academic Experience


  •  Azad University
    Dates Employed Sep 1997 – Dec 2015
    Employment Duration18 yrs 4 mos
  • Amirkabir University of Technology – Tehran Polytechnic
    Dates Employed Sep 2000 – 2015
    Employment Duration15 yrs
    LocationTehran Province, Iran
  • Payame Noor University – PNU
    Dates Employed Sep 2005 – Jul 2010
    Employment Duration4 yrs 11 mos
  • Heriot-Watt University
    Dates Employed Sep 2007 – Jul 2009
    Employment Duration1 yr 11 mos
  • Arak University
    Dates Employed Sep 2005 – Sep 2008
    Employment Duration3 yrs 1 mo

University courses taught

  •  Advance Database Management Course
  •  Advance Database Management Discourses Course
  •  Advance Software Eng. Discourses Course
  • Advance Software Eng. Course
  • Software Eng. Course (I, II)
  •  Decision making course
  • Software Project Management Course

About Me

Professor Siavash Kaviani was born in 1961 in Tehran. He had a professorship. He holds a Ph.D. in Software Engineering from the QL University of Software Development Methodology and an honorary Ph.D. from the University of Chelsea.

He has teaching backgrounds at Amirkabir UniversityArak UniversityAzad UniversityPayam Noor University, University of Applied Sciences and Heriot-Watt University.

as a full professor and an expert in the fields of industry and University that working for more than 30 years. My focus is on essential research and education based on research. I try to research first and accept the facts, so make a plan to operate the conclusion of researches.

Siavosh Kaviani


Publication Title: A New Method for Knowledge Representation in Expert System’s (XMLKR)

Publication date2008 publication description IEEE Explore Conference: Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology, 2008. ICETET ’08. First International Conference on

Publication description Abstract:
Knowledge representation it’s an essential section of expert systems, because in this section we have a framework to establish an expert system then we can modeling and use this to design an expert system. Many methods it’s existed for knowledge representation but each method has problems, in this paper, we introduce a new method of object-oriented by XML language as XMLKR to knowledge representation, and we want to discuss advantage and disadvantage of this method.

See publication A New Method for Knowledge Representation in Expert System’s (XMLKR) See publication

Publication Title: An Agent-Oriented Framework for Software Testing

Publication date2008 publication description3rd International Conference of Information and Knowledge Technology 2007 (IKT’07), Ferdowsi University, Mashhad, Iran.

Publication title Mining Scientific Paper References to Find Anomaly and Fraudulent References

Publication date2008 publication description2nd Data Mining Conference, (IDMC 2008), Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. (Submitted)

Publication title using a Two-way Balanced Incomplete Block Design to Comparing an Agent-Oriented Software Engineering Methodologies

Publication date2007 publication description Published in ENASE 2007

Publication description there has been a surge of interest in agent-oriented software engineering in recent years. Numerous methodologies for developing agent-based systems have been proposed in the literature and the area of agent-oriented methodologies is maturing rapidly. Evaluating methodologies’ strengths, weaknesses and domains of applicability play an important role in improving them and in developing the “next-generation” of methodologies. In this paper, we present a reliable framework that adopts statistical techniques to compare agent-oriented methodologies. Based upon this framework we performed a comparison of four AOSE methodologies MaSE, Prometheus, Tropos and Gaia

Publication Title: Comparing agent-oriented methodologies using NFR approach

Publication date2004 publication description Published in ICSE 2004 DOI: 10.1049/ic: 20040353

Publication description: there is an ever-increasing demand for standard software systems to operate in increasingly complex application environments. Hence, agent-orientation appears as a well-suited paradigm for building such systems. Although several methodologies have been proposed for agent-oriented development, it’s difficult to evaluate them because they usually differ in their premises, covered phases, models, concepts and the supported multi-agent system properties. In this paper, we show that the NFR (Non-Functional Requirements) framework is useful to describe properties of agent-oriented systems as well as to evaluate well-known methodologies supporting them. Moreover, other-methodological aspects are used as criteria for analyse and compare these methodologies. A comparison between GAIA and Tropos is shown as an illustration of our proposal.

