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set up wordpress website | wordpress site

Preface: Build a site with WordPress Having a business without a website is almost meaningless these days. Every business or even an individual is looking to have a website with a beautiful appearance and of course high efficiency. To have a website, you can leave everything to a designer and programmer. But without a doubt,

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type of website design

Web design template trends – type of website design

New styles of website template design and their definitions Today, new website template design (type of website design) styles have emerged that have been created according to the best user experience of the website. The root of these new styles of website design is in creating the best possible relationship with the website user. In the following

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web design

Why you choose Us for your Website Design (web design)?

Dedicated website design Avenger IT Next Generation website design company designs and implements a unique and special site for customers by designing responsive web-responsive and completely customized web-based on customer needs and tastes. Our solutions for different classes are real estate site design, legal, medical, news, corporate site design, and online store design. In coding the professional website design template, all the

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Site sécurité et tous les conseils associés

website security and all the related advice

Preface: what is website security and how to secure your website? Website Security is a set of actions that maximize the security of the site and minimizes the possibility of intrusion. Keep in mind that site security is subject to other things, all of which play a vital role in securing the website. Server security,

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Business website designs – video included

 Preface: Professional website design If your goal in Business website designs is to compete with competing websites and companies that are similar to yours, then designing a dedicated business website is a must for your business. In the web design projects of Avenger IT Next Generation, in addition to the visual and graphic beauty of the

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Who is involved in website designing?

Who is involved in website designing? video included

Preface: Who is involved in the operation of a website designing? You may have come across the words website designing , webmaster, developer, web designer, and programmer, many people equate the meaning of these words with each other, while in the web world each of these words is related to a person with a specific

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Make your e-commerce website with us

Preface: e-commerce website design – Store site design If your goal in designing a store site(e-commerce website)  is to compete with competing sites and companies, then designing a dedicated online store site is essential for the success of your online business store. Of course, such a need cannot be met in any way by building

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Website Building

introduction of how website building?

preface: How do we start designing a website/website building? (Complete training of designing a website) Perhaps you are reading this article and are interested in designing a website/website building( designing a website ) and would like to know how a website is created. As you know, the cost of designing a website is very high,

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Guide to Migrating Website into Progressive Web App PWA

Migrating your website to PWA (progressive web app)

Preface: Tutorial for Migrating Your Website into a PWA (Progressive Web App) In this article, we explain how are you Migrating your website to PWA?  In a very short time, PWAs have made a very prominent mark in the mobile app industry. The concept, which Google wants you to know to know about, is a

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