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preface: How do we start designing a website/website building? (Complete training of designing a website)

In this tutorial from a college assistant, we do not intend to learn programming methods and enter into specialized or technical topics, but we want to examine the way and method of website building from a general point of view and provide you with a mental model of this work, after reading With this tutorial, you can find your way and learn the skills needed to run a website.

website building

Before we get into the main discussion, let’s take a look at the history of the first websites and see what the ancestors of today’s websites look like.

History of the world’s first website

how website building t or designing a website in the past? Internet technology and websites do not last long, the world’s first web page and website building were created in 1991 by  Tim Berners-Lee and were available to the public. The website was very simple and consisted of only a few texts and several links. It is interesting to know that this page is still at this address!

website building
An image of Berners-Lee’s team creator of the World Wide Web!

Now that we know a little bit about the history of the web and how to build the first websites, it’s time to get into the main details and see how to create a website or website building.

The most important prerequisite for entering the world of website design and programming is a relatively good familiarity with English, because many excellent resources are available in English, especially in the field of verses and technology, and you can know English before anyone else. Get quality, so try to improve your English in the first place!

Where do we start designing a website?

Although in the past we encountered completely simple and monotonous sites, today, thanks to web design technologies (which we will get to know later), web pages have stunning beauty and the user can easily interact with them.

Sites today of two Frantand (Front end) and backend (Back end)  formed part of a website seen by users of the browser She will appear Frantand name and the part that relates to the processing server-side to the back-end call.

Step 1: Learning HTML

The appearance of a website, or front-end, is created using the HTML markup language. HTML acts like the skeleton and frameworks of a website. It doesn’t matter what server-side programming program you use, you have to be familiar with it anyway. Have a relatively complete HTML language, no website without HTML!

Don’t worry about learning this language, because if you try it, it will take about a week to get acquainted with the general principles of this language and be able to create your first web page, we already have the basics of how to start working with this language. We have taught you how to start learning this language by learning the basics of HTML.

step 2: Learning CSS

Although HTML is very important, it alone cannot give a beautiful look to a website building, and ultimately will only allow you to create a site like the first web page in history, we use CSS technology to beautify web pages.

Casas language is a bit more complicated, but learning it will be relatively easy because when you write your first code and see how it can help make your website look beautiful, you’re sure to follow it with more interest and motivation. It will take about 1 to 2 weeks.

Step 3: Learn JavaScript

So far, you’ve learned a great deal about web design, and you can use your knowledge to design relatively good pages or edit and customize your blog pages to your liking, but if you want more features like various animations, history and Add a clock, slider, and. To your site. You need to learn a language called JavaScript.

Unlike HTML and CSS, which were markup languages, JavaScript is a scripting language, and learning it will take some time.

website building - HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT
Designing a website – HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT

Now that you’re familiar with how to create a site’s structure, you can implement and implement an overview of the ideas you have in mind, but let’s get a little more familiar with the tools and technologies used in designing a website. To see how professional designers prepare the look of a site, we need to get acquainted with a few terms beforehand.

What is the Framework in website building?

The framework, or “framework,” is a set of ready-made classes, codes, and programming functions that are presented in the form of a package and help programmers design software projects.

When you use frameworks, the code is pre-written and ready, and you just need to put the codes together and use them according to certain rules (the frameworks of that framework).

We usually use frameworks to speed up and improve performance in standard design projects. The most popular frameworks for HTML and CSS are Bootstrap.

What is the Framework
Designing a website – Bootstrap

With ready-made frameworks, you can quickly develop your code and create a web page. It’s interesting to know that professionals only design and implement a site’s overall look in just a few hours using existing frameworks!

We strongly recommend that if you are a newcomer, do not use ready-made frameworks at all, because to use them, you must first be familiar with the general principles of work. Using frameworks at the beginning will not only confuse you more but also prevent you from learning. You will also be able to learn and master a framework after learning the basics of working with HTML and CSS.

Of course, if you want to create a unique site, it is not recommended to use frameworks, because many people use them, and this has led to sites with a uniform and repetitive appearance in the webs space.

