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What Is An Internal Link And How To Get A Proper Link?

Internal Link Types

In the interior link discussion, we have two types of links:

Internal navigation link (navigational)

This type of link is used to make it easier for users to navigate through important sections or pages of the site. The links in the menu, footer and similar places on the site are of this kind

Contextual internal link

Translating the word contextual correctly means a link to the content and a meaningful connection to where it is located. We’re talking about this kind of link in this post. Text links within content can generate high SEO value.

Importance of internal link in SEO

Internal links help Google find and index the pages of the site faster. If you make strategic and proper use of internal links, you can transfer credibility or authority to the pages. You can also increase the length of time your user stays on your site and reduce the bounce rate.

In a nutshell: The internal link for any site that seeks top Google rankings is a key factor

Relationship between site information architecture and internal link

The link structure of the site’s content and menus that make up the site’s architecture goes back to your strategic look at the internal links. Information architecture is an important area of ​​UX design and navigation of the site and also influences its UI design.

When you write a new article and publish it on the site it still does not have a good place in Google. Google may not even crawl it soon! So by linking from a trusted page to this new page, you can move Google’s crawling robots to new content on your site.

How to find reputable site pages

If you use a tool like ahref, you can see a list of highly reputable pages on your site that has high authority. Of course, with tools like Search Console or Google Analytics you can also find high ranking pages on your site.


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