On-page SEO

What is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO also referred to as internal SEO is a set of actions that optimize a site’s elements to increase the site’s rank and traffic from search engines. On-page SEO means both content optimization and website HTML. On the other hand, there is an On-page SEO, an external SEO or Off-Site SEO that includes links outside of your site as well as other signals coming from your site to the Internet.

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In addition to having a good On-page SEOs, it helps the search engines to better interpret your site, it also helps users to understand the content of a page better. In essence, good On-page search engine optimization helps search engines understand what users see on your pages and measure the value of their content. So search engines can thus provide them with the best and most relevant pages for their users.

The ultimate goal of On-page search engine optimization  is to help search engines and users:

  • Understand the content of each page
  • Recognize your content as the most relevant to search terms
  • Page evaluation as a valuable and visible page in search results pages (SERPs)

What is On-page SEO?

 to Do list  to Have a Successful On-page SEO:


  1. Use URLs that comply with SEO rules.
  2. Use the keyword phrase in the title.
  3. Using words like “2020”, “best”, “tips”, “speed” and … can allow you to expand the title using keywords.
  4.  Summarize your blog post in the heading and tag of H1
  5.  Multimedia content and use of photos, videos, and diagrams to attract more users.
  6. Insert related subdirectories into the H2 tag
  7. Use the keyword in the first 100 words of the content
  8. Using responsive technology and the ability to search for mobile for the user in what is termed Frendelli mobile.
  9. Using the output link


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YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO tutorial

In this article, let’s talk about YouTube SEO and improving the ranking of our videos on YouTube and search engines. In fact, the methods provided for video SEO on YouTube are exactly the same methods that we in our  Media team do to increase the number of monthly views of our YouTube channel. If you are also looking to get more views, more comments, increase the number of your members in the channel, and also increase the number of your inputs from Google, you can read the  YouTube SEO tutorial in full.

YouTube SEO training

You may be wondering if a video can really be optimized for certain YouTube keywords to get better rankings in YouTube search results? To clarify this issue, you can see the images below. To help you better understand this.

WordPress seo settings

In this article, we have reviewed the SEO settings in WordPress, especially the new websites that have been created with this content management system.

But why is SEO important for WordPress? Website content is the most important part of it and if the content has no visitors, it will not be of any use to you. SEO or search engine optimization is a tool that helps website owners to optimize site content for search engine usage and thus gain more audience.

This is where we need to set up WordPress for better SEO. So join us and apply all the settings well.

Google Search Console Training( Webmaster Tools)

Google Search Console Training( Webmaster Tools) | complete document with video

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