What is a Library in website building?

Simply put, the concept of a library is somewhat similar to the Framework. (Several libraries together can create a framework)

Programming libraries are a collection of ready-made classes and functions that come together and are used by programmers. The most popular library available for JavaScript is jQuery, which allows you to access a wide variety of JavaScript functions. And use them on your website building.

In general, various frameworks and libraries have been developed to improve the design and programming process and increase the speed of work, although as we said before, you should try to get acquainted with the general concepts of web design first and then use it. Pay attention to these things.

So far almost all the general principles of design frontend a well-known website, by knowing the above, you will be able to design almost any type of static website, if you look carefully the word static used, another category that can be used to One website considered it static and dynamic.

Differences between static and dynamic sites

Websites that don’t need a lot of changes, and usually all of their constituent elements are fixed and not constantly updated, are called static or static websites.

For example, one-page websites, some landing pages, simple pages, and all sites that contain consistent content that doesn’t need much editing can be created statically. Implementing such websites is not complicated and can only be done using cases So far we have learned that they can be implemented and implemented.

But other websites, such as content-based sites, social networks, forums, etc., which are constantly being updated and edited, are called Dynamic sites. It is almost impossible to update such websites using static websites.

That’s why systems designed to provide editing and updating work to the site owner through an admin panel are almost all of the dynamic websites we deal with today.

static and dynamic website
Designing a website – static and dynamic website

Designing and creating this part of the site (Backend) requires the use of special programming tools and languages, which we will learn more about in the following. These are the continuation of the previous steps that we discussed earlier.

Step 4: Select the programming language for your website building

As mentioned above, to create a website, we need to choose a server-side programming language, that is, the language we use to dynamically page our site.

There are many options available to you for this purpose, one of the most popular web programming languages ​​is PHP. To date, more than 80% of the world’s websites have been created using a programming language, the most famous of which are Facebook and Wikipedia.

Of course, there are many languages ​​for programming a website, such as ASP, Python, Node JS, Java, etc., which you can use if you wish.

It is important to note that to start programming, you first need to be somewhat familiar with how to write an algorithm so that you can easily analyze your program.

As we said, we use programming languages ​​to create dynamic sections of the site, so we need to store the information entered on the website in such a way that we have access to it in the future, so in addition to the programming language, we need a database (Database). ) Also create for your site.

Step 5: Select the database for your website building

Explaining the previous case, we need a database to store information. One of the most popular databases in the world, which is well compatible with PHP, is called MySQL since it is available for free and is very popular. We recommend that you use it in your project.

So far, we are familiar with almost all the components of a website. By learning these things, you can design and implement a complete website, so if you just want to learn how to build a website, you can skip reading more. You need to know that there are other things involved in creating and maintaining websites, which we will discuss below, so if you want to know more about how to create and maintain a website, stay tuned for more.

What is SEO?

The word SEO stands for Search E engine  Optimization, which means search engine optimization. We all use search engines like Google or Bing to find our phrases. The truth of the matter is that search engines are just a robot, not a human. Therefore, we must use certain principles to make the content of our website understandable to them and try to be at the top of the search results using various techniques.

As a website designer and programmer, you need to use HTML tags and other things that make the site’s content understandable to search engines. If you wish, you can get more information with a simple search ( On-Page SEO).

What is Responsive Design on website building?

Until a few years ago, smartphones and tablets weren’t widespread, and people were just browsing the Internet using their computers, but today a huge number of website visitors are browsing the Internet.

Therefore, your website should be designed in such a way that the user can easily view the content on devices with smaller screens, one of the ways you can enable this feature on your site pages is to use responsive or responsive web design.

In this technique, web pages are resized according to the screen size of the device and are displayed in such a way that the content of the site will be well visible and usable. Recently, we published some tips on optimizing the site on mobile that you can read.

Responsive Design
Designing a website – Responsive Design

The design of a responsive site, in addition to enhancing the beauty and usability of the site, will also have a very positive effect on the SEO of the site. By learning the basics of CSS 3, you will be able to design your site pages responsibly, and frameworks such as Bootstrap will support this feature by default.

