Scope of Services

Avenger specialized team has provided a full range of IT  scope of services to customers. We are committed to providing our customers with a complete and quality service to meet their customers’ needs. In this case, we will achieve our main goals by satisfying customers. The breadth of our scope of services will encourage our customers so that they do not need to choose different IT partners.

scope of services

Avenger has been providing expert IT support since 2004, helping hundreds of companies increase their productivity and profitability by integrating information technology into their operations. Our mission is to provide the latest technology in consulting, services, maintenance and technology support as a highly cost-effective IT solution to maximize the productivity and profitability of our customers.scope of services

Avenger is proud to offer a variety of critical services to ensure that your business runs at maximum efficiency. From managed IT services  security , IT consulting/website service / SEO setting / network service / business continuity,we’ve got you covered.


Our Scope of services

Avenger IT Next Generation provides our clients with expert technical assistance and consultation for re IT projects.

 We have expertise in:

System engineering

IT strategic planning

IT processes and metrics


Process re-engineering

Multi platform integration

Unified communications services

System life-cycle planning and support.

We can help and support your business with following scope of services:

Program and Project Management More information

Project management

Assets and infrastructure, budgets

IT organization and structure

Change management

Quality assurance

Process re-engineering

Technical documentation

System life-cycle planning and support


Needs assessment,

Requirements engineering


Network and Telecommunication Engineering


Encryption, information security




Technical support

Software configuration

Infrastructure development


Wireless and SATCOM systems

Traffic analysis and optimization

Network problem troubleshooting and resolution

Operations, Enterprise Management of network

Network Operations

Enterprise Management

Enterprise Systems

Tools, Consulting

Fault Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Solutions Delivery

Information Technology

Network Administration

Network Solutions

Support and provide Tier 1, 2, and 3 remediation

System Administration and Software Support

Consultants in System Administration

Software Support



Software Configuration



Application Development

Computer Science

End-User Support

Information Security

Web Administration

Web Based Technology

UNIX, Linux,

Technical Support

Solutions Delivery





Software Engineering

Information Technology

Software Licensing

Server and desktop virtualization

Directory services

Messaging, and web, file, and print services

Audio Visual and Multimedia Engineering

Data, video and, graphics presentation systems

Board, conference, and training rooms

Operation Centers

Collaborative spaces

Multi-location video conferencing

Audio visual systems control and integration

Media storage and distribution

web, and video conferencing

Online support

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