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What is a Landing Page?

Experience has shown that most of us have nothing but the appearance of that person at the first moment. Let’s take another example: You have been told beforehand that you should talk to Mr. Gianlucq, a neurologist, 45 years old, and riding a BMW 5 Series car. What does this person look like? What kind of person do you expect to meet? Could her appearance make you think that she was lying to you about her job and social status?

Most people who visit our website for the first time do so. Does the first page they come up with match their imaginations? Will they be attracted to our site or will they close the page and not let us know? What can we do to have a good initial impact on the audience? In such cases, the landing pages heard. But what are these landing pages and what is its use?

We’ve tried to answer these questions in the past; join us! First of all, let’s make a definition.

What exactly is a Landing Page?

As you might have guessed, the landing pages is a simple page on your website created to attract a user or a simple conversion. The reason for this naming is that the user first encountered or landed on this page, just like a traveler whose first destination is an airport runway and would be allowed to visit the city after getting off the plane.

Here let’s say what is not, rather than what the landing pages are. The significance of this explanation is that there are many different definitions of landing pages that vary widely. For example, any old page on a site that can ” land ” is not necessarily a landing page. Digital marketers distinguish between a landing page and a regular page (for example, the first page of a site).

Each landing pages usually has two very important features:

  1. It has a form.
  2. Designed solely for gathering information from the audience.

In other words, all landing pages are some kind of web page, but not every landing page.

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