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What is the Google Ranking (PageRank) Concept?

Google uses PageRank to determine the importance of pages, which is one of the key factors in ranking Google results. Page Rank was raised by Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford. And the term PageRank is also derived from the name Larry Page.

How is PageRank calculated?

The theory of Google executives was that pages with a lot of inbound links are more important. Their algorithm considers inbound links as a positive vote for the site. The impact of an inbound link on your page rank depends on various factors such as the page rank of the backlink page, the number of pages linked to it, and the non-default links.

Of course, this criterion is largely acceptable because having a high output link means that there is little sensitivity to site references.

How Important is the Rank Bolt?

Page Rank is one of the many factors that influence the ranking of Google results, on the other hand, a factor ranging from 1 to 10 is a good criterion for determining the popularity and credibility of your site from the viewers’ point of view. It will have ads on the site.

What are the Disadvantages of Page Rank?

After a while people have been well aware of the ways to increase PageRank and using techniques like Google Bomb and Link Exchange have questioned the performance of this criterion, but now Google has sites where there are many links to irrelevant pages. Identifies and penalizes and thereby avoids unnecessary page rank increases. For this reason, avoid linking to unrelated sites and registering in web directories that do not have high Google PageRank as this will reduce your site’s credibility.

What is my site’s page rank?

During each year, Google indexes the page four times with a number between 1 and 10. This criterion is defined for each page separately and does not apply to the entire site. There are only a few pages with Page Rank 10. You can use browser extensions or SEO sites like moonsy to determine the Page Rank of your site others



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