.

Doing so will keep visitors from staying on your page and returning to the Google results page.

Step # 7: Increase the attractiveness of the content

Design is the most important part of content marketing and SEO in general. You may create and publish the best possible content on the Internet. But if it looks like the image below:

SEO strategy 2021

In that case, this content is useless!

For this reason, I recommend that you invest a lot of time and money into the beauty and appearance of your site content.

SEO strategy 2021

Of course, I do not mean to empty your bank account by spending a lot! In fact, I can outline 5 extremely easy and practical ways to create the right design for your content.

Participate in Front-End training courses

You can’t be a great webmaster or blogger if you do not know web design. The relationship between HTML and SEO is always there, and it is good that you, as a webmaster interested in SEO, learn at least two basic web languages, which are CSS and HTML, which are broken. For online video training, you can use the free sessions of the Front-End training course at Vasilisa Academy.

You can improve the quality of the appearance of your web pages to a great extent by teaching front programming and site design, even at a basic level. In this case, you will no longer have to make many small changes to ready-made plugins and plugins that will reduce the loading speed of the site.

Use statistics and charts

Charts are so effective I always try to include at least one chart in each post.

SEO strategy 2021


It is clear. Because charts make data and figures easier to read and understand.

SEO strategy 2021

A good diagram that makes the content look better

Besides, sometimes other people use your beautiful charts in their blog and link to your site.

Use images and screenshots:

Using images and screenshots is not necessarily a task, and since it is said that using good images is an effective action, I do not apply it. Images help some people execute one step in a series of instructions. For example, these screenshots show a 2-step process:

SEO strategy 2021

Using screenshots only makes sense when you want to describe something technical. What if your post is a non-technical topic? For example, a topic about sports. Well, in that case, you have to put direct images of the same function.

Use banners and designed images

Unlike charts and images, banners used on landing pages do not follow a specific action. They just make our content look cooler! Look at the picture below!

SEO strategy 2021
SEO strategy 2021

Graphic and illustration forms

Graphic shapes and illustrations are actually a kind of diagram. But instead of visualizing the data, they visualize the concepts. I need to make this clear. They do not need to be luxurious.

Nothing complicated and difficult.

For example, to tell you in a tutorial post what URLs should be redirected to the same URL, it’s best to use imagery similar to the one below.

SEO strategy 2021
SEO strategy 2021

Step # 8: Get the link

Now it’s time to actively create links for your content. In this article, we want to explain 3 link building strategies.

Effective communication with blog managers

Here you can find the broken link on your personal site and offer your content as an alternative.

For example, this is an example of an email that someone sent to another marketing blogger. Notice how customized and dedicated your link is. “Please check one of your posts to link to my site,” he did not say in the email. Rather, he says exactly where and exactly on which pages of his link it is practical and logical. And because help was provided before asking for anything. The blogger willingly and willingly adds the link to his article.

SEO strategy 2021

Competitors analysis

This is one of the traditional and classic strategies in the field of links. Nevertheless, it still works and is effective. First of all, find a site that ranks high on Google for the keywords you want to promote. For example, I want to try to improve the ranking of the keyword “SEO Audit”. So I see the first page of Google results.

SEO strategy 2021

And I take a look at their backlinks.

SEO strategy 2021
SEO strategy 2021

I see that this page links from 160 different domains.

SEO strategy 2021
SEO strategy 2021

So I have to get at least some of the same links they have. To do this, I go into each of the backlinks one by one.

SEO strategy 2021
SEO strategy 2021

And I find pages where my link can add value. Finally, I choose a page for the link that has a complete and better list of the topic I want.

The method of the Christian preacher

This strategy is less about the links themselves. Rather, it is about presenting your content to the most appropriate people. Especially people who are bloggers in your field.

Step # 9: Update and improve old pages

This works amazingly well.

For example, you can update the content you want to repost with new photos and screenshots. Or add new items to your comprehensive lists and guides and remove strategies that are no longer effective from your articles.

SEO strategy 2021
SEO strategy 2021

now it’s your turn!

This is also from this! My comprehensive and 9 step instructions for SEO in the New Year! Now I would like to know your opinion. What do you think? Which strategy would you like to try sooner than the others? Do you want to update your old content and repost it on your site? Or maybe you want to do the broken links method?

In any case, at Avengering, we look forward to your views and opinions.


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