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How to Use Tags and Tags in WordPress for SEO?

Do you create your site Categories and Tags when you want to publish new content? Do you have more than 15 categories on your website? Do you use tags or tags to keep the user on the website? If your answer is yes, you are one of the users who are confused about WordPress and search engine optimization for their website. They also do not know the impact of Categories and Tags on search engine optimization (SEO).

Website Categories and Tags are two ways of organizing content in WordPress, but using them properly can not only have a positive effect on on-site optimization but can also be used to improve the website user experience. However, users use website categories as well as tags to search for content, organize search results, and access similar content and navigate the content of the website. In this article, we are going to explain the difference between the two Categories and Tags completely and help you improve your website overall by providing reasons and different solutions.

SEO Category and Tag?

When you use the categories and tags correctly, you can use them to improve your site’s SEO in three ways:

  1. Internal links help search engine crawlers find relevant content within your website, that is, allow Google and Bing to index the content of your entire website and include all your posts in search results. , So useful for internal site SEO
  2. Name Categories and Tags to your website, the anchor text in the link building is considered, it is clear to search engines that your website is based. This will help you increase your content rank for those keyword value keywords.
  3. Popular and hot posts that make synonymous links use categories and tags to link to other posts, which help your website content have a better chance of ranking in search engine results.


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