Our Google Advertising Servives: The most popular ad in the world

As a Google Advertising Service Provider, we have great offers for you. Join us in the digital marketing world of Google Adwords. We’re simply delivering on your goals.

We can increase the efficiency of your business by reducing your advertising costs on Google Ads. Our experience in providing Google services will ensure your business success. Join The Digital World Millions Of Successful Stories and with Us Boost Your Turnover And Your Image On The Internet.

google ads
google ads
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Google Ads Services
Get more valuable clicks to your website 100%

Google Advertising: The most popular ad in the world

Despite rising prices and expensive clicks, it’s still more important than any other online and offline ad for the following three reasons:

 1- Those who are looking for your products and services on Google are in the final stages of their purchase. According to Google’s statistics, 70% of people searching for your business keywords on their mobile phones will make their final purchase within 1 hour.

2-In Google Ads Unlike other banner ads in part of sites it is not possible to cheat and Google will detect unrealistic clicks quickly and will not cost you less.

3- You can get more valuable clicks to your website with more detailed settings for your target community, and you can even pay Google for your purchase or fill out the form.

How to calculate costs in Google ads:

Simply, the cost per click on Google ads depends on the two main factors of your competition and the value of your ad to your audience.

That is, the higher the competition for advertising on a particular word, the higher the cost per click. For example, the Istanbul tour costs far more than the Ankara tour. You can use the Keyboard Planner tool to calculate the cost per click or contact us to announce the cost per click of your keyword.

The second factor to calculate the cost per click depends on the correct value and settings of your ad campaign and the design and performance of your landing page.

The higher the percentage of ad viewers clicks on your ad and the faster and louder they get on your landing page, the lower your cost per click compared to competitors.

We’ll help you write the right text and make corrections to your Google ad landing page to reduce the cost per click to 40% 

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