Off-page SEO

SEO factors are generally divided into three parts: On-page SEOOff-page SEO, and Technical SEO.

What is Off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO generally involves receiving signals from other sites to your site, most importantly building backlinks or link building.

Doing Off-page SEO Related Work If done within the framework of knowledge and experience, it will ultimately lead to a good result, but doing the opposite will reduce the rankings and in some cases will eliminate Google search results.

Checklist of Off-page SEO site factors

The following are the most important off-page SEO Google ranking factors of the site in order of importance:

  • Backlinks
  • The signal from social networks
  • Referring to the brand



Simply put: Links are the most important factor out of more than 5 ranking factors available.

Why are links important to the search engine?

From an overview, it can be seen that the presence of links has made search engines appear.

Search engine crawlers find pages by indexing the links on the web, indexing them and ranking them by their factors. The Internet is a spider web where every link is a web, a crawler spider and a web.

Link types

The links fall into the following categories:

Natural link

Backlinks that you have no direct role in making. These links are usually given to the site because of the quality content available on the site, the source or the brand being in a particular domain.

Self-made link

Manual links are built by someone to improve page rank on Google, usually in the following ways:

  • Send email to affiliate sites and request backlinks from them
  • Link from the signature or text of Internet forums
  • Links to other sites comments
  • Links from directories related to the target site
  • Share content on news sites
  • Private blog network
  • Video sharing

Backlink quality

The high number of links is not important because Google has factors to consider when evaluating link quality:

Backlinks Popularity

The popularity of the site depends on the content, traffic, inbound links, domain life, impact on the web and its particular industry, and so on.

The link between the backlink page and the backlink

If the page content is not relevant to your site, it is best to forget about getting backlinks from that site.

Anchor Text

Anchor text or anchor text is a linking word that is of great importance for the search engine to better understand the content of the link.

Total number of backlinks for a domain

The higher the number of valid backlinks, the better the status of the site over time.

  • Backlinks, brand names, social network signals
  • Authoritative backlinks, subject link to content, Link Juice Joyce link or link extract.
  • Backlinks that are made naturally are by search engine rules.
  • Working in forums, posting comments, resetting content


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YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO tutorial

In this article, let’s talk about YouTube SEO and improving the ranking of our videos on YouTube and search engines. In fact, the methods provided for video SEO on YouTube are exactly the same methods that we in our  Media team do to increase the number of monthly views of our YouTube channel. If you are also looking to get more views, more comments, increase the number of your members in the channel, and also increase the number of your inputs from Google, you can read the  YouTube SEO tutorial in full.

YouTube SEO training

You may be wondering if a video can really be optimized for certain YouTube keywords to get better rankings in YouTube search results? To clarify this issue, you can see the images below. To help you better understand this.