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Search engine marking (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (SEA) or Social Media Optimization (SMO) … web marketing(digital marketing) is not stingy in acronyms. Behind these terms are different techniques that increase the visibility and traffic of your website. What is the definition of SEO, SEA, search engine marketing (SEM) and SMO? How are these different channels different and what are their advantages and disadvantages? In this article, we offer an overview of the main levers web marketing acquisition of traffic. How we can reach search engine marketing (SEM)? In this article, we want to develop the above terms to make a good response to this essential question.

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What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym derived from English that stands for Search Engine Optimization that can be translated as “SEO “. It is defined by all actions and strategies that aim to improve the ranking and visibility of a site in the organic or natural results of search engines. These are the answers that are offered by search engine algorithms. This excludes advertising results.

search engine marketing (SEM)

SEO: how does it work?

To conduct an SEO strategy it is necessary to understand how the algorithms of engines such as Google rank the search results. The goal is to optimize the site according to these positioning criteria to reach the first page on specific keywords.

The first step is to perform an SEO audit that identifies the competitors of the site and to highlight its strengths and weaknesses.

The actions of natural referencing are then conducted in the long term and are structured around three pillars:

search engine marketing (SEM)

  • Technical optimization: ensure that the site is readable for search engines;
  • Improvement of the content of the site: write structured texts for the web that best meet the requests of Internet users;
  • Creation of external links (netlinking): that is to say increase the popularity of the site.

search engine marketing (SEM)

There are often three categories of SEO

  • The White Hat SEO or “white hat” which will respect the guidelines of the search engines;
  • The “Black Hat SEO” for which the only rule that counts is the result of its SEO strategy in terms of visibility. These SEOs are more exposed to search engine penalties.
  • the “GRAY HAT SEO” technique, we can simply say that the optimizer can buy or exchange links with other sites Web to get a higher ranking in the search engines, but this will not be accepted. by the search engines. This technique is not long term for search engine rankings.

The benefits of SEO

  • SEO can generate free traffic or at a relatively low cost.
  • It is often one of the most important sources of long-term traffic
  • The benefits of SEO optimization can last in time and deliver continuous qualified traffic as long as the site stays on its strategic keywords, even when we stopped working its SEO (it will continue to decrease if we do not anything).
  • A well-referenced site inspires confidence and sends back a positive reputation signal. If Google places this site at the top of the results, it is reliable?
  • The good practices of SEO optimization are close to those of ergonomics and accessibility. It also improves the overall quality of the site.

The disadvantages of SEO

Natural referencing is a lever of acquisition which presents, however, its limits.

  • SEO takes time and requires a long-term effort. It often takes several weeks to several months before observing the first results.
  • Organic SEO requires a regular animation of the site: it takes time to write content.
  • It does not offer a ranking guarantee: in SEO, it will be not always possible to position yourself in 1 st place in competitive queries. A good SEO strategy, therefore, involves selecting keywords within your reach.
  • We do not have total control over the positions of his site: Google’s algorithms change several times a day. We are not immune to a loss of position.

How much does SEO cost?

If a site has a sound technical base and operates in a sector that is not too competitive, it may be possible to reference it for free, as long as it takes the necessary time. By writing articles and looking for external links, you can improve your positions.

However, to reach more strategic keywords or to better take into account Google’s algorithm changes, it will be necessary to call a consultant or an SEO agency. The specialist will then offer support over time that may include for example the purchase of external links.

The strategy budget can then increase significantly depending on the competition on the targeted keywords and the effort it will take to position itself.

The basics for successful SEO

For a successful SEO strategy, we start by selecting the keywords on which we will seek to position ourselves. The choice is made according to the theme of the site, the interest they present in terms of the number of research and competition already present that can be estimated with the number of results returned on the request.

It must also be ensured that the site is easily accessible to search engine robots to ensure that it can index itself. In particular, pages that are too slow or not compatible with the mobile phone will be avoided.

The strategy is then to write unique quality content by optimizing the “hot” areas of the text (title tag, intertitles …) by creating parallel links that will give popularity to the site. To have an impact on SEO, these links should ideally come from sites located in the same theme as yours.

The content of the site should ideally be structured into semantically coherent categories.

How to train in natural referencing?

In SEO, it is essential to train. An interesting starting point is to read the guides offered by the search engines. If the basic criteria do not change, each year, new parameters must be taken into account to succeed in its SEO strategy. It is possible to learn SEO in web training but learning will be done especially by trying to implement good practices and doing a job of monitoring. For this, there are many media on which professionals share their knowledge: Twitter, blogs, forums, conferences…

Do not hesitate to consult our article dedicated to How to Create an SEO Strategy

How to Create an SEO Strategy

The SEA: paid to reference

SEA: definition of paid referencing

SEA or Search Engine Advertising refers to all the actions that pertain to the creation and optimization of advertisements that appear in search engine results such as Google Adwords for example. Sometimes we talk about sponsored links, paid search or just search. These links usually appear above or to the right of the natural results.

Google Adwords: the most famous tool of SEA
search engine marketing (SEM): Google Adwords
search engine marketing (SEM): Google Adwords

How does SEA campaign work?

