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What is negative SEO ?! How to Detect Negative SEO Damage?

In this article, we’re going to focus on the process to determine whether you are affected by the techniques of negative SEO have been or not, focus, with us Stay tuned;

It must have happened for you to see your site rank in Google search and feel that competitors may have caused it!

As you walk down the path to find out what happened, you have to honestly ask yourself whether this decline was due to your actions or is it personal to you.

What is Negative SEO?

In some cases rogue competitors use different methods to hit your site’s ranking in Google search! These methods are called negative SEO and your familiarity with the subject is very important because it can help you to prevent it and prevent negative SEO from dropping your rating.

But this distinction is important; your initial drop-off could be supposed to be by an outsider, while it might be accidentally indexing your content, or skipping the necessary paths in robots.txt or having a broken plug-in in WordPress that Suddenly all your content has been duplicated with inadequate query and canonization parameters.

What tools do you need to check for negative SEO?

  • A browser with access to Google and Bing to find content.
  • Access your raw blogs to check the content and signals of each user.
  • Google Analytics to check users’ content and signals
  • Google Console to check users’ content, links, and signals.
  • Bing Webmaster Tools to check users’ content, links, and signals.
  • A link analysis tool for viewing internal link data and backlinks received.
  • A crawling and technical tool for checking users’ content and signals.
  • An SEO tool to investigate content theft.

Let’s go through different tools and scenarios to determine if you have been harmed by a negative SEO or just caused by a mistake.

How do Google and Bing treat my site?

One of the easiest things to do is to check how Google and Bing treat your site.

I like to use both of the search engines in my review because they have different reactions, which helps me quickly identify a problem. What are we looking for?

Enter your site address in Google as follows: site: Both engines categorize a list of pages from your domain, in a strict, order of importance.

Are your pages missing? While you were expecting to see them in the search for their value?

Take a look at the source code and status of the robots.txt pages you want to review.

Dropdown pages? If the index page does not appear at the top of the site, there is probably a problem. Recently, by doing this simple review, we found that the URL we were looking for was redirecting our page to the page that was redirecting it. Google’s rank had reduced this page of the site.

site: query, but Bing didn’t. This problem was resolved with just a simple check and a look at the suspicious page.

Are there any pages that you don’t recognize? Do these pages look like a problem with your CMS, causing them to be indexed inappropriately, or are these pages inappropriate and spam? The first is probably a mistake on your part, but the second is probably an attack.

Do some brand queries. Search for the site: Domain and other popular or common terms related to your brand. Don’t you suddenly rank on them? If not, have you ever had any suspicious results?


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