What are the keywords? Suggestion to find the best SEO site words

What is the keyword? What searchers are most looking for? All of these questions are answered in this comprehensive SEO study article.

 In this SEO tutorial article, we want to determine what strategic keyword target your site content and how to prepare content that will satisfy both users and search engines.

Keyword Research

Understand what your audience wants to find.

The power of keyword research lies in how best to understand the purpose of the market and to understand how users search for your products, services, and content.

Keyword research provides you with specific search information that you can answer with questions such as the questions below.

  • What are people looking for?
  • How many people search for it?
  • In what format do they want it?

In this chapter, you will learn tools and strategies to cover this information, as well as tactics that teach you to avoid weak keywords and generate strong content. Once you understand how your audience is searching for your content, you will then learn a whole new world of SEO strategies.

What reforms are people looking for?

You may know what you are doing, but how do people look for the products, services, and information you provide? Answering this question is the first important step in the keyword research process.

Discover keywords

You may have a few keywords in mind that you want to rank for on your site. Words like products, services or positions to which your site relates, so we’ll use that information to get you started, you can also use free tools to find keywords. It is also advisable to keep in mind the volume of similar keywords and the users they are looking for (search volume for the same keyword), we will deal with it in later sections but in the discovery phase, this can be To help you figure out which keywords are most popular and used by users.

When you put your keyword into the search engine, you will find new keywords, frequently asked questions, and new topics for your content that you may not have thought of and thoughtfully covered.

For example, let’s use flower vendors that specialize in weddings.

Typing “wedding” and “flower sales” in a keyword research tool may lead to the discovery of highly relevant and searched terms such as the following:

  • Bridal Bouquet
  • Wedding Flowers
  • Wedding Flower Sale

In the process of discovering relevant keywords for content, you may find that the search volume for keywords can be very different. You want to include titles in your content that your audience and customers are looking for. In some cases, it is better to target low keywords as well, because it is easier to compete with high keywords.

Since high and low competition keywords have their advantages and disadvantages for your website, having more search volume can change your keyword ranking and choose the keyword for your site. To give your site a strategic advantage.

Important: Have Diversity!

It is important to note that your entire site does not rank for keywords but rather pages that increase your rankings. If you’ve noticed the homepage of well-known sites and brands have very good rankings in most keywords, but not for most sites. Most of the organic traffic to the site is through pages other than the homepage. That is why enriching your site and pages with valuable keywords is so important.

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