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What is an SEO agency? Finding the Best Digital Marketing Agency

What is an SEO agency? How can we choose the best SEO agency for our site? So keep up with the questions.

As you read this, over 15,000 agencies worldwide offer SEO services. There are a lot of SEO agencies in Iran too. But you have to choose one of these 15,000 SEO agencies for your business. It’s hard work. It is very difficult to choose from among these.

There is also intense competition among these agencies in Iran. Many businesses have lost their credentials for many years due to trust in non-specialized agencies, or have abandoned digital marketing after a long time, switching to traditional marketing. Businesses that outsource SEO work should be able to identify the best SEO agency out of a large number of agencies.

Now how do you think the best SEO agency should be selected? We offer you some solutions:

Check out their website.

If you want an agency SEO and on a larger scale a Digital Agency Marketing for selected card, you should first and foremost check their performance. You probably think you have no expertise in site analysis. So how can you analyze them? it’s simple.

  1. Open their site. First of all, check the speed of the site opening and up. If their site is slow, it means that they have no understanding of the impact of site speed. Because site speed is one of Google’s most important parameters for site ranking and ranking.
  2. Take a look at the pages about us and see their work history. Take a look at their portfolio and be sure to check out the sites that have worked and see their work. This is very important.
  3. Read the content of their blog. SEO is directly related to quality content. If the content of the site itself is not very attractive. Missing spelling or their blog not being updated soon means that this specialized SEO agency has nothing to say.
  4. DA and PA Check their site. It’s easy. Just search the DA Checker on Google and then enter the site address to see the power of their site. The more DA a site has, the more they are backlinking and can link to you.

But don’t judge too soon. If their site can’t get you the idea, go to another agency and do the same for that site and compare. After you have the necessary information and tips about the site or sites you are looking for. You can now call or make appointments to talk and negotiate.

What questions should you ask them?

Now you need to call them or talk to them in person. You need to have good questions and listen to their answers so that they can tell you the amount of information and professionalism.

Never ask how long it takes for us to be ranked a Google. Do you know why? Because no one knows the answer. SEO is a time-consuming process, and your competitors are as active as you are, and it is unclear when you can get there. Instead of asking these kinds of questions, ask them: What is your strategy for our site SEO? And why do you think this strategy works?

This is the most important question to ask. SEO is, after all, part of the marketing funnel. Google now receives over 65% of all site traffic worldwide, and that’s a huge statistic. So a professional SEOist should, first of all, know your marketing strategies and explain how you can get customers through SEO.

In today’s world, methods and techniques are not very efficient. It is a strategy that determines success. This is very important. Each agency may have its strategies. But SEO revolves around two things: quality content and linking. Your SEO agency should have a regular plan for these two important topics. SEO is just part of the job. SEO content and how to build backlinks, and so forth, are things that every SEO agency needs to master to get it to your website.


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