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Preface: Progressive web app and WordPress

Progressive Web Apps, referred to as PWA, are unlike native applications that are exclusive to coding and operating systems such as Android and IOS. Using an app on your mobile phone screen does not force you to install a native app and reduce your system space. This means you get an optimized version of the website you want to use on your device by installing a native app on your mobile or tablet screen.
You need to have WordPress installed before you know what PWA is.

One of the benefits of PWAs over native apps is fast, automatic, and no-intermediate updates. You need to use one of the app stores or stores like Apple Store or Google Play to update native telegram and Instagram apps, but a web app automatically updates itself with the slightest changes to the main site, and Quickly available to the user. To find out what PWA is, don’t miss out.

What is PWA (progressive web app)

One interesting thing about WordPress-backed web applications is that WordPress has also reached out to its loyal users and designed the plugin for free and made it available to users in the WordPress repository as you can. Install all your plugins and provide your users with a PWA or advanced web app after the activation process to allow users to search your site directly and without any hassle. Have your cellphone and track your content as soon as possible.

In WordPress Web Applications, you do not interfere with your PWA coding updates, you only update your content or products and services and do the rest with your WordPress theme and template support and plugins for technical updating of your site and web application. they give.

If you are curious about this exciting and useful topic then join us.

The difference between regular and PWA web applications

Progressive web applications or PWAs are not much different from native apps, but overall I have to say that native apps are running on operating systems designed for you and you can’t run an Android app. Run-on iOS OS, etc. But thanks to the cutting-edge technology of the latest web applications you can have a copy of your desired websites on your mobile and there is no other operating system restriction that You can’t run the WordPress  Android app on IOS, for example.

For example, you can easily have a WordPress homepage on your mobile device or tablet or any operating system that uses Internet browsers.

What are the benefits of PWA?

_ One of the great features of WordPress is automatic updates that apply to web applications extracted from this content management system and you do not need coding updates.

It runs on any browser without relying on the operating system, and you can use advanced web applications in any operating system.

_ Has limitless search capabilities. Because PWAs are browser-based and you can search for different PWA websites on your device. Of course, if that website supports advanced web applications.

_ What is PWA? PWAs do not need to go through the usual installation or installation steps of operating systems, and you can use these applications in as little time as possible.

_ One of the most interesting advantages of these advanced web apps is the ease of sharing. You can only share one app by submitting a URL without having to upload to AppStore systems like Google Play and AppleStore.

_ In terms of interface and compatibility with different PWA devices, they look similar to native apps, and in terms of template compatibility thanks to WordPress responsive templates all WordPress PWAs on any mobile and tablet page of any size and application It is completely professional.

_Progressive web applications or PWAs are similar to native apps, and you can see the web application icon on your mobile or tablet page after completing the steps you read in this article to install these PWAs.

Install PWA in WordPress

How to Install PWA Plugins

The installation process for WordPress PWA Plugins is pretty much straight-forward and streamlined. Below we’ll be using SuperPWA as an example:

WordPress Installation:

  • Visit WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New
  • Search for ‘Super Progressive Web Apps
  • Click “Install Now” and then “Activate” Super Progressive Web Apps

step by step Installation one of PWA plugin in word press

To set up your PWA WordPress website you need to search the PWA FOR WP WordPress repository and then install the plugin.

progressive web app

After installing the plugin, take the step of activating PWA.

how to active pwaEnable PWA

After installing the plugin, you do not need to do anything specific. Simply put:

Check that the green ticks are eaten. The green tick means no plug-ins are active.

green-tickGreen tick

After making sure the plugin is working, go to the setup step where you can configure the plugin’s name from the icon to the icon that should be displayed to the user.

basic set up pwa
Plugin settings
  • Application Name: The name of PWA that would like to show when a user adds PWA to their home screen.
  • Application Short Name: When insufficient space to display the full name of the application, which we mentioned at Application Name.
  • Description: It won’t have any impact on the user-end. But it will be helpful if you are posting the websites manifest at some Progressive Web Apps listing directories.
  • Application Icon: This will be the icon of your PWA app when installed on the phone. It must be a PNG format image with 192px*192px in size.
  • Splash Screen Icon: The icon to be shown when the PWA is opened on any supported devices. It must be a PNG format image with 512px*512px in size.
  • Offline Page: The page which is displayed when the device is offline. And requested page is not already cached or viewed from the browser. If you can add a customized page mentioning something like a message “Your Internet is Offline, check the internet connection”. It will help users to get a more clear idea of the use case.
  • 404 Page: 404 pages are displayed and the requested page is not found. Current 404 page is
  • Start Page: The page which loads when the application is launched from a device when tapping the icon.
  • Orientation: Set the orientation of your app on devices
  • Display: The mode which decides what browser UI is shown when your app is launched
  • Similarly, you can click on the Design option in which you can set the background color and Theme color.


After setting up, go to the next step, the features option and enable Custom Add To Banner.

banner wpa

And finally, your web app is activated and you can see the pop-up scroll down scrollbar with the ADD button. After editing the PWA you can see your PWA icon on your desktop or mobile and tablet screen.

mobile PWA
PWA icon

Don’t forget one tip!

We have activated PWA( progressive web app) for a few days on our  WordPress site. After a few days, we realized that the site sales were drastically reduced! Finally, with our reviews, we found that the problem was the manifest PWA cache on the user’s browser. To solve this problem you need to enter the Advanced section of the PWA settings and set the caching modes to Network first.

If the cache mode is Cache first, your pages will be loaded from the user’s system and this will cause important pages like your cart to be cached on your site!


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