Everything You Need to Know About Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Android and iOS, two popular mobile operating systems, have been able to extend their reach with other mobile operating systems over the years thanks to a wealth of applications and have gained popularity among users and developers. Much of the success of these two mobile platforms has been due to the immense breadth and functionality of their native apps. This has led to other mobile platforms not having much room for the width and lacking in popularity due to software poverty. The most obvious example of this is Windows PhoneNowadays it is almost out of date. The Redundant mobile operating system, despite all its weaknesses and positives, at all stages of development – whether Windows Phone or Windows Mobile – failed to attract developers’ attention, and in terms of quality and quantity, fewer and fewer apps compared. With its competitors.

Contrary to native apps, web apps Or web applications. All web-based email clients, online retailers, and wiki websites (with user-editable content) running in browsers are some kind of web application. Web apps were initially formed on the desktop, but with the advent of the smartphone era and the mobile platform’s dominance over the desktop, mobile apps were gaining in popularity. Although native mobile apps seem to be unbeatable today, they face several limitations. For example, they are dependent on a specific platform. This means that it is not an Android application running on the iOS operating system, and developers have to extend it to different platforms to provide them with more platforms, which in turn increases the cost of building native applications.

These bugs have made web apps the focus of attention. Today, with the advent of stable, high-speed Internet access and the development of modern web technologies, web applications have evolved and are now not only deficient in native applications, but many ways doing better. With this in mind, Google introduced the web with advanced features in its 5th year. Before describing the features of a growing web application, let us first briefly examine the differences between native and web applications.

The difference between native apps and  PWA

A native app is an application specifically developed for a particular mobile device and can only be installed on the same device. Users usually get native apps through online software stores such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. On the other hand, a web application and PWA  is an internet application that is accessible through any browser.

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The difference between native apps and  PWA

From the interface point of view today there is almost no difference between native apps and web apps, both of which offer similar features with slight differences. Currently, most developers are deploying their applications in both mobile and web platforms, increasing the reach of their services as much as possible.

However, the first difference between these two groups of applications concerns their development process. Each mobile platform uses a different programming language. For example, iOS uses Objective-C, while Android uses Java and Windows Mobile, with Cpl Plus. On the other hand, web applications use other languages ​​such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, or other web software frameworks. Besides, each mobile platform provides developers with their custom development kit (SDK), development tools, and other UI elements. Developers using this suite of tools can easily develop their native app for that mobile platform. On the other hand, there is no specific standardization for web applications, and developers are not limited to using specific development frameworks or tools.

What is a Progressive Web App / PWA?

Progressive Web Apps, or PWA for short, can be the next big development in the field of mobile applications. The technology, first introduced by Google in the year 3, has attracted a lot of attention due to the relative ease of development and the immediate user experience for users.

Progressive web application utilizes the latest technologies in the combination of mobile apps and websites. A progressive web application is a website that uses modern web technologies but its appearance and functionality are the same as a regular application. Recent advances in browsers, workarounds, caches, and software programming interfaces (APIs) have enabled web developers to deploy web applications that can be added to the operating system’s home screen with the ability to send server-side notifications (Push Notifications) and even offline functionality.

PWA (Progressive web application) has the advantage of a wider web ecosystem and plugins and the relative ease of developing and maintaining websites compared to native apps in software stores. If you are a website and app developer, you know that building a website can be done with less time and there is no need to maintain the backward-compatibility of programming interfaces because unlike native version versions of all native applications, Run from the website code.


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