Injection flaws

Injection flaws

In Injection flaws way, the hacker also injects part of the information or parameters sent to the site with unauthorized commands that can read, modify or delete or insert new information. One of the most common of these methods is SQL Injection, which allows you to modify database information and tables or modify database requests (such as user and word authentication).

Three approaches to prevent injection attacks

The first approach

Character strings are like postal letters that can easily be changed by date, source, and destination, so often unreliable data is in the form of character strings without limitation on feature, size, format, and format.

Hackers can exploit these characters by manipulating them. To avoid injection attacks in this approach, the programmer must have sufficient knowledge of the interpreter and compiler of his program to be able to control the compilation and interpretation of his program data and not have unexpected random output in his program. If the compiler does not control the data output, hackers can seize the opportunity and seize the program.

The second approach

In this approach, which is far better than the above approach, the programmer must use a specific model for validating and parsing the program code to obtain the expected output. In this approach, the main task is to validate all uncertain inputs. The use of characters like quotes, commas, etc., disrupts the validation process in this approach, so we need a different approach to prevent injection attacks.

The third approach

This approach is one of the fundamentals of programming that is made of separating code and program data from one another. In principle, this approach is easy to talk but very difficult in practice. Some compilers provide the ability to separate program data from commands and code, known as parameterized programming interfaces, and precisely aim to separate data from code.

Encoding and Escaping techniques are used to separate the data. These techniques prevent the effects of unreliable data on commands and queries. To better understand this, you can refer to the OWASP ESAPI Online Libraries to learn about the characters that need to use Encode and Escape techniques.


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