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What is Referral Traffic

Traffic from other websites to your site is referred to as referral traffic that is visible within the Google Analytics tool via the ACQUISITION -> All Traffic -> Referrals. Seeing this in Google Analytics can be a thorough understanding of the content and articles published by your site on source sites whether or not you have worked well on this topic. Do you get targeted traffic to your site? Is there any traffic from other sites to your site? And you can even collaborate with sites that have the most traffic. This traffic can be from forums, blogs, link exchanges and anything else where the user enters the destination site from the source site.

As you know, Google Analytics is one of Google’s tools that provides a very detailed analysis of inbound traffic, bounce rates, time of entry and exit of users, and much more useful information about a website that can be highly targeted to the SEO site. To help learn this tool is recommended to anyone who owns a business or website, but one of the interesting and controversial topics in the Google Analytics tool is the type of traffic that leads to the site that is ACQUISITION -> All Traffic -> Channels Visible Summary Organic or organic traffic includes views that come from search engines while direct traffic includes traffic that enters through the site or company address. These are very brief and partial definitions of direct and organic traffic, but you need to understand the difference between types of traffic to be able to accurately analyze the incoming traffic of your website.

Types of Referral traffic

Traffic that redirects to your site through a site other than search engines. For example, you work within forums related to your site and many users read your content within those forums and from there, your site will be referred to like this kind of traffic to the site.


Traffic coming to your site through social networks such as Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, etc. is called social traffic.


Traffic coming to your website through search engines is called organic traffic, for example when you search for the word SEO in Google and when you visit a website style website this type of traffic is considered organic. Come on.


Traffic that is paid traffic to your site by showing up in search engine results that are the result of paid advertising through services like Google AdWords or other platforms.


Traffic that is redirected to your site via email marketing.

Other traffic

If the traffic coming to your website is not directed through the specified sources it is called other traffic.


Traffic coming from anonymous sources to your site is called direct traffic, for example, if you enter in your browser, that type of traffic will be direct.

With our definitions of the types of traffic, we were able to partially understand the difference between what Google Analytics says, but we are going to look more precisely at the differences between direct traffic and organic traffic.


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