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WordPress Speed Boost is a new service from the powerful WordPress toolkit that is poised to roll out in the mainstream. The speed of your WordPress site (site performance option)is one of the criteria for your website success. One of the most important factors affecting your Google and SEO WordPress results is its speed. You can join us for a quick website.

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We know that configuring a site performance for beginners can be very stressful, especially for those who are not tech-savvy. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve helped many WordPress users improve their site performance.

We continue to offer our services in site performance  at both basic and advanced levels

1- Basic site performance services (speed up the site)

There are plenty of cache management extensions in the WordPress repository, but we have extensions WP Super Cache We suggest you .

Images make the content of the site more lively and encourage users to interact more with it Research shows that images can increase reading by 80 percent.

But the presence of inappropriate images, rather than helping the content, can damage it In fact, inappropriate images are one of the most common and effective speed problems on most sites created by newcomers.

One of the things that can be done with site images is to create capability Lazy Load In them This means that the bottom images of an item are displayed by scrolling This will prevent many site images from being loaded when the user first requests them and this will improve the loading speed.

The WordPress Content Management System is updated regularly as it is open source. Each update adds new features and partially removes security issues and bugs from the previous version. Skins and extensions installed by you are also likely to be updated occasionally.

WordPress by default displays all the content of an article on the homepage and archives This will slow down the loading of pages such as homepage, categories, tags and other archive pages..

The high number of comments on a site indicates a high percentage of users in the site But the downside is that it slows down loading.

The geographical location of the user and his distance from our physical location can affect the site speed. For example, suppose your server site is in France. On average, it can be said that the speed of French users’ access to the site will be faster than that of a European or American user.

Use one CDN Or the content distribution network can greatly help speed up the site for users in different geographic locations.

In WordPress, you are able to upload videos directly to and through your host HTML5 Play them in the user’s browser. But you should never do that!

Hosting videos requires a lot of bandwidth. It also puts a lot of costs on your hands. Even if your web hosting account is unlimited, it is likely that you will be penalized for excessive bandwidth usage and your hosting service will be suspended..

Also hosting videos will increase the site size and consequently increase the volume of backups. As a result, it will be extremely difficult and time consuming to restore your WordPress site from backup.

When choosing a theme for your WordPress site, it is important to keep in mind that its loading speed is optimal. Many beautiful themes have poor coding and slow down site loading.

Sliders are parts of the website that usually slow down page loading. Even if the slideshow is optimized, still poor coding will cause users to waste time loading.

If you own a photo website or have a lot of portfolio on your site, you will probably be using a photo gallery plugin to display site images. Optimizing the upload speed of your gallery plugin is important.

Scripts can add attractive features to the site, but using them also has costs and is one of the most important costs of slowing down the site.

2- Advance site performance services (speed up the site)

Most site visitors like longer, more comprehensive posts. Also, long posts usually rank higher in search results. But publishing too long posts with too many images can negatively impact its loading time.

Many WordPress templates upload files from other websites. These files can be in the form of scripts, style sheets and images from external sources such as Google, Facebook, stats and the like.

Limited use of these will not cause any problems. Many of these files have also been optimized to be uploaded as quickly as possible. Even faster than having your own website)

This little step requires more technical skills and general knowledge than  PHP And it has editable files. Unfortunately, the number of weak templates in WordPress is not low, and many ignore WordPress standards and end up calling the site database frequently. This will put a lot of pressure on the server and reduce its efficiency.

After a while of using a WordPress template, your database may contain a lot of information that is no longer needed. You can optimize the database and get rid of unnecessary information to increase productivity.  

Post patches occupy space in the WordPress database. Some users believe that patches can negatively affect parts of the database that are managed by extensions. If extensions don’t ignore the patches, they may slow down the site by inappropriate searches.

If you are producing high-quality content on your site, sooner or later there are people who start stealing it. One of these methods is that other websites place your site’s photo URL on their website instead of uploading your photo to their site, ie, using your bandwidth to upload the photo This will steal your site’s bandwidth without generating traffic to your site.

Gzip compression technology allows web servers to compress some of the site’s resources and then send them to the user.

You may not believe it, but tidying up your site’s code will have an unbelievable impact on your site’s speed. To do this, you can remove anything extra between your site’s codes, such as commas, spaces, comments, extensions, or anything else, and keep the code clean and tidy for Google’s convenience that Reads them faster and easiest…

Upgrading a website to the latest version of PHP can be frustrating, but it’s worth it. Scripts in the newer versions of PHP can run up to 30% faster, which will greatly impact the speed of large sites. Many articles have been published recently that demonstrate the speed of execution of scripts in higher versions of PHP.

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