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Preface: What are the Characteristics of a Good Host?

One of the most important steps in designing a web hosting or web hosting site is proper, but before we get into the topic of shopping and the features of a good web host(Good web host feature), we must first understand the concepts of what hosting is and what it is for.

What is a Web Host?

Simply put, hosting or web hosting is a server where we place our site information and share our website on the internet, servers act like computers, many files are stored inside, such as processors and Rome and…. And also have operating systems, mostly Linux.

Let me give you an example; suppose you bought a villa in a lush, weather-friendly place and planned to spend the weekend with your friends or family, except that your villa should be nearby and Welcome direction, and that accommodations must to natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and so the resistance to be; now this instance, when the internet brings the good path to the villa you warrant scope of your site And your villa’s amenities also dictate your site design, which should attract the user through good features, But resist natural disasters mentioned above, the same sentence is It has you; a good webmaster makes it easy for you to put your site information in a secure environment, and that your site information is always available to users around the world.

Now that we are familiar with the concepts of web hosting, we will go over the features of a good web host.

What are the characteristics of a good web host?

To put it a bit more professionally, a web server is always open 24/7 and makes it possible for anyone anywhere in the world to search our site address, so our site is accessible; The first feature of a good host is the availability capability and also the uncertainty they call stability or aptitude; now what is stability? The amount of time a site has been available without a problem for a specified period (1 month) is called hosting stability; 99% is acceptable for a site:

(downtime: % 1 (30 * 24 = 720h; 720 * .01 * 60 = 432 min)

According to the formula above, 1% equals seven hours a month, which is acceptable if our site is unavailable.

The next feature is a good high-speed web host, which makes your site comfortable and fast for users to open.

Another good feature of a web host is its resistance to internet viruses, as well as a good host should also have good peripherals to launch the site.

Now that we are familiar with the concepts and features of the site and its importance in designing the site, we are going to find out where to buy a good host that has the features mentioned above; Have other users choose the right host and hopefully fix these issues with the tips below.

Good host feature | Characteristics of a Good Host
Good web host feature | Characteristics of a Good Web Host

Where to buy?

There are currently many sites that offer hosting services that we can generally divide into three categories:

  • Sites that have personal servers
  • Sites that have servers but rent their servers
  • Sites that sell through one site.

Here we should point out the differences between the hosts and the server; the host is the company on which our site information is hosted; we recommend that you provide hosting from sites other than category one and two, That is, sites that rank first is more suitable for hosting because they have personal servers and are updated with hardware and costs, which will make them better. At a lower cost, of course, it is worth noting that in many cases, second-tier sites have a good working policy They have been able to provide better services and facilities than the first group sites, which is remarkable in its own right!

Good host feature | Characteristics of a Good Host
Good web host feature | Characteristics of a Good Web Host

We advise you to never opt-out of third-party sites because these sites are broker-dealers and in addition to costing you more money, they also perform poorly in terms of service delivery.

Now the key question is how to identify which site we are hosting except which of the above sites?

It may be easy for professionals to identify a reputable site but it is much more difficult for newcomers, so here are six features of a good and reputable site below and we recommend that you That is if the site you were trying to buy from the host did not have the following features (even a single item) you would not purchase at all.

  • Have a valid electronic symbol (better if company name)
  • Have a valid and referral address (not a personal home address, for example)
  • The exact time of support and work is listed on the site. (Try these times yourself)
  • Off-time support. (Try it yourself)
  • Have a backup service, which means that the site guarantees to back up your hosts once every 5 days or daily and provide them if needed.
  • Give you a guaranteed return for at least 7 days.

The most important thing is the last one because the purchased host may not be compatible and you will not be harmed at this time.

Now, after we have mentioned these, we are going to buy the hosts.

Any content management system (CMS) that we manage with our site, such as WordPress; Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Wei Boltin, and more. Their makers specify a set of prerequisites for the host, but comparing hosts to these prerequisites is a difficult task, especially for newcomers, so we point out several points that you do not need to compare.

Types of Web Hosts

We have two types of hosts: Windows Hosts and Linux Hosts; Most Content Management Systems (CMSs) like WordPress, Magneto, Joomla and more. Designed based on the PHP programming language and experience has proven that it is very compatible with Linux hosts, an important feature of Linux hosts is that they are fully compatible with your Windows.

We recommend that you do not buy Windows hosts at all since they are the least compatible with CMS designed with PHP, secondly, they are only compatible with Microsoft’s applications like ASP.

Another thing that makes Linux hosts superior to Windows hosts is that it is much easier to work with and control the Linux panels than it is to control the Windows panels.

Types of webHosting
Good web host feature | Characteristics of a Good Web Host

If you’re reading this, you probably develop websites. We don’t make websites to let them sit on our computers: we set them free on the web. While it’s often more fun to create the website than to worry about hosting it, web hosting isn’t a decision you should make lightly. In this roundup, we’ll point out 19 things you should look for when choosing your web host.

  1. Amount of Storage
  2.  Amount of Bandwidth
  3.  Number of Domains and Subdomains
  4. Email Accounts and Features
  5.  Database Support
  6.  Framework Support and Easy-Install
  7.  Mobile App or Website
  8.  Tech Support
  9.  Shell Access
  10.  .htaccess Files
  11.  Cron Jobs
  12.  Language Support
  13.  Free AdWords
  14.  Site Backup
  15.  Choice of OS
  16.  Extra Applications
  17.  Up-to-Date-ness
  18.  Up-Time
  19.  Free Domain


Choosing a hosting package can be quite difficult and takes a lot of consideration. However, the first step is to understand the different types of accommodation available to you. I hope this article has given you the background to do so.

If you are just getting started (for example when creating your first blog/site), it is perfectly acceptable to opt for shared hosting. It is always possible to transfer later to a more powerful configuration. It is only if you already know that your site has needs that shared hosting cannot meet that you are considering other options from the start.

Once you have made a decision, it makes sense to examine a group of companies. We recommend that you check our top-rated hosts for the best. Look at what is on offer and compare RAM, disk space, CDN usage, bandwidth, and other quantifiable resources. Then take a look at all the additional features you need.

At the end of the process, you should have 2-3 favorites, how much it will come down to your personal preferences. Perhaps a brief interview with the support – to assess their usefulness – will go far.

Need more reading on web hosting? Take a look at articles like where to register domain names and options for website creators to build your site.

we are sure you’ve got some great tips for choosing a web hosting solution. If you do, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments! Also, let us know what hosts you’ve found reliable and which ones have come back to bite you.


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