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Preface: What is HTTP/2 and how does it affect SEO?

TheHTTP/2 protocol was released in 2015 to increase the speed and security of the Internet. Other standards are gradually adapting to it, and there are clear advantages for marketers to upgrade to Http. But what exactly is HTTP/2 and what are its implications for SEO?  and what is that positive impact on SEO? follow this article to finding HTTP/2and SEO training tips.

The number and variety of information transmitted over the Internet have greatly increased over the past decade. Content formats have become larger and more complex. The use of mobile devices has increased and the number of active users on the Internet has also experienced increasing growth.

Due to these developments on the Internet, a group called SPDY decided to upgrade the Http protocol and build a new protocol.

As the group’s name implies, they intend to find a way to speed up the transfer of content over the Internet. The SPDY team was first developed by several Google engineers and developed the HTTP/2 platform.

The SPDY team, with the help of the IETF team, aims to create a platform that is more sustainable and responsive to the needs of today’s Internet users. The protocol was released in May 2015 to update the Http protocol, although it had not changed since the structural change to Http 1.1.

Most web browsers support HTTP/2 and more servers are added to this queue every day. But according to W3Tech, as of May 2017, only 13.7 percent of the world’s top 10 million sites have migrated to the standard.

The number of these sites is growing every day, however, online marketers need to be aware of the implications of this major update.

What makes HTTP/2 different?

Http2 is built on Http 1.1 and is more of an update than a complete change. It has been a very deliberate decision to bring more benefits to browsers, servers, and users with this smooth transition.

The full specifications of HTTP/2 are listed here, but the differences with Http 1.1 are summarized in http2.Github :

  • HTTP/2 is binary, unlike Http 1.1, which was textual
  • HTTP/2 is completely multiplexed
  • HTTP/2 uses a communication line for parallelization
  • HTTP/2 uses header compression to reduce the overhead volume
  • This protocol allows servers to respond actively to users’ caches

On a conceptual level, these issues mean that the HTTP/2 protocol reduces site loading time by improving the quality of communication between the browser and the server.

Rather than creating a sequence of sequences between the server and the client, a line of communication between the two can host multiple exchanges of data simultaneously, and the server can respond to the client actively without being called.

Website owners can squeeze some of these resources to speed up, but in the long run, we need to make structural changes to server-browser communications to solve the problems.

This is where HTTP/2 comes in. At the practical level, the interactions between the browser and the server are:

HTTP/2 and seo and positive impact on SEO
HTTP/2 and SEO: Interactions between browser and server at http/2

This simple example pursues a specific purpose and, as we can see, depicts the positive impact of HTTP/2 on a much larger scale in our minds. This new protocol has a positive impact on the process by creating multiple lines of communication at the same time.

How does the HTTP/2 protocol work?

Given the importance of speeding up Internet users, we can compare to see the positive impact of Http2. A study by the Httpwatch site has compared different versions of a particular page and tested the standard https and Http 2 protocols.

Https speed test

HTTP/2 Speed ​​Test

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These graphs illustrate the technical difference between the two protocols and their benefits to users. The page in the Http2 protocol loads faster (22% faster) and provides a better user experience.

The test is done on a simple, compact plate, and it is clear that on larger and larger plates, it can have much more impact.

What does the Http/2 protocol have to do with SEO?

With so many websites being developed, the impact on SEO is indirect. Google does not currently include the HTTP/2 factor in its algorithms, but it does give sites a better rating and thus a better user experience. So this directly affects the site speed. Moving to HTTP/2 will have a positive impact on the site’s SEO.

Recently, mobiles have been the focal point of the site’s speed improvement efforts and will undoubtedly be upgraded to the mobile version by moving to HTTP/2.

Keep in mind that the benefits of moving toHTTP/2 include all devices and, like other technologies like AMP, do not include one device in particular. The HTTP/2 protocol and AMP functionality can be used together, but the benefits of HTTP/2 are not limited to mobiles.

As a result, the HTTP/2 protocol is a platform for faster and safer digital communication lines and overall will have a positive impact on SEO.

HTTP/2 and seoHttp/2 protocol and SEO"
HTTP/2 and SEO and positive impact on SEO

How to upgrade the website to HTTP/2?

First of all, your website should have an https protocol. This is the most difficult part of the adventure, and if the https protocol is enabled on your site, the rest will be easy. The importance of moving to HTTP/2 becomes clear when it is the fastest and safest protocol available.

If your website already has https, you probably just need to update your server software to the latest version. The Http / 2 protocol may have been activated for you without your knowledge. Use SPYDCheck to check this issue.

Take a look at your users’ browsers by looking at your site’s stats. Most of them probably come from HTTP/2 compatible browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Most modern browsers support HTTP/2. So you only need to make changes to your website.

It’s also worth noting that if a website supports HTTP/2 and a browser with maximum support for Http 1.1, then the website will respond with the same Http 1.1 system.

So you don’t need to go back for upgraded sites, but the benefits of this update will benefit you in the long run. The impact on SEO will be indirect, but this is sensed by Google and is one of the positive signals of the SEO site that will not be affected by the ranking.


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The dominance and supremacy of HTTP/2 in the cyber world are inevitable. The application protocol seems ready to perpetuate the legacy of HTTP1.x which has transformed the cyber world with revolutionary data transmission capabilities. HTTP/2 succeeds its predecessors with a technological superiority far superior to the innovation gap that HTTP1.x established at the time against traditional data communication mechanisms.

However, enabling HTTP/2 is just one step on the long road to improving page speed. The Avenger IT Next Generation introduction many posts for beginners and experts describes how to build for speed, resolve performance bottlenecks and the strategic business benefits associated with superior web performance.

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