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How are external links to a website?

Backlinking and external links are an integral part of any SEO strategy known since the early 2000s as a major part of external site optimization strategies. However, Google has gradually increased the complexity of analyzing them by building so-called aggressive link building, creating inappropriate links and spam tactics.

A decade ago, quantity meant everything. Sites had more links to them, had the most power and got the best rankings for keywords. Today, this is simply no longer the case. To gain the power and benefits of backlinks, you need to follow a set of precise and often vague rules and guidelines that Google implemented when updating the Penguin algorithm.

Backlinking sites are being further explored. Dummy links from low-quality sources can endanger your integrity with Google. Creating too many links from just one source may make you look like a spammer. So it is best to maintain your diversity of links using various sources and links to multiple internal pages. Many webmasters are involved with this question:

Is it okay to get multiple external links from a related website !?

Impact of external links

One of the key criteria in determining the power of your website is the links that point to your site’s domain. External links are links to different sites from your site. If your website has 1000 links from 4 external domains it will have far less impact than getting 1000 links from 1000 external domains. So if you get links from more domains that fit the linking factors, your website will gain more power.

 What is a root link?

When your website receives external links from a new domain, a new root link is added to your site.

External link frequency

I will illustrate this with an example. Suppose you are posting on a new site and your website will get a new root link that will increase the power of your site’s domain. But getting a new link from that site will no longer be a root link for you and will not increase your page rank as the first link, but it still has some impact. Similarly, your third and fourth links will be less valuable.

Another important point is that the links you get to your site’s internal pages will not only increase your site’s page rank but also increase your domain’s power. Consider the following example:

Suppose you have created 1000 links to your site’s homepage and you have accumulated x points to increase the power of your domain. But what’s interesting is that your home page will look at most of the results. If you were to give these 1000 links to 100 internal pages of your site, in addition to increasing your site’s domain power by x, your internal 100 pages would also appear in search engine results.

Get multiple external links from one page

There are also cases where your site receives multiple links from a single page of an external site. For example, sometimes you publish a post on a blog that has multiple links to your domain. In this case, every link on that page is known as a page rank boost. So if two links on the page of that website point to one of your internal pages, that page will also double your results. Keep in mind that changing your text anchor also won’t work, so don’t worry if your content is right.

If you’re building valuable links, any links you make will be useful to your domain. Therefore, implementing multiple links on one site is a valuable strategy.

However, note that the number of root links to your site is more important than the total number of external links to your site. Also, getting links from related sites is far more valuable than getting links from sites that are not relevant to your site’s theme. External links to your site’s internal pages are also important, which allows you to maximize the number of internal pages of your site that appear in search engines.

Finally, know that there are other very important features that you need to consider in your competition.

For example, your site structure, website scroll ability, user experience, social network presence, and your site’s content management strategy are much more important than analyzing website links.


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