What s WordPress?

WordPress is a simple yet powerful content management system based on PHP and MySQL that is usually used with the MySQL or MariaDB database servers but can also use the SQLite database engine. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to inside WordPress as Themes. this CMS is the most used script for creating a website all around the world.

WordPress or other site builder systems ?

According to official WordPress statistics, 5% of websites use WordPress!

In the web environment as well as amongst different users, there is much debate that fans of any content management system are trying to introduce their favorite software as superior content management system, but the truth is that Some reminders of discussions between users and fans of Windows and Linux, all while keeping up with such debates. Because each of these software or operating systems are designed for their own environments and applications and are suitable for the same job. Imagine being asked if you think a ride is better, or a heavier one, to get the discussion going. Well surely your answer will be that each of these is designed and built for a particular job, and you can’t generally make such a comparison.

But overall the WordPress system is very good in terms of search engines or SEO, in terms of loading speed, quality of service, ease of use, as well as security and various extensions, and we recommend you use this service.

In addition to the above features, WordPress has easy access to editing. So if you want to set up your own WordPress site, please contact us to get it done with the least cost. Your request will first be reviewed and priced according to the type of site requested. Then your site will be designed and delivered to you based on client, WordPress or programming requirements.


Working with digital marketing, SEO services, and website design with a highly experienced team for years, َAvenger IT Next Generation has been able to meet the needs of people in various businesses and help businesses grow. Continuously updating their level of knowledge and exploring different markets has surpassed the pioneers in this field and incorporate successful experiences into their careers.

WordPress seo settings

In this article, we have reviewed the SEO settings in WordPress, especially the new websites that have been created with this content management system.

But why is SEO important for WordPress? Website content is the most important part of it and if the content has no visitors, it will not be of any use to you. SEO or search engine optimization is a tool that helps website owners to optimize site content for search engine usage and thus gain more audience.

This is where we need to set up WordPress for better SEO. So join us and apply all the settings well.

What is Dreamweaver? | Adobe Dreamweaver tutorials

What is Dreamweaver? | Adobe Dreamweaver tutorials

What is Dreamweaver and how to configure it? Powerful Adobe Dreamweaver software is one of the most popular software for website design. In this article, we will focus on what Dreamweaver software is. Adobe Dreamweaver is available for the macOS and Windows operating systems. Following Adobe’s acquisition of the Macromedia product suite, releases of Dreamweaver …

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online shop with prestashop

How to use PrestaShop to design online shop – Launching an online shop with Prestashop

You may be wondering why Prestashop? What sets this platform apart from other platforms? As you know, there are several CMSs that you can use to build an online shop. If you search the internet, you can see the differences and comparisons of these content management systems. 

But in answer to the question of why we should use Prestashop better, we should talk a little about the features of this free content management system. Once you install PrestaShop, you will have more than 600 basic features with you, and you can set up your online shop without any worries. In addition to these 600 features, there are other benefits along with PrestaShop, the most important of which we will mention in the following.

prestashop addons

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wordpress plugins

WordPress plugins- wordpress security plugins

The best WordPress security plugins WordPress Security Plugin WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, and more than a quarter of websites are built on it, and perhaps because of this popularity, it has always been a favorite of hackers. If the security of your site and the efforts you have made so far …

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Online store -Benefits of selling products online

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Create an account in Google Analytics

Preface: Google Analytics on WordPress Installing Google Analytics on WordPress is much easier than other types of custom-made sites, as you can do it with a plugin, without having to touch any code on the site. By using plugins, you can be sure that this system will continue to work by launching Google Analytics only …

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site wordpress

set up wordpress website | wordpress site

Preface: Build a site with WordPress Having a business without a website is almost meaningless these days. Every business or even an individual is looking to have a website with a beautiful appearance and of course high efficiency. To have a website, you can leave everything to a designer and programmer. But without a doubt, …

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