Are bots something new?
Short answer: No. Long answer: The story of bots goes back to the 80s. Speech robots(bot) were made decades ago to entertain people. But what Microsoft or Facebook are looking for is much more complex than that.

How do bots change the future?
Smart bots are changing the way we use smartphones and computers. According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, the company plans to turn Conversation into a new platform in the world of computers. In recent years, we have become accustomed to getting the information we want by clicking on the software icon, running apps and using search boxes. But chats can change the whole process. In the future (maybe right now) you can ask your gadget about the weather and the chat will tell you according to your geographical location whether or not you should take an umbrella. Simply put, neither the app nor the search box is needed.
Are all the chatbot the same?
The answer is no. There are all sorts of the bot. From bumpy bots to clever bots. If you remember a few years ago when you were asking questions about the Google Now service, one was mistaken among the answers. But we are getting into the era of smarter bots. For example, when we ask a smart bot what the weather is like, he has to answer all sorts of things: for example, he should say, “The weather is sunny now” and also be able to set up a meeting for another day in another city. Declare that “but it is raining in the evening [in that city; don’t forget the umbrella”).
What are the steps taken by bot companies?
MicrosoftAppleFacebook, and Google, as well as several other small and large companies, are developing platforms for producing chats. They have also started a tough competition with their audio assistants. Here’s a look at some of these companies’ efforts.

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