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By choosing a strategic approach to website optimization for mobile, a lot of potential visitors to a website are absorbed. From an SEO perspective, mobile site usage is constantly on the rise, and businesses should take advantage of this great opportunity. In this post, we will first discuss what SEO is and how important it is, and then we will explain how to optimize SEO for mobile.

SEO Mobile Website Optimization is a process for optimizing a site’s content to improve the ranking of a website’s pages in search engine results. This process, Website Optimization for Mobile, helps you increase your site’s organic visibility and thus make your business more thriving. If a shop is located where more customers pass, it will eventually sell more. Your website is the same store in cyberspace that you optimize for search engines to make it easier for customers to pass through.

Although there are various search engines in the webspace, Google is the most important search engine when it comes to mobile, accounting for 95% of searches.


Website optimization for mobile is important because the search space on the web is constantly increasing. This increase indicates that many of your target customers are using mobile ports for Word to the website you built. If a website fails to do so and it does not optimize the website for mobile, it has lost a large portion of its users.

Also, search engines offer mobile sites that rank higher on their users.

How to Check Mobile Visits

You can google analytics to check how well your site is viewed on mobile, where you can see your visit statistics specifically.

Use Google’s mobile-friendly test to see if your website is mobile-friendly at all. To do this, simply enter the URL of your site to determine if mobile website optimization is done on your site. There are other tools for this.

The ways to increase mobile site visits are based on improving the mobile user experience. Pleasant user experience makes staying on your site longer, which increases the site’s ranking.

Web site speeds need to be high to satisfy the user. People in today’s world do not have much patience to wait. Speed ​​up your website by compressing the size of photos, combining and limiting code, reducing the number of page requests, and so on.

Make sure that a website tailored to the device on which it is viewed changes its content and design elements. To improve the visual experience of users. If the site is visually impaired, users will leave the site quickly.

In the context of website optimization for mobile, content optimization is just as important as SEO. Content is among the top three options for Google’s search engine! Note the headings for this purpose. Because mobile users are looking for content through headlines. Keywords are also important and important.

What do you think is the relationship between social media and mobile SEO? Although search engines do not place social networks directly in the ranking of SEOs, field research shows that there is a strong relationship between social networks and search engine rankings.

According to statistics provided by ComScore, about 80% of the time spent on social networks is on smartphones and tablets. So much capacity should not be overlooked.

Nowadays search engines focus on a new type of web search through voice and speaking. Certainly, this part of the search is the largest percentage of mobile searches. Websites should also focus on this for their future.

What is Mobile-First Index?

Mobile-first index means the first index of mobile, the mobile version of a website is the starting point of Google search engine indexing. This means that the mobile version of a website plays a very important role in the search engine ranking. As mobile web browsing has increased, search engines have focused such a spot on satisfying their users.

Of course, the mobile can be the first indicator, but it is not the only one. For example, if a site does not have a mobile version, it will continue to be searched by search engines due to having a desktop version, but this will harm its site ranking. Professional SEO has determined that mobile-friendly websites will also be more successful in desktop searches.

Mobile Website Design Requirements

To increase the visibility of the site, the mobile content design is very important. It needs to make sure that the right mobile version offers quality content that users can easily see. Texts, videos, and photos can all come to your aid.

Note that meta descriptions and headings in both mobile and desktop versions are appropriate for each page. It is also important to use relevant keywords.

If you are using Hreflang for internalization, URL-based Hreflang should focus on the mobile version of your country with language changes and the desktop URL should be appropriate to the desktop version.

The capacity of the servers must also be such that it can accommodate the increase in crawl rate.

Optimize site speed on mobile

There are various ways to increase site speed in mobile to increase site visits. According to Yahoo, 80% of the time a website load is spent downloading different parts of a page, including images and more. The more elements used in a page, the longer it will load.

Shrinking and combining files can speed up a site. HTML, CSS and Java files can be the focus. If you use a site-ready template, it may be easy to get started, but you may encounter a lot of annoying code in terms of speed.

What is AMP on the website and what is its use

AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a project supported by Google and created as an open standard for website owners to create websites that load faster on smartphones. AMP optimizes a site for search engine rankings to boost its website speed. AMP helps increase site visits.

AMP is mobile-focused and doesn’t work on the desktop version of a website. AMP can also be used for older sites.


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