Recent web White paper publications:

 Publications Date In 2019: (with Business/ scientific Approach)

Publication Description: Publications are generally in categories related to web topics. These articles are written in both French and English.  French Version  English Version

Audio/ Video publications:

Publications Date In 2019: (with Business/ scientific Approach)

Publication Description: Publications are generally in categories related to web topics. These articles are written in both French and English.



Ph.D. of Computer Engineering, major in Software Engineering, University of QL-UNIVERSITY


Master degree of Computer Engineering, major in Software Engineering, QL-UNIVERSITY


Bachelor degree, Computer Engineering, major in Hardware Engineering, Beheshti University


·         Software application Security (IM)

·         Component Based development method

·         Service Oriented architecture

·         Software Analyze and Design Methodology.

·         Software project management

·         Portal applications and architecture    

·         Database management (RDBMS) and Multidimensional database

·         Data Warehousing and Data Mining

·         Knowledge-based Management systems (BI)

·         Web-based software Eng. And web design and development

·         Mobile applications

·         Software Bot

·         SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (Search engine Marketing)

·         SEA (Search engine Advertisement), SMO (Social media marketing) SMM(Search engine Marketing)

  • Digital marketing 
Management Knowledge
  • Knowledge Management
  • DSS Methods and Algorithms and Applications
  • BI Application
  • Balance Score Cards Method
  • Zach man Information Enterprise architecture Framework (ERP implementing method)
  • Strategic planning
  • IT Strategic Planning
  • IT master Planning
  • Senior system analyzing
  • Digital marketing
  • Search engine optimizing


• Unix Administration 96%
• Operating Systems(UNIX Family & Windows Family) 95%
•Data Recovery(disaster recovery plan) 100%
•Shell Programming 94%
•web/ mobile/portal/application Programming 94%
•System Analysis and Design 100%
•CASE Tools 100%
•System Analysis and Design Methodologies -all type 97%
• Web Services 100%
• Rational Rose 100%
• On-page SEO 100%
• Off-page SEO 100%
•content Marketing 100%
• Webdesign 100%
• WordPress 100%
• Life Ray Portal, Mambo CMS (PHP) 100%
•Oracle development tools 93%
• OracleDesigner2000 100%
• Oracle JHeadstart 100%
•Oracle DBA 91%
• Oracle Jdeveloper 100%
• oracle Apex development tool 100%
•Oracle Application server 100%
•Network protocols (TCP/IP, Ftp, Telnet, SMTP, POP3, HTTP(s), SSH) 100%
•Firewall and related topics (Proxy) 100%
•Network Tuning 99%

Short list Main Duties and Responsibilities

·         Research /Analyse IT requirements within companies and give independent and objective advice on the use of IT. (IT master/ strategy Plan)

·         Provide specialist support and back-up to professionals within client companies.

·         Advise on strategic planning and operational efficiency.

·         May run facilities for clients.

·         Design, develop and test new systems.

·         Train staff in new systems.

·         Analytical approach to work.

·         Excellent problem-solving interpersonal skills.

·         Communication skills.

·         Ability to absorb complex technical information and pass this on clearance.

·         Mange and Steering the project team/ Staffs.(team and project management)

·         Determine the strategies.

·         Observing the strategies with IEF and EEF methods.

·         Academic /Scientific researches.

·         Academic educational Training.


  • Writing, Sport (especially Football, Basketball, swimming, tennis, Golf, Karate,), Study Book (especially Novel), Psychology, Walking, Trip, Family entertainment, literature (Specially Poem)



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Reviews About Prof. Siavosh Kaviani

