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Preface: Learn how to use Google Trends in SEO

Launched in 2006, Google Trends helps marketers gain insight into how users search for the most popular search engine in the world, Google. Google Trends has been a constant source of information in the past and will only be updated to Roser on unspecified dates. But over time, the service has grown in prominence.

For example, a study by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, published in the New York Times in 2014, was based on information from Google Trends. The research found that the question “Is my son talented” was two and a half times more than the question “Is my daughter talented” by parents?

Such research demonstrates the power of Google Trends as a rich source of public information. People’s attitudes, aspirations, and beliefs are expressed by working with search engines.

Google Trends can analyze markets and SEO data. This tool allows us to go deeper into our analytics by going beyond the traditional SEO tools by filtering information by users’ location, product category, content topic, and release date.

With the recent development of Google Trends in news, shopping, images, and YouTube it’s time to update and retrain our information on the tool to take full advantage of its SEO capabilities.

Getting started with Google Trends

If this is your first time using this tool, there are some things you should keep in mind before imagining the data.

First of all, Google Trends data is used to visually compare different data to make it understandable to all users. Google describes the principles of Google Trends as follows:

Search results are commensurate with the user’s time and place when searching for the term:

  • Each graph is plotted by the number of searches in the timeframe and location you want and its numbers to compare their popularity at different times. Otherwise, places with the highest number of searches would always top the list and lose comparability.
  • The results are scaled between zero and a hundred based on the number of searches for each phrase compared to the total number of searches for all expressions.
  • Equality of numbers for a query in different geographical regions does not indicate the same number of searches.

In practice, the output of Google Trends will be to compare the two search terms as the number of searches is scaled between 0 and 100.

Getting to know Google Trends


Google’s update to Google Trends in early 2016 caused an unexpected jump in some of the search terms. However, Google Trends results are a good guide for research on many topics.

How to use Google Trends in SEO?

1. Search for Keywords

Searching for keywords seems to be one of the most obvious SEO features on Google Trends, but this feature is often overlooked thanks to Google’s Keyword Planner and other similar tools.

Google Trends is a great complement to these platforms, as it has patterns that do not exist in other tools.

Google Trends keyword suggestion system has different indexes than other tools like Keyword Planner. For example, this tool can show you search terms associated with the word dog meaning dog and their popularity is increasing.

Search keywords with Google Trends

Google Trends suggested results help us get to know the mood of the users about the keyword we want. There are also keywords in the Google Trends list that seem a little out of reach. These suggested terms are related to the subdivisions of our phrase. However, the picture above shows what unexpected ideas this tool can display.

Google Trends can add new and new phrases to our keyword list with a different perspective on it. This capability can provide us with a list of keywords that will meet the needs of a wider range of users, given Google’s artificial intelligence and its ability to understand similar keywords.

Also, if SEO expert hunts for and works on a keyword before it reaches the peak of the search, they will benefit from being ranked first when reaching the peak of the search.

2. Compare search terms with other Google search engines

In addition to filters, Google Trends has an option to choose from other Google search engines such as Google News, Google Shopping, Google Images, and Youtube that give us new SEO features. This feature is accessible through the popup menu at the top of the results.

Compare search terms in other Google search engines

Google image search information is available from 2008 onwards and is a great source of inspiration for readers. Additionally, you can fine-tune this information using city and city filters and see suggestions for related images.

Google Trends and find the best keywords in SEO

It can also compare the information of the coaches in two different terms. For example, the following image compares this tool data between two terms Cats in America and Dogs in England.

Google Trends and SEO

From this picture, we can see that the search for the term Dogs in England is more and more popular than Cats in America. Of course, you were careful not to simply search for these two words, and similar terms were influenced by the graph. A comparison of these two terms on YouTube also shows that the competition between them is much closer.

Google Trends and Search Images

There are also related terms for this section and you can view them as shown below.

Search Google Trends images and suggest new keywords

3. Evaluate and predict search peaks

Perhaps the most important use of Google Trends in SEO is related to finding the courier search and finding the peak times users need a phrase.

For example, we analyzed the word Olympic on this tool and came up with the following chart:

Forecasting search trends with Google Trend and using it in SEO

It is found that the search has reached its peak every four years and there is a smaller peak for the Winter Olympics two years after the main ones.

With this example, we can predict that we will see a search peak soon. Of course, we are not aware of the volume of searches and the amount of opportunities available, as this information is presented relatively. However, if we can find the number of searches at peak times using Google AdWords, we can understand how many searches Google means by 100.

Of course, predicting the volume of searches in terms like the Olympics is clear, and it won’t be difficult. The main use of this feature is to search for expressions that the courier cannot easily predict. For example, when looking for fashion-related goods, there is no particular idea at first, and all ideas are based on speculation. But using this tool can tell you the peak times before planning for SEO.

4. Topics that are on the rise

One of the most important features of this tool is the availability of information on topics that have become increasingly popular in recent days. No technology and tool in the world like Google Trends can provide such valuable information.

This information can be viewed directly on this tool homepage.

Trending news on Google Trend

Click on any news item to see relevant articles. There is also an indication of increased search rates.

Google Trend and its use in SEO news

This analysis goes further and shows the extent of the search, the popularity of the topic and related topics in different states.

Google Trend and SEO Home Page

This resource can be very valuable to content marketers looking for first-class content. One interesting way to work with this data is to copy and paste relevant news links into tools like Ahrefs or SearchMetrics to identify the top keywords in which they rank high.


Although Google Trends has changed a lot over the years, the principles remain the same: there is unique information to glean for those who want to go beyond basic research. The key is to stick to your queries until you find the information, even if it’s not always obvious.

Google Trends is an incredibly useful tool. A little creativity gives important information about search marketing. Spend time with Google Trends, I’m sure you’ll find information that will improve the creation and promotion of online content.


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How to use Google Trends for SEO


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