The purchase of sponsored links works on an auction system, usually in CPC (cost per click). The higher the amount of your bid, the more likely your ad appears in the result page when a user types the keyword (s) you are targeting.

Just like SEO, the SEA is a web marketing lever that has strengths and limitations.
search engine marketing (SEM): How does SEA campaign work?

Benefits of paid referencing

  • The SEA offers a guarantee of results more important than for SEO: if you put the price, it is visible on the keyword of choice.
  • Transformation rates can be high with catchy ad text and the ability to adjust in real-time.
  • No deadlines: the site is visible on your keywords as soon as a campaign is launched.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) is measured quickly and easily.
  • We are visible beyond search engines: Adwords ads are also shown on AdSense network sites.

Disadvantages of the SEA

  • Traffic from SEA immediately disappears when funding for the campaign ceases. The visibility generated by paid referencing is, therefore “under perfusion”. This is not an investment but an advertising expense at a time T.
  • The acquisition model of the site leads to a strong dependence on the advertising network and requires a permanent financial investment.
  • We compete with many advertisers and there is even less room than in SEO.

How much does paid search cost?

Unlike SEO, when you run an SEO campaign, you have to commit to a budget. The price of ads is managed as an auction. It is expressed in cost-per-click (CPC) and varies according to the theme and level of competition of the targeted keyword.

If you can start a campaign with a few tens of euros per month, the budget dedicated to the purchase of links can quickly increase according to your objectives. It can easily go up to several tens of euros per day depending on its sector of activity.

Paid search tools such as Google AdWords are relatively easy to use but campaigns can still be optimized. A web

A marketing agency or consultant can help you maximize the potential of your paid search campaign.

SEO vs SEA: how to choose?

Discover in an infographic the advantages and disadvantages of two levers and how to choose which one to privilege!

SEA vs. SEO: What is the most favored source of traffic?

What is SMO?

SMO: Definition of Social Media Optimization

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization or Optimization for Social Media. This term refers to all strategies and techniques that aim to improve the visibility of a site on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

The optimization for social networks is different from that in SEO and pay: in SMO, we will target profiles of Internet users (gender, age, interest, location …) rather than responding to intentions and expressions of needs.

SMO definition

How does it work?

This lever consists of using the various social networks to disseminate and promote the contents of its site. We will seek to generate interactions, sharing, and virality to reach the world as possible.

SMO: one more opportunity to generate traffic

Advantages of the SMO:

  • It offers an opportunity for visibility and additional traffic on the web because the SMO intervenes in an environment different from the search engines.
  • The SMO is not only interesting for direct traffic but also for SEO. If interesting content is shared on social networks, it can be included on sites, promote the creation of backlinks and improve the popularity of your site.
  • Social media is a space for direct dialogue with Internet users which improves the e-reputation of your site.
  • Communities can play an ambassador role for your site and your brand by sharing your content.

Disadvantages of the SMO

  • The SMO  does not apply to all sectors. Some activities such as industrial production, for example, will struggle to find an audience on social networks.
    • It is increasingly difficult to be seen by one’s community without paying. Networks like Facebook regularly update their algorithms to increase the visibility of friends’ posts at the expense of brands. To compensate for this, it is often necessary to proceed with the purchase of advertising space.
  • The community has an active and perhaps double-edged role: If you do not use the right relational codes, it can affect your e-reputation (bad buzz).

How much does the SMO cost?

Like natural referencing, the SMO is a lever that can be activated free of charge provided you spend a minimum of time. The goal is to go beyond simply posting on social media articles published on your site. A true SMO strategy requires producing textual and video content that encourages sharing and spending time interacting with your community.

To achieve greater results, it will, however, be necessary to dedicate a budget dedicated to the purchase of space on social networks and to be accompanied by a consultant or an agency to optimize your strategy.

how to development and research of digital marketing in contemporary society

Digital marketing also commonly known as digital marketing refers to all marketing techniques used on digital media and channels. The term is likely to disappear as far as marketing tends to become “by essence digital”.

Digital marketing essentially covers marketing applications related to the “traditional” Internet, but also those related to mobile phones, tablets, GPS and other applications and connected objects. Mobile marketing (mobile sites + mobile applications) is becoming increasingly important.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet or digital marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising.

Digital Marketing Definition

IEEE 's digital marketing paper


UP to this section of the article with the implications and advantages of SEO, SEA, SMO, in the second part of this article, we will try to follow the SEM’s goal-oriented program.

Part 2

Conclusion: choose your traffic acquisition levers well

SEO, SMO or SEA, how to choose? It is not always easy to know how to select the visibility levers.

Ideally, a strategy will be based on different media to ensure the most homogeneous traffic possible. Indeed, if a source of traffic weakens, the impact will be less because it will be compensated by the other channels. This limits its dependence on a single platform.

In reality, things are often more complex and the strategy will be organized according to the opportunities and resources available. You need fast results and have big budgets: the SEA will probably be favored. Your budget is limited but you can spend time there? You can turn first to SEO or SMO.

To increase your visibility on the web, you can also contact our SEO agency!

SEM online estimation


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