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What is Bounce Rate

What does Bounce Rate(BR) mean in Google Analytics and what does it mean for Google or other analytics sites like Alexa?
In part 2 of this article, we are going to talk about the meaning of Bounce Rate or, as some same words say, Bounce Rate.

What Are Bounce Rate and its general definition

Bounce means “jump” though and Rate also means “measure”.

So answer the question Bounce Rate is easy to say literally jump rate to its definition as a whole is as follows:
the percentage of users indicate that a single page of your site see and then use the site for any reason outside And the lower the percentage, the better it is, and it doesn’t depend on the criteria of the site’s visitor time.

Jump rate is an important factor in SEO as well as user experience.

Of course, the above definition is not perfect and the full definition of the BR will be discussed below.

Other True and False Bounce Rate Meanings

Of course, other meanings have been translated into Farsi, some right and some wrong.

The BR means to correct you on the rate of escapeexit ratesthe rate of excretion of the user or the rate of Escape noted that although the rate of the well can be used.

Bounce rate in Google Analytics

We have defined BR in general at the start of the article but the definition of BR is slightly different and more accurate from Google Analytics’ point of view.

Interaction has the meaning of intercommunication, and now we will summarize what is Interaction:

  • Pageviews
  • Event
  • Transaction

If the above three elements only occur to one user, Google Analytics will also generate a BR. Every user has at least one Pageviews per page.

Of course, this depends on what the events are and what makes them BR calculation a little more complicated, which we’ll talk about in future posts.

Be sure to read this article on Google Analytics for a better understanding of this section of the BR  article.

Bounce rate on Alexa website

The meaning of the BR does not differ from the one we saw in the first paragraph. From Alex’s point of view, if a user only sees one page after logging into a site and exits after that, a BR occurs.
But the important question here is how does the site perceive this user behavior (user logout)?
According to Alexa, she calculates the BR with several partners, as well as Alex’s toolbar and other methods not mentioned.

From my point of view, Alexa’s bounce rate is extremely estimated and with a high error rate, because the traffic from the phone is increasing every day and Alexa’s site is unable to detect this massive traffic.

Meaning of Bounce in Email Marketing

Make sure you have the tools Email Marketing as Mailerlite, MailChimp and … and you see that some type of Bounce in the service to show us their definition of Bounce rate above were different there.

Bounce in email marketing means how many emails you send because of technical problems with the received server, invalid destination emails being temporarily or permanently invalid, and so on.

  • Hard BounceIndicates the number of emails with persistent issues that the email will not reach its destination. For example, the addressee may enter an email address that does not exist or that the email server no longer provides services.
  • Soft BounceIndicates the number of emails that are having temporary problems and that the destination email is not yet available, for example, the recipient’s email server may be temporarily down or the Inbox volume of the destination email may have been filled.

I have to keep the jump rate of the above two criteria below 5%.

I hope you have made the most of this article, which is part of the Google Analytics tutorial. It is expected that after reading the article by Bans Wright you will be able to understand its meaning in different places.
A question, how much is your site bounce rate? What do you think about this factor? We would be happy to share your experiences with us and other visitors in our site comments.


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