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Why Unlinked Gestures(linkless mentions – web marketing) Are the Future of Linking?

Since its inception, Google has been using backlinks as a tool to evaluate the credibility and relevance of a page( web marketing). The higher the number of backlinks to other sites, especially if they were from reputable pages, the more importance Google places on that site. So link building has been promoted as one of the ways SEOs are doing their best to improve the site rankings by gaining backlinks from other sites.

linkless mentions - web marketing
linkless mentions – web marketing

Google has in recent years adopted new policies for dealing with backlinks. For example, it deals with paid backlinks and penalizes sites that have many spam backlinks, using updates like penguins and Fred. All of these policies and algorithms have made backlinking not the same as before and made it a bit smarter for webmasters and readers.

As the web has grown in recent years, search engines have improved. With the advent of social networks, digital assistants, voice search, and the ever-closer virtual world of the real world, counting backlinks(les mentions sans lien – web marketing) to a site seems a bit irrational and a good way to judge credibility. Not a page.

Over the past few years, most search engines such as Google and Bing have developed the power of site credentials and are using other methods such as referencing a website anywhere on the web. Such quotes and references to a brand are referred to as linkless mentions or les mentions sans lien.

In this article, we will look deeply into the impact of backlinks in the future of backlinking and outline ways to adapt our site’s strategy to this new policy.

How Do Unlink Gestures (linkless mentions – web marketing) Work?

In the later years, Google used PageRank to evaluate the credibility of a page. The algorithm’s system worked so that each link to the site was considered as a positive vote, and the more backlinks were from pages that had more backlinks, the higher their page rank and consequently page rank. It also went higher.

Of course, PageRank was not the only factor influencing the ranking of pages in Google search results, and many webmasters have always been warned of this type of thinking that only PageRank can only increase rankings. But with all this, there was a lot of emphasis on Page Rank in SEO.

Web marketing - linkless mentions
Web marketing – linkless mentions

It’s been a long time since, and in 2016 Google officially announced that it would remove the peak ranking from its bag because it was killing webmasters in the wrong way. While Google continues to use PageRank internally in its ranking algorithm, there are other factors to assess site credibility.

Meanwhile, there is ample evidence that Google and Bing can identify non-link references to a brand or website on the Internet and use it as a sign of validation.

At SMX West 2016, Duane Forrester, Bing’s Chief Product Officer, stated that non-linking gestures can be strong signals, such as backlinks. The statement supports the theory that positive references from a brand can enhance its website’s credibility.

A group of Internet commentators has also stated that Google has filed for patent infringement, where non-link pointers are equivalent to backlinks. In a recent article, author Simon Penson of MOZ wrote:

[jv_quote style = “default” width = “0”] When a user searches for a brand name in the search engines and clicks on its site, this is no secret. Search engines can store this scattered information and use it in a non-link pointing system to increase the ranking of those sites in search results. [/ Jv_quote]

Gary Illyes also announced at a September 2017 Brighton SEO conference that backlinks can be a strong signal to boost site credibility. He put it this way:

[jv_quote style = “default” width = “0”] If you publish quality content on your website and share it widely on the Internet, we will do well. This sharing can be both link-based and non-link-referenced. [/ Jv_quote]

This could not be more clearly stated. Google considers all references to your website, whether links or links and uses them as a factor to evaluate your site’s credibility.

What Do Unlinked Gestures(linkless mentions – web marketing) Mean in Linking?

Many backlinking solutions also work on non-backlinked gestures and if you already have a strong and successful linking strategy then you should continue.

Backlinks are still very important but should not be your ultimate goal in backlinking. Tactics like forcing webmasters to put hyperlinks on you are no longer necessary and it is enough to point out the brand of your site. Of course, assuming your brand name is not negatively associated with discontent.

Here are some ways to implement linkless gestures.

Information about your brand

Linking is no longer just a hyperlink, and over time it has become more popular, such as referencing a website. Referring to your brand name is for this purpose and can alert users to your existence. Things that can help us accomplish this are:

  • Online Reviews: Encourage users to write reviews and avoid negative reviews.
  • PR: Pointing out your brand name in online journals and domains is one of the most important strategies in linkless gestures. Synchronize your site’s PR department to work more intelligently towards this goal.
  • Social Networks: Using social networks, let users know about your presence and talk about your products and services.
  • Guest post: This method works very well in non-linking gestures. In the past, guest post writers have been pushing webmasters to link their keywords to their posts. But for now, you only mention of your brand is enough and is equivalent to backlinks.

Track all references to the brand

If you are following a good backlinking program, spending some money on using some backlink analysis tools makes sense for you to become familiar with backlink sites.

The same is true for non-link pointers, but you should keep track of any pointers to your website that require some tools.

Several tools that help you identify references to your website on the Internet include:

    • Google Alerts: Google has a free tool that lets you know any references to your website or keyword you want. Perhaps you are using the same tool to find opportunities for backlinks.
    • Awario: This tool helps you enter the word you want to know about the gestures it gets on the internet.
    • Talkwalker Alerts: This is one of the best alternatives to Google Alerts as it says, and you can track your web keywords by defining your keyword. This tool is capable of pointing out your brand and features that can be analyzed.
    • Mention: This tool is also capable of displaying gestures to your target phrase and has filters that can distinguish between sources, language, and type of gesture, whether positive or negative. You can also directly evaluate competitors’ links without links.

Off-page SEO optimization

Off-page SEO optimization is essential to succeed in informing users of the site. External SEO includes any SEO activity that does not occur inside the site. Activities in social networking, online criticism, and customer service are some activities that can be exemplified. Any activity that is effective in Off-page SEO can lead to unrelated hints from your users that will increase the credibility of the site.

Manage site credentials

Backlinks to sites are useful if they are not spamming sites. Like backlinks, the only links that are unrelated to the site’s SEO are positive quotes. This is where managing site credentials seems to be a must.

If your site’s reviews are completely negative, your site will be crawled. Some of the tools introduced in the previous section are capable of evaluating reviews and can identify them as positive or negative.

Respond to all the negative reviews and try to change the negative comments of the users. Promote your brand name on the Internet and do a lot of work to avoid any negative reviews.



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