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How long does SEO results take?

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Preface: How long does SEO take to start working?

When it comes to site SEO, everyone wants quick SEO results and is keen to get Google’s first rankings in search results. Many website owners have reasonable expectations that they will be able to get results overnight and get high Google rankings. But the truth of the matter is that SEO takes time and effort.

It is important to note that SEO is not a goal in a way that can be achieved after a while and no longer needs it. SEO is an investment in a website and always needs urgent attention to keep the results consistent. In general, many factors influence the duration of SEO.

On average, an SEO site can last from one month to six months to achieve the expected results. Some website owners acknowledge that they have seen the results of the site in a month. Others have said it took six months to see the initial SEO results on their site.

SEO results time

However, the duration of SEO results depends on several factors. These factors include the age and credibility of the site as well as the penalty or not.

There is no magic way for SEO. SEO requires time, planning and site reset to get better rankings and more traffic. If you are looking for very quick results, we should point out that such methods always result in a fine-tuning of the site by Google. Google is using its algorithms to suspect the site’s rapid rise in rankings and faces heavy fines if they approve of using black hats.

Getting the best position and having the best performance requires thinking about long-term ways to keep the site position stable after you get the ideal result.

Here are some of the factors that influence the duration of SEO.

Take time to SEO and rank it on Google

Many people who are new to digital marketing think that SEO should be their ultimate goal, but you have to consider this to be completely wrong. When your site is properly and properly SEO, Google search engine recognizes it as an optimized site for its users. How long the SEO process will take depends on what you are aiming for, where you are in the geographic area of ​​your business, what budget you have for developing your internet business, what your competitors are doing. And… depending on these cases your site SEO process can take a while. Keep in mind, though, that these are the things you deal with. Another part of the issues that can affect the duration of your site’s SEO is the technical factors related to your site’s domain, including.

SEO results TIME
So far, we have realized that the SEO process and the improvement of the position of words on Google’s results page should be done promptly. But you may be told somewhere that the SEO process can be very fast and convenient, in such a case get away from the person or company claiming the SEO fast because they use temporary black hat methods to give you temporary results. Google will penalize you for using unethical methods. If this is the case, you will have a lot of problems, because after the site is penalized by Google, the SEO process will take a long time to regain Google’s trust. Proper site optimization should be done so that you can maintain the results for the long term.

The validity and age of the website

Although Google’s domain age impact has been negligible, many studies show that older domains accept SEO effects faster than new domains.

According to Matt Katz, the difference between a domain with a six-month life and a one-year domain is not much. As long as your website is active, after a few months you can be sure that you will see it in Google search results.

However, new domains and websites usually require more time than older domains to see SEO results. This can also be attributed to the number of backlinks to older sites and the more trust they have. Newly established sites have no backlinks and will certainly be harder to compete with older sites.

Some newly established sites, therefore, buy many backlinks to make up for this gap. They may also have good results in the immediate future, but this is a deception of Google and is not one of the right SEO methods. Proper methods of backlinking take time and take a lot of effort to see results. Also, as the site gets older and older, the credibility of its internal links is increased and the SEO impact is even greater. So take a moment to wait for SEO results.

Errors, Troubleshooting, and Google Fines

One of the issues that are present and time-consuming in the SEO process is solving the internal problems of the site. We mean problems that hurt the SEO of the site, including host problems. Depending on site issues such as 404 errors301 redirects, and invalid optimizations, site rankings have been greatly improved after fixing them within two to three weeks. Be careful, however, that Google does not index all pages of the site at once and that the changes will include pages that are the top priority for Google.

Other common site issues include page monitoring and robots.txt files. Sitemap files, .htaccess, and web.config are also those files that have the potential to cause a lot of trouble. Often, and after resolving such files, the results can be seen very quickly, but not always.

For example, if you only update a few links on a site map, you will see the changes you want in a week, but if the number of links is too high, it will take weeks to see the changes. Older sites, especially those with more backlinks, have been updated faster by search engines and take less time to see SEO results.

Website design according to SEO standards, site structure, and architecture

One of the most influential parts of site traffic and rankings is its design, platform, and URL structure. All of these have an impact on SEO and are among the things to consider. You need to make sure that the website is properly structured. This includes selecting the right content management system that complies with Google standards.

The responsiveness of the site is also important in SEO because half of the internet searches are done via mobile devices. So you should equally spend time on desktop and mobile versions of the site. Also, 90% of Internet users said they use devices of different sizes to browse pages. Therefore, by utilizing a responsive design, you can ensure that the website is displayed correctly on all devices.

Also, factors such as JavaScript and CSS file size affect the site. It is advisable to keep these files small and upload them as far as possible from the site’s internal resources.

Select keywords and analyze competitors

Competitor analysis is often underestimated. By analyzing your competitors who are always in the search results you can uncover some of their secrets. Use their positive practices on your site and make the right choices by analyzing your business keywords. Searching for keywords can be very time consuming and can affect the timing of the SEO project. Also, the harder your keyword is, the more likely you are to get a good ranking.

Content Production Strategy

Content marketing can increase site traffic by at least 8 percent, according to studies by Kapost. Of course, in most cases, it can be much higher. We all know that high-quality content will always be at the top of the search results, so we need to spend a lot of time generating content.

If your website does not have relevant and quality content, you will have a long way to go, as content-free SEO is almost impossible. Generating enough content on the site can take months to reach a level that is competitive with other websites. Generally, content generation is one of the long-term processes of the site.

On-page SEO and Off-page SEO

It is common for On-page SEO to achieve faster SEO results. Correcting and editing meta tags, headers, text anchors, page titles and meta descriptions can have a good impact on the site. Adhering to the standards in these areas can be noticed within a few days. These items are usually the first items to be considered in internal SEO. These areas are dealt with as quickly as possible so that the site can be optimized in less time.

Off-page SEO results take more time because it requires backlinks from other sites. Comments section Related blogs, forums, guest posts and sharing on social networks are some of the areas where you can get involved. Just be careful not to overdo it and start linking very naturally.


Linking is very time consuming and is one of the challenges of any site. However, this factor is one of the things that is very effective in Google’s algorithms. Avoid black hat tactics to avoid a Google penalty, as it is very difficult to get rid of Google’s penalty. The best way to link is to produce quality content to share through its high quality. Don’t underestimate the power of social networks and share site pages. Focus on other ways to get the most out of your backlinks.


Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to the time required to conduct the site. Because no one can control the work of search engines. Also, their algorithms are constantly changing. Also, in SEO every site faces unique challenges and it is not possible to easily fix a fixed version for all websites. Therefore, it is not easy to determine precisely how long the results will take as well as the amount of effort it takes.

No one can say for sure how long a site is going to take, because the amount of time it takes to build a site in principle depends more on the quality of your actions to improve the site’s ranking. On the other hand, sites with different themes may see different obstacles in their path, so you can’t wrap a simple, fixed version for all sites, and say for example the time required for SEO in each Website is six months to a year! Since the answer to your question may vary greatly depending on the type of business, we recommend that you contact a specialist and use our free consultation system.

There is no way to increase your overnight site rankings and you have to work hard to achieve this. But know that these efforts, even with very slow site growth, will eventually work.


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