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Blogging is one of the industries where there are so many people working full time these days and there are also companies that use their blog as a key to attracting new customers. Increase Blog Traffic is the most important object of each site’s owners.

With the increasing influence of blogs, the industry has become more competitive and, as a result, has become more difficult to rank better . Bloggers spend more time and money on content production, so publishing just a few words on a blog cannot guarantee success these days.

There are many ways to succeed in writing a blog post, but there are some things that will increase the efficiency of your blog while at the same time ignoring many bloggers.

If you own a blog that has been attributed to a big brand or a name on the social network for you, but never to SEO  Didn’t notice, this post is for you. we show you how you can Increase Blog Traffic?

what are the main factors of Increase Blog Traffic?

In this article, we want to examine the factors that increase your blog traffic by three times over a 12-month period to convert your multi-hundred-month traffic to multi-millisecond traffic. Note that the focus of this article is more on SEO. We recommend that you first review our technical SEO post and video.

  1. links

Creating internal links and backlinks will make the site more visible. The main actions in this section are:

  • Write guest post: Write guest posts for other sites as well as being seen by interviewing you, it will generate a lot of backlinks to your blog.
  • strong public relations: Creating public relations with journalists and publishers can create a strong site for you.

Increase Blog Traffic

  1. Content

Having a blog with a lot of SEO-written content can be exactly what you are looking for. As a result of having such a blog, your website traffic will be great too.

Content writing should be your top priority so that you can prepare for the job. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, we are going to discuss SEO techniques in blogs.

If your blog has high-quality content as well as good backlinks, but not enough traffic, you can use the following techniques to make your blog more successful.

In introducing these techniques we tried to start with higher priorities to achieve lower priorities. But at the same time keep in mind that each of these is very important and that they need to be fully observed on a website.

Increase Blog Traffic

  1. Content Indexing

One of the common problems with blogs, especially those that are outdated and have a large number of pages, is that pages are indexed in Google that is of no value to this search engine or even users.

These are the kind of pages that can be found on most WordPress websites:

By searching for such pages you can find them and then index them to prevent Google robots from wasting time on your blog. In this case, Google’s robots will have more opportunities to index their home pages due to site monitoring budget.

  1. Poor content

Blogs usually have pages that do not have strong content. For example, categories that are limited to just a few posts and a multi-line introduction at the beginning.

Such pages will not stand a chance of being featured in search results if targeted for competing keywords.

  1. Site speed

Problems such as loading different fonts, bulky images, lack of cache or other similar issues affect the site speed. When using content management systems such as WordPress  Or Joomla  You can partially solve this problem by installing related plugins.

  1. Merge similar content

It is often seen in blogs that Google selects multiple contents from your site in search of a particular keyword. This situation shows that Google is not able to choose the best outcome.

In such a situation, it is advisable to merge as many contents as possible. Chances of increasing site rank  In the future, this will increase greatly.

  1. Sitemap XML

Some blogs have several site maps registered with Google Search Console. Many of the addresses listed on these site maps do not need to be monitored again.

It is best to have a sitemap only addresses that are limited to valuable site pages. This way Google can figure out which pages of the site need faster indexing and are more important to you.

  1. Plenty of ads

Advertising is a common way most blogs earn money. Therefore, the recommendation to remove these ads will not be a good conversation in our area at all.

However, if you make too much of your blog and use too many ads, then your website traffic and traffic will decrease and you will get less money from your ads. Balancing content and advertising is important, and recent Google updates show that Google opposes excessive use of ads on websites.

  1. Page structure

The problem that is often found on many blogs is that of header tags  Instead of structuring content, they are used to style headlines and text.

Tags H2, H1, And H3 They can display the structure of content, so Google can easily understand the relationship between headlines and text blocks. If there are any errors on the site, try correcting this. To do this properly, it is best to get help from your blog developer.

  1. Internal links

Internal links are very important for websites and it is best not to forget about them. In order to do this, you should pay attention to the following.

  • Correct invalid links and error 404
  • Correcting links that redirect to the final link
  • Add more links to important pages
  1. Updating links

Your blog has become more and more content over time and as a result, you need to take a look at the text links from time to time and make sure they are up to date.

For example, your landing page in some words may have changed over time, so you should correct the internal links. Also, forcing links to change the text over time is not unexpected.


There are many things in this discussion that you can find in their full list in SEO Technical Study. But those are the most important ones in a blog.

It is difficult to find a highly influential factor in SEO, but paying attention to all the things at once can have an amazing impact.

Also paying attention to creating comprehensive content on your blogs can drive users to your site. The potential to attract traffic from such pages will be enormous and will bring you closer to success more quickly.

So if you are a great blogger who has never paid attention to SEO issues, then you should start today. Your blog has the potential to attract high traffic, just discover it and reach maximum productivity.

pay attention to following the short checklist to increase your blog traffic:

  1. Target an Audience that would share your Content
  2. Make Use Of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, StumbleUpon
  3. Optimize Your Blog to be SEO Friendly
  4. Join Communities where your target audience meet
  5. Pay Attention to your Analytics and Stats

These are the Ways to Increase Traffic To Your Blog Instantly. Try them out.



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