Ahad Rafati
Ahad Rafati
Read More
I know Dr. Siavosh Kaviani Since 2010. He was my professor in undergraduate degree. I have passed software Engineering, the Oracle Tools Developer and Desinger, and Oracle Apex course. During these 9 years, we have done some research work at Kavian Scientific Research Association. We were together many years of close friends. I and my friends whenever we wanted to do software engineering, we asked him for advice and guidance. He always offers the best solutions. Eventually, he was one of my best friends and teachers in my life See less
Leila Mahmoudvand
Leila Mahmoudvand
Read More
I have known Professor Siavosh Kaviani, since 2004 when Dr. Kaviani was my professor in the Software Engineering course. He is one of the most knowledgeable professors and hardworking researchers I have ever seen in my life. He is a very honest, helpful, patient, enthusiastic, kind and skilled person. I never have faced severe problems as Dr. Kaviani always has some solution to any issue that I encountered. Also, it is an honor for me that I have worked with Dr.Kaviani at Rassa Co. for a short time. It was a great chance for me to know him and I am truly thankful for him being in my life.
Mohammad Vahid Alizadeh
Mohammad Vahid Alizadeh
Read More
I am honored to write a strong and enthusiastic recommendation about Dr. Siavosh Kaviani. I have known Dr. Kaviani for over seven years, starting when he was my professor for Advanced Software Engineering in 2010. Throughout my graduate studies, I grew to know Dr. Kaviani is somewhat better than many graduate students since he served as my research supervisor for two years. Throughout my education and into my independent career, I have been associated with academic institutions and I rank Dr. Kaviani in the top section of mentors and professors whom I have had the pleasure of knowing. Dr. Kaviani not only has the academic knowledge of Software Engineering but also has extensive practical knowledge and experience in Software Engineering.
Babak Darvish Rohani
Babak Darvish Rohani
Read More
It is my pleasure to recommend Prof. Siavosh Kaviani as a software project manager. Siavosh is highly respected by his colleagues and subordinates and skillfully managed the plethora of personalities involved with his last project. His enthusiastic, optimistic attitude is contagious and serves to motivate and energize his project staff. He is a natural leader who has the gift of identifying each staff member’s primary talents and bringing out the best in each one throughout the entire project. Siavosh is very calm and collected under pressure. He has superb problem-solving skills as well as exceptional team-building skills.In the course of managing his last project which I participated in, Siavosh demonstrated an ability to quickly sift through mountains of data and determine which was relevant to the project and should be used and which was irrelevant and could be discarded. He was able to focus on the stated objectives of the project and prioritize every task necessary to accomplish the desired result. From there he assigned the right individuals for each small task and provided detailed instructions, encouragement and advice and so that each project staff member had a clear direction and took part in the overall success of the project.He possesses excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Siavosh showed an uncanny ability to foresee a potential problem and essentially nip it in the bud saving the company money and preventing unexpected hurdles from delaying the project’s ultimate implementation. An effective delegator, Siavosh trusts the team he assembles and they have tremendous faith in his as a fair and effective leader.
Firouzeh Katanforoush
Firouzeh Katanforoush
Read More
I have had the pleasure of knowing professor kaviani for more than 20 years, during database system analyst, designing and implementation software projects in Oracle environments for different companies. Above all I was impressed with professor Kaviani's ability to use modern and the newest tools and software, finding the bottlenecks of the company and give the best solution. Of course, he is very smart, knowledgable and has valuable experience in IT solutions. He is one of the most effective managers in making the connection between universities and companies. Professor Kaviani would be a true asset for any position requiring project management, research, Strategic management, CEO, Chief information officer and comes with my heartfelt recommendation
Seyed Hamidreza Alavifar
Seyed Hamidreza Alavifar
Read More
Yes, he is a professor. Experienced and academic and manager and teacher. I will always be his disciple.
Nasim Gazerani
Nasim Gazerani
Read More
Dr. Kaviani is my lifelong mentor. It started when I was a bachelor's student at Arak University. We all loved his courses and enjoyed doing interesting projects he developed. He was a pioneer of teaching oracle architecture, system analysis, and design with oracle case tools in our faculty. He has an efficient strategy to lead teams and projects. He is also responsible, patient and strong to overcome obstacles. Dr kaviani is a man of many talents. Recently, I count myself lucky to work with Dr kaviani and his team in Kavian scientific Research Association(KSRA). He had many courses and webinars in many areas especially cloud computing.
Majid Sahadi
Majid Sahadi
Read More
In one sentence, professor kaviani changes your view of reality.he is superman and always have a good idea for solutions.
Homan Kashanian
Homan Kashanian
Read More
I would like to recommend Professor Kaviani, I found him to be uniquely capable of capturing my attention and helping me learn confidently. Professor Kaviani is a hard-working and creative adviser and it has been a pleasure working with him. An important aspect of Professor Kaviani is interactions with students, Even this relationship continued after the graduation of his students, As long as they find work. His disciple was the great luck of our life. I'm teaching at the university today، And one of the most influential patterns and effective person in my work and life has been Dr. Kaviani.

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