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16 ways to increase site and Blog traffic per year

The increased site and Blog traffic is an important factor in digital marketing and the result of online advertising being influenced by real traffic. There are different ways to increase site traffic. Here are two ways to increase site traffic per year.

This article explains how to increase your website traffic. With this strategy, you can increase your site’s and Blog traffic several times. These strategies are part of the year’s best and most practical.
Here are some strategies for you:

  1. Guest post “upside-down”
  2.  Substantial changes and updates to old articles
  3. Linking to Twitter
  4. Content optimization using meaningful
  5. phrases or LSI keyword
  6. Generate more Blog traffic for blog posts by converting “Content Transformation”
  7. Using Podcasts
  8. Promote your site on others’ blogs
  9.  Content Reset Strategy
  10.  Using influencers in content
  11. Video sharing on LinkedIn
  12. Using competitive terms
  13. Use Stimulating Phrases in Content
  14. Retargeting or Re-targeting using
  15. Facebook Ads
  16. Reduce the bounce rate or website jump rate

Final words

Do these tactics work individually? Absolutely.

But think of it this way:

When you rank in Google for your target keywords, you get search traffic. If you can then get these people to subscribe to your mailing list, you can get even more traffic to future posts. And if some of these people link to your posts, your ranking in Google could be even higher faster.


if you want to quickly increase traffic to your blog, combine tactics.


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