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As the wheels do not move without an engine without content SEO ( website optimization ) can not properly appear on the Google results page. Just as a car without a car doesn’t make sense, SEO is also a luxury car that doesn’t move. Google has stated that content is one of the three most important ranking factors for it. Content needs SEO. For this reason, Pune Media’s article aims to talk about optimizing site content and complete SEO  checklists so that you can optimize your content safely. You are optimized. Here’s a complete SEO checklist for you and eliminates the need to read other stuff that sometimes confuses you. This article answers the following questions:

– What is SEO (Content)?
– How Much Content SEO Are There?
– What is the Content SEOs Checklist?

What is  Content SEO?

To understand what marketers mean by SEO, we can break it down into components:
SEO: referring to search engine optimization or website optimization so that people can easily find it. Find a search engine like Google.
Content: Any information on the web that is used.
Putting these two components together we can define SEO content as any kind of content production process that aims to capture traffic or visit search engines. Of course, content is not going to be produced for search engines only. Be careful not to produce content that is weak and short but to produce valuable content that is valuable to both the search engine and the user. Otherwise, there is a fear of being penalized by Google. Remember the poor and incomplete content Bounce Rate and low conversion Conversion.

A quick look at SEO requirements and content optimization

Here’s all the stuff for optimizing your site content and giving you a quick reference to find out what you need for SEO content:

  • Keywords research: If you want to get a lot of traffic through search, you need to do keywords before writing your research. This allows you to focus on keywords and bring more traffic to your site. In other words, write topics that people are looking for information.
  • Keywords optimization: Keyword optimization means where and how to use keywords to maximize search when writing good content.
  • Content organization: The content of your site should be reasonably organized. This is not only good for SEO but it is also useful for the user to gain access to other relevant content on your website. The more users there are on your website, the better for you.
  • Content Promotion: By sharing content on social networks and link building (internal linking and external linking) you can increase the visibility of the content.

Tools like  Keyword Niche Finder can help you choose specific titles for your content SEOs.


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