wordpress robots.txt and robot.txt

what is robots txt(robot . txt)? and how effect in SEO?

Preface: What is a Robots.txt file? What effect does SEO have? The Robots.txt file is a text file that webmasters can use to guide search engine robots when monitoring a website. The robot.txt file is part of a protocol called REP that standardizes how robots monitor the web and how to access and index content and provide …

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types of robots meta tags

What is meta robots?(Meta Tags Robots)

Preface: Meta Tags Robots Definition The Robots meta tag ( Meta Tags Robots) is a code that contains instructions on how search engine site pages are monitored. While the Robots.txt file( types of robots meta tags) specifies search engine robots’ access restrictions. More detailed instructions on how to monitor and index pages are provided by the Robots …

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What is googlebot?

Preface: Google Bot Definition What is GoogleBot? When we think of the Google robot, a robot-like Wall-E might be created in a movie of the same name in our minds, searching for information in unknown worlds. But in fact, Google’s robot is a computer program written by Google and monitored on the web. Google Bot detects and …

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White hat SEO training techniques

 What is SEO White Hat? White hat SEO training techniques

Preface Do you want to rank well without worrying about being penalized in competing for keywords? So it’s time to think of white hat SEO. In this post, we explained completely about White hat SEO training techniques(against black hat SEO). But before you start white hat SEO, the question may arise as to whether white …

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What is Digital Marketing in 2020? | Digital Marketing Training

Preface: What is Digital Marketing? In this article, tenant to present Digital Marketing Training and some digital marketing tools and also digital marketing education books. The term digital marketing and definition of digital marketing has been referred to for two decades now as a subset of marketing management and advertising management. But with the advent of …

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what is digital marketing?

Preface: Do You know What is Digital Marketing? Is digital marketing( online marketing versus offline marketing) one of those weird phrases that you have to use to showcase yourself in meetings or not, is it a real thing? Perhaps the better question here is what is digital marketing at all? The term digital marketing has been referred …

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wordpress seo plugins

Top 20 SEO WordPress Plugins for Higher Ranking Search engines are the best source of traffic for many sites and are still the most reliable and reliable source of traffic on the Internet. WordPress is one of the best SEO content management systems used on millions of websites. SEO WordPress plugins play an important role in helping a huge number …

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