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Preface: Five Types of Online Advertising ؛ Effective Online Advertising Types

Nowadays, we need to run an online advertising campaign using digital marketing tools as well as a digital marketing strategy tailored to our website status to increase site traffic and achieve higher conversion rates. In this article, we will introduce you to all kinds of online advertising.

1. Paying for search results

Online Advertising - Paying for Search Results

With over 1.2 billion daily searches on Google, paid search is where you pay Google or other search engines to Online Advertising your content on the search engine results page (SERP) with relevant keywords,  one of the most popular and The most effective types of marketing are.

Naturally, there is a high demand for top advertising rankings, so whenever there are at least two ad bids for keywords related to the search queries that users enter into Google, Google enters the auction.

Advertisers who categorize the keywords and copy of their respective ads and their website into groups will select the group they want to Online Advertising on and select the highest bid. Google selects a keyword from the Advertiser Ad Group that it thinks has more to do with the search query of the user and awards it. Google bidding is not similar to bidding for your antiques. They tend to rank and rank based on the number of hits, so instead of always being the highest bidder, the highest bidder is always the winner.

Ad Rank (Ed Rank) is multiplied by the maximum cost per click on the quality of points your ad earns, which is calculated by evaluating your page’s keyword relevance, user experience, and click-through rate. This means that organizations cannot get high rankings for every keyword they want because they have more advertising budget. Their content must be entertaining.

2. Paid advertising on social networks

Online advertising - paid social media advertising

More than 2 percent of the US population uses social media and social media, but since social media is all about trying to make as many audiences as possible, natural visits are always lacking. The fastest and most effective way to reach the most time-consuming audience is to use social media advertising. In the social media advertising space, advertisers have more opportunity to optimize their campaign. They can determine the purpose of their advertising campaign, the type of advertising they are looking for, and the purpose of their advertising, which can be highly detailed. Here’s a summary of FacebookLinkedInInstagram, and Twitter advertising capabilities.


With nearly 1.5 billion daily active users spending 5 minutes of their time on Facebook, this platform has the most and most interactive users compared to other social media platforms. To effectively monitor their audience, they have created the best tools for their purpose and the most cost-effective advertising for advertisers.

When you create an advertising campaign, your first step is to choose the purpose of your campaign. You can also boost awareness, considerations, and rates of your brand conversions.


LinkedIn has fewer hits than Facebook, with around 5 million monthly active users, but as professionals keep updating their business information and seeking to produce content about their business in this platform. Form, LinkedIn is the best social network for generating B2B leads.

Costs are often higher than other social media outlets on LinkedIn, but generally generate high conversion rates and high-quality leads, which helps to acknowledge the high costs of advertising on this platform.

At HubSpot, for example, we are promoting an e-book for the capital marketers who are on LinkedIn and Facebook. After this campaign, we found that LinkedIn clicks were 6 times more expensive than Facebook clicks. We also found that the LinkedIn conversion rate, the most important measure, is about half the cost of Facebook’s conversion rate. As mentioned in the subject of this e-book, and for the target audience, LinkedIn was the best option for clues.


Instagram has 5 million active users, with 5% of them between the ages of 5 and 5 years old. Facebook owns Instagram, and naturally, their goals for advertising campaigns are on par with Facebook: awareness, considerations, and conversion rates.


Twitter has lost one million active users in the last four months, but they still have 335 million daily active users per month – 80% of them live outside the United States. If you want to expand your international reach, especially in Asia, Europe, and South America, Twitter is the best way to succeed.

3. Matched ads

Online Advertising - Matched AdsPublishers such as BuzzFeed (BuzzFeed) and Dodo (Dodo) to produce content that social media are growing rapidly every day. They make money by helping other brands. Brands pay these publishers to make posts and videos that follow the publisher’s formula. They also pay publishers to distribute this sponsored content to a large audience on social media and their website.

When you pay for native publisher advertising services, you’ll be able to influence the writing skills and visibility of your audiences to help your brand tell engaging stories for more visibility.

During this creative process, you will collaborate with publishers to create sponsored content that covers one of their core topics and looks like a regular content section on the website. That way, even if your post is technically advertising, your audience’s web browsing experience won’t be disturbed. They enjoy reading your post, and they don’t feel that you or the publisher are promoting something. It exposes you to a lot of people, brings your views, and attracts new flavors to your brand.

4. Pre-video-ads for web users

Forcing people to watch a 5- to 2-second YouTube ad is not the best way to get new audiences,  it will only annoy them. But shortening promotional videos can keep them entertained without losing patience. According to Google’s theory, 2 percent of large advertising campaigns get 2 percent of their advertising results.

If you want Online Advertising on YouTube, where older and older people watch content on YouTube rather than watching television, you can do two types of video advertising. Advertising TrueView ads and Bumper.

With TrueView Advertising, you only pay for an ad when people see it complete, or at least 30 seconds from it, or click on its “Take Action” (CTA). YouTube knows that its users expect to watch short videos, so they need ads that are between 2 and 2 seconds long and cannot be closed. If you want to use TrueView ads, you have two options: in-stream ads or video find ads

Bumper Ads

Bumper Ads are the shortest and most memorable YouTube ads. When YouTube airs such short ads for its visitors, it doesn’t bother them. And when brands do this very quickly, and they tell fascinating stories, they can resonate with audiences. It’s hard to forget the Geico bumper ads, right?

Bumper ads are 6 seconds long, appearing before or after YouTube videos or on sites and apps that are on Google’s display network. You bid on ” Cost per thousand views “, so you pay every time YouTube shows your ads five times.


With over one billion users from across the globe and access to the Google Display Network, YouTube offers precise targeting in its virtual marketing space.

Using YouTube advertising tools, you can target your audience by location, population, and desire. You can also re-market to older visitors, display your ads with certain features, and place ads on specific topics and keywords on the video.

5. Banner Ads

Display advertising is a controversial topic in the digital marketing community. For six years, advertisers were abusing them and deceiving Internet users to click on the wrong ads. Some malware ads also came in people’s computers with the virus. For this reason, people developed the “blindness to advertising banners ” approach and were constantly downloading ad blockers: display ads famous for being vicious, distracting, and irrelevant.

On the other hand, display ad technology has advanced to the point where ad networks can infiltrate machine learning and data to show advertisers more effective targeting strategies and more relevant ad consumers.

Advertising networks such as Google Display Network and Facebook Audience Network were banner and renaissance leaders. They can show your ads to the right target audiences at the right time and place, and if you want to take more control of your ads, they’ll let you decide where to place your ads.


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