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What is an anchor text? | Influence of anchor text on SEO

Here’s some part of the Seo Google Guide.this article about the meaning of anchor text/ content of the linked page and influence of it on SEO. this article explains anchor text tips.

A anchor text designates the text content of the link, which will appear by default in blue and underlined in a web browser. It is also called Anchor text and it most often indicates what the remote page is talking about.

Hyperlinks have existed since the Web was born and are even part of its very essence. But what is a link anchor or anchor text and what is the impact of this concept in SEO? Explanation and definition …


anchor text tips
Anchor text tips

Use better anchor texts or backlinks

Proper anchor text makes it easy to transfer link content

Anchor text is the link text that users view as a link and is defined using the anchor tag as

<A Href="..."> </A>.

content of the linked page(This one refers to the content of a private site and is linked to)

Anchor at first glance gives Google and users information about what the linked page is about. These links may be internal and refer to your site or maybe external to other sites. The higher the text quality anchor is, the better the users and search engines will understand the content of the linked page and the site has a stronger link. Note that this part of SEO is one of the most important parts of SEO training. One of the most important things SEO companies do is edit and create a text of anchor for the website.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "anchor text about baseball cards"

(Anchor texts point out that the linked pages are about baseball cards. Using the correct texts of anchor, users and search engines find out what the link page is about.)

Dictionary of meanings

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A summary is a Cascading Style Sheets and is the language of the design and layout of web pages.

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is the format, font, size, and color of the text.

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Use descriptive and comprehensible text

The anchor that you use to link to the page you want should at least give you an idea of ​​what the page content is about.

[box title = "Avoid Doing The following"] [list icon = "icon: ban"]


  • Write general terms for denying texts like “Page”, “Subject” or “Click Here”
  • Use terms that have nothing to do with the content of the linked page
  • Use the URL of the page as an anchor text most of the time (sometimes using the page URL as the correct  text of anchor, such as linking to the source material)
    [/ list] [/ box]

Use concise and useful terms

The use of short, precise, and understandable terms is of great importance in SEO.

[box title = "Avoid Doing The following"] [list icon = "icon: ban"]
  • Use long text wrappers such as long sentences or short paragraphs
    [/ list] [/ box]

Define the text-anchor format differently from regular texts

By changing the style of anchors to allow users to distinguish texts of the anchor from ordinary texts. If users mistakenly clicked on anchor, the page content will be downgraded.

[box title = "Avoid Doing The following"] [list icon = "icon: ban"]
  • Using CSS or Styles That Mistakes anchor text Error
    [/ list] [/ box]

Think of denying the texts that link to internal pages

You may have used anchor only to link to external pages, but using it for internal pages also has a positive impact on the site’s SEO and helps Google better analyze the content of your site pages. For more information, read the impact of SEO’s internal link.

[box title = "Avoid Doing The following"] [list icon = "icon: ban"]
  • Using anchor texts repeatedly filled with keywords and long sentences to get search engine attention
  • Creating unnecessary anchor text that doesn’t help site users
    [/ list] [/ box]


When web surfers link to your website, it is inevitable that you will get bad anchor text that does not help identify your web page’s topic. However, just like naked URLs, these are natural occurrences and are not frowned upon by search engines. On the flip side, the lack of naked URLs, the excessive use of anchor text, and or a high number of targeted one-way anchor text backlinks are all signs of unnatural anchor text distribution. Search engines like Google may penalize websites that focus on manipulating anchor text when user experience is compromised.

To obtain natural anchor text links to your website, create good content and the links and anchor text should come naturally.


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