Why set up a netlinking strategy?

Building a netlinking strategy offers you the advantage of better referencing your website in search engines and therefore gaining visibility.

Google and the other engines consider that if several sites with strong influence give the address of your site, it is relevant and of high quality for users.

Relevance and quality content are important SEO levers and effective netlinking techniques determine the positioning of a page on a keyword.

The need to obtain quality links

The links do not all have the same value and to benefit from an added value in SEO it is necessary to build quality links.

The value of a link is established according to several criteria such as the authority of the domain, the quality of the anchor (the text which supports the link), the relevance and logic of connection between the web page which receives traffic and that which sends …

Previously getting a link from a high authority page was beneficial no matter how relevant,

so it was possible to find a partnership in any field and take advantage of a cheap SEO boost.

Today Google attaches great importance to relevance and puts its users at the center of priorities, therefore impossible to build a link anywhere and anyhow.

Fishing for links is, therefore, more complex and requires webmasters to create real partnerships that give value to visitors to the pages in question.

The purchase of link is however prohibited and disapproved by the search engines which place the fraudulent acquisition in the black hat section.

The technique of buying artificial links is therefore not recommended especially when this placement is obvious and irrelevant to users.

A quality link must also be “do follow” to benefit from an SEO point of view using Google’s algorithm.

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