Guide to choosing the right domain name - how to choose a domain name?

Guide to choosing the right domain name – how to choose a domain name?

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Preface: Principles of choosing the right domain name

in this article, we explained the principles of choosing the right domain name of the websites.

Choosing the best domain name for your website is the first challenge for any webmaster. The right domain name for your site is so important that if you can choose the right domain name for your site, try to get good results in the engines at the very beginning. You will search.

The domain name of the site will be the identity of your business, so be smart in choosing it. In this article, we will discuss the principles of choosing the right domain name and also 12 important points to choose the best domain name, so read this article to the end first. Then buy a domain.

the right domain name

12 principles for choosing the right domain name

Here are 12 important tips for choosing the right domain name:

  1. Use the appropriate extension.
  2.  Use the keywords of your business.
  3. Choose a short name to choose the best domain name
  4. Pronounce and keep the domain easy
  5. Unique and reliable domain
  6. Simplicity in typing
  7. Do not use double letters
  8. Don’t choose a domain name too specific.
  9. Research for copyright
  10. Use generators to choose the best domain name
  11. Use the area name
  12. Speed ​​of action in registering the best domain name
Record the best domain for the site - 12 principles for choosing the right domain name infographic
Principles of choosing the right domain name

So let’s go into each of these tips to choose the best domain name in more detail:

1- Using the appropriate extension to select the appropriate domain name

If you do a simple search for a variety of domain extensions, you’ll see that there are many extensions with different uses, some of which are listed below:


As you can see, for most businesses today, a domain extension has been created, for example, if you want to build a site in the field of advocacy, the lawyer suffix is appropriate, and it will also help search engines understand your online business domain.

The best domain name with the suffix com.

After all this talk about the domain extension, I would like to inform you that to choose the appropriate domain name, the domain extension  .com  It is still the best choice for any type of site and is still the most reputable domain extension.

If you are careful, you can automatically com when you are looking for the address of a site. You also add the com button on most smartphones’ smartphones. Have to automatically enter an Internet address.

2- Use your business keywords to choose the right domain name

To choose the right name, you must use keywords in your field of work, for example, if your job is logo design, the logodesign domain will be a great option, and more importantly, if you use keywords in the name, it will improve your site’s ranking in engine results. You have been searched.

Most likely, they have already registered the keywords of your field of work! So you have to be a little creative and add a word to the beginning of the end to get the best results.

3- Select a short name to select the appropriate domain name

As you try to use keywords, you need to be careful that the name is not too high, the short name is much more user-friendly, and it stays in everyone’s memory.

If the domain is too long, typing the domain in the browser will increase the likelihood of typing incorrectly and cause the site logs to be lost.

We suggest using a maximum of 15 letters to choose the right domain, names longer than 15 letters will soon be forgotten.

4- Proper pronunciation and memorization of proper domain name features

The best name is one that can be easily remembered if you use keywords and also keep the name shorter than 15 letters, but don’t forget to memorize it easily. This domain will not be suitable.

So far, millions of Internet domains have been registered, which increases the need to use a memorable and attractive name. When you choose the right name, be sure to use the opinions of others to make the name attractive and effective.

5- Unique and reliable domain

Choosing the rightname means that the name must be unique to each site. If you choose a unique domain, your users will never forget you.

For example, the name is attractive, memorable and unique. Consider that if the name of this site was! I think you understand what I mean

Most importantly, to choose the right domain, you need to choose a domain that will use your name as your brand in the future as your business thrives and you want to expand your business.

6- Simplicity in typing

Another very important point to have the best domain name is the simplicity of domain typing.

For example, if you use general terms such as U instead of YOU or use numbers instead of letters such as using 4 instead of FOR or words written differently, you will certainly lose a lot of traffic.

7- Do not use double letters to choose the appropriate name

It’s not smart to use names that consist of several consecutive letters to use the same keyword that was previously purchased for another domain.

For example, consider the same logo design. Of course, if you want to buy the logodesign domain, it won’t be available because someone else has already bought it.

But if, for example, you use the word loogodesign in the name, you haven’t chosen the best name and you haven’t done a smart job because it’s just enough for your site users not to type a letter o, then you’ve given your users two competitors!

8- To choose the right name, do not choose a very specific name

If you choose a very specific name, it will be difficult and unprofessional to expand your business a little later.

Consider that you want to have a website about flowers and you have chosen the name Roseflower, if you want to write about other flowers later, it will not be a professional job.

Of course, this was a basic example to understand the meaning of the subject, in practice, it will be much worse! You have to work a little harder to choose the right name!

9- Research for copyright

Before choosing the right domain for yourself, make sure that the name you have chosen is not previously registered by the company or any other person as a brand or trademark so that you will not be affected by its legal consequences later. Fall back.

Also keep in mind that to have the best name, do not use another name in your name at all because you are registering that domain for the owner of that domain!

For example, if you register the name, Google will easily take the domain away from you legally.

10. Use generators to select the appropriate domain name

As we said before, there are now more than 360 million online domains, which means that most keywords and most businesses have specific and good domains that make it difficult to choose the right name. That’s why domain generator sites are built to make it easy for us.

One of the oldest of these generators is the good site  Nameboy, with which you can get pure ideas to register the best name. Soon we will publish a complete article about these domain generators.

11- Using the name of the area to choose a good  name

If your business is local and belongs to a specific area or city, you can use the name of the neighborhood or city in your name to be on the first pages of search engines in that neighborhood and city.

For example, you want to choose a name for a restaurant in Paris. Well, of course, if you have the name Paris in the domain, you have chosen a suitable name and any customer who is looking for a restaurant in Google in this area, your site. It will be in the first results.

12. Speed ​​of action in domain registration

In the last point of the article, choosing the right domain name for the site, keep in mind that as soon as you are looking for a suitable name, another hundred people like you are looking for the best name, so don’t waste time and as soon as the right name works for you. Find it and register it immediately.

One of the most important options for choosing the best name is that the name you choose for the domain should be branded in the future because after progressing in the cartoon, you will need a brand name. Think of an important option.

So be sure to choose the name so that soon it will become the name of your internet business and the brand of your company.


Well, I hope this article has been useful for you and that you can use it to choose a suitable and memorable domain name for your internet business.

If you know something that is not mentioned in this article, express it in the comments section to be added to the article so that both we and other users of the site can use it. Thank you for your company


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