Step 6: Buy Hosts and Domains for website building

For a website from all over the world to be always available, you need to keep it in an environment on the Internet, on a computer that is always on, and if necessary, upload information and files from your site and display them to users. We always call this computer a server. Servers are always bright computers in the Internet environment that process users’ web pages at any time and display them to the user. You have to maintain your site in the Internet environment to a server or space. You will need hosting.

What is a Host?

Simply put, a host is a space on a server where you can upload and store information about your site’s information and files. Hosts need to be updated monthly or annually (depending on the provider company) and if you don’t pay for it. Your access to the host will be cut off and other users will not be able to view your site.

Many companies offer hosting services in Iran, for example, one of these companies that offers good services and support in this field is TMDHosting and Hostinger Company, you can get the hosting required for your website from this company.

What is Domain?

When you want to view a site, just type the URL in your browser, it’s called a domain, for example, is the domain of a Google website, and is the domain of a partner website, in fact, the domain of identity. And a brand is a website, so it’s best to choose the right domain for your site and choose the right name for your site.

You will also have to pay an annual fee for the domain, which varies depending on the type of domain extension (for example, .fr domains are much cheaper than .com domains ). Hosting service providers usually offer domains, so to buy. You can also apply through the same company you are buying from.

Hosting service providers
Designing a website – Hosting service providers

Here are six steps you can take to begin the process of designing, implementing, and implementing your site, but there’s one more thing you don’t know: more than 30 percent of the world’s websites are ready-made CMSs like WordPress. (WordPress) use!

This means that without having to go through any of the steps 1 to 5, they can quickly set up and make their site available. With WordPress, you can almost create a variety of news sites, stores, companies, music, downloads, and more without the need for coding!

Website design without coding! Truth or falsehood?

These days, the Internet is full of codes for site design without coding! Although this is possible to some extent with the help of content management systems such as WordPress, you should know that using ready-made systems, you will never become a site designer!

Although you can use WordPress to run all kinds of sites, you will eventually need to have a relatively good knowledge of coding to personalize your site and add additional features, otherwise, you can only set up a regular site. So if you only have one small and compact website, you will be able to launch your site in less than 5 minutes, but if you want to have a professional site or choose a site design as your job, you need to do it. And steps 1 to 5 or Please!

If you would like to learn more about WordPress and how it works, read on.

What is WordPress?

In simple terms, WordPress is a free and open-source content management system ( Content management System) that can be easily used and personalized by anyone, thanks to the thousands of templates and plugins that have been created for this system, you can use almost any type. Design and manage a site of your choice, without the need for coding and custom design.

However, if you want to have a special feature on your site or add a special feature to your site that is not found by default in WordPress and its plugins, you should pay and ask a specialist to add this section to your site (or write your program).

As we mentioned, you can create almost any type of site with WordPress, while this CMS has acceptable SEO and also with the help of the plugins it has for this purpose, its power can be increased, although this system is very powerful and flexible, In special circumstances and for setting up special sites that have completely dedicated features and capabilities, the use of WordPress is usually not recommended, and it is better to design and implement the site from 0 to 100 in a special way.

Designing a website - WordPress
Designing a website – WordPress


The world of the web and the Internet is vast, profound, yet fascinating and sweet, and although we’ve explained all the basics of designing a website for you, you can still find new ones.

For example, if you want to learn more about some of the activities on a website, see these articleswhat is website building “  and read it. The world of verses is so large and complex that Study it and it will surprise you again!

The most important factor that can make you successful in this field is interest, you will certainly be successful in everything you do, so if you feel you are interested in the world of the internet as well as website design and development, follow this profession.

Finally, if you have any experience in this field, or if you have any questions about this tutorial, please share it with us and other IT assistant users in the comments section of this article so that others and you can benefit from your experiences. Get answers to your questions.

You are one step ahead of others! After reading this article, many users have prepared special tutorials. You can also download specialized books from the store and increase your learning speed and progress right now, so don’t miss this great opportunity and in the world of verses and Your technology is one step ahead of others.


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