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Preface: What is SEO Tools?

In the SEO process, in addition to having sufficient knowledge of the subject, we also need SEO tools to facilitate the analysis and analysis of the site and to use the analytical data contained therein. Having enough information about important keywords that are being searched for, as well as checking for invalid site links are among the processes for which there are tools for each.

Just as you need different tools in the process of building a home, you need different online tools in building a site and SEO. SEO tools often include websites that provide great service to users by entering the site address. These include providing reports that can greatly improve the site’s SEO process.

These tools can be summarized in the following categories based on their performance:

  • Search analytics tools or so-called analytics
  • Keyword finding tools
  • On-page SEO tools
  • Tools for examining the competition between word searches
  • Backlink review tools
  • Site Ranking or Ranking Tools
  • Content optimization tools
  • Website Testing Tools

Following the introduction of the free SEO tools on the internet that we take advantage of it. It should be noted that some of these tools require full subscription purchases, but they all have free services.

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

Check site speed and efficiency on a variety of devices

Enter the address of the site you want in the box and measure the loading time of the site on desktop and mobile devices. It also gives you reports of site weaknesses. In the mobile sector, there is also a concession given the speed of the site and the optimization of the site for mobile users. In this section, the amount of space available to touch menus and font sizes are other parameters that affect this score.

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights


A comprehensive review of site optimization and its codes

After entering the site address, you will see a report on the site’s performance, including many code optimizations, compression rates, and other parameters. Among the benefits of this tool are solutions to site problems as well as optimized versions of photos, SSDs, and JavaScript files. The site is also rated on all parameters and is rated A to F based on the mean of all scores.


Check the speed of site loading from different parts of the world

This tool is used to test site speeds from several points in the world and compare site speeds with average site speeds. Test reports for this tool also include site optimization factors, giving each site a score of 1 to 100. You can also see the order of loading site requests graphically.


Provide over 700 keywords based on the keyword you want

After entering a  keyword and selecting a language, it offers you many keywords based on the keyword you want to use to get the most traffic to your site.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Provide keywords associated with a keyword

This tool can introduce other keywords related to the entered word. It also shows the difficulty of the search term SEO and the difficulty of getting that site to the first page of the search.

Google Keyword Planner

Knowledge of user search

This tool is one of the favorite tools of SEO experts to provide you with statistics on the number of search terms you have on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It also introduces keywords similar to the one you want.

Google.Com  in Incognito mode

Discover popular phrases

By searching Google Incognito you can find similar and relevant keywords in your site and determine your site’s keyword strategy. Get informed.

Google Trends

Check for search volume changes over some time

With this tool, you can see how much a word’s search volume changes over some time, and you will also be able to predict the rate of increase or decrease of a word’s search in the future. You can also identify the days of the year where the search for a word reaches its peak and prepare yourself for those days using the site.

Google Analytics

A full report of site traffic

It analyzes all traffic coming to the site and analyzes the traffic in a variety of ways through its various widgets. These include the analysis of site referrals, the number of bits, the ratio of new users to total users, and so on.


Free and comprehensive website statistics

This tool does not adversely affect site speed due to its simplicity and gives excellent information on site traffic. The Histats tool is one of the most accurate web browsers and its information can be of great help to SEOs.

Google Webmaster Tools  and  Bing Webmaster Tools

Continuous website analysis in search of users and report errors

These webmaster tools help site owners gain a basic understanding of how two powerful search engines – Google and Bing – interact with their websites. Site owners will also be notified if there is an error in indexing pages and other alerts. Using these tools requires small items to be installed on the site.

Open Site Explorer

Comprehensive analysis of site links

The free version of this tool provides you with a quick report of site backlinks. This report includes the value of backlinks and pages from the site that are linked. The total number of backlinks, the number of individual domains in which a site has backlinks, and the percentage of spam that each backlink contains.


Show backlinks

This tool is a completely free SEO tool for SEO that offers a nearly complete list of backlinks to a site and will be very useful for those looking for their competitors’ backlinks.

QuickSprout Website Analyzer

Complete analysis of your website

The QuickSprout tool provides a comprehensive look at the site and provides reports on SEO, optimization, speed, tags, keywords,  social networks, and site links. It also compares your site to other competing sites.

Schema Creator

Customize site pages in Google search engine

With this tool, you can create content for your blog or any Skima product page and improve how they are displayed in the Google search pane. An example of a page with a star Eskimo code is given below.


Show site traffic statistics for each domain

With this tool, you can view site traffic statistics for each domain and compare it with other site statistics in different parameters.

XML Sitemaps

Build a site map

With this tool, you can easily customize the site map after you enter the site address and optionally change a few parameters within a short time and submit it to Google Webmaster after uploading it to the site.


Seeing the site from the search engines perspective

With this tool, you can view your site from Google and its robots. This tool can be very tricky to check for the processing of some components of the site.

SEO Tools

SEO Site Checkup

Check a site’s SEO rating

This quick SEO tool will give you a report on important SEO issues and give the site a rating of 1 to 100. It will also remind you of any errors your site may be facing.

SEO Tools

Find Broken Links

Discover site errors

This free SEO tool gives a very comprehensive report of these pages by thoroughly examining each of your site’s internal links. The report includes dead links to the site, the size of each page, the number of internal and external links per page, internal and external redirects, and more.

SEO Tools

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer And Backlink Checker

Full review of the site, its pages, and links

It is one of the semi-free internet tools that the site offers, which is one of the most powerful SEO training sites in the world. You need to purchase a subscription from this site to get a more complete report and use all the services of the site. This site gives you complete information on all aspects of your website and is very reliable.

SEO Tools


Check the site’s copied content

Copy the link you want to this site and see what sites on that page have been copied.

SEO Tools

Moz Toolbar

There are plenty of webpages to use in SEO, and we intended not to mention them here. But the power of Moz’s barrier is so great that we can’t get past it. This toolbar is one of the best SEO tools in the Chrome browser by displaying domain value and page information. It also displays the number of backlinks of each page on the same page and displays the information on each page when searching.

SEO Tools

Robots.Txt Generator

Creating Robots.Txt file

Robots.txt files tell search engine robots which sites to visit and which to monitor. With this tool, you can effortlessly create a Robots.txt file and improve the site’s SEO.

SEO Tools

Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured data analysis and construction

This tool allows you to provide Structured data that contains information about each page to Google and other search engines.

SEO Tools


Display technologies used on the site

This tool can display technologies used on a website. These technologies include webserver display, content management, hosting information, IP sharing or proprietary, email service, security and statistic certification,  and the JavaScript libraries used on the site.

SEO Tools


Gathering a list of all the free SEO tools on the Internet is a daunting task. Because there are hundreds of popular tools on the web. Here we tried to include a list of the most appropriate  SEO tools on this page that meet all your needs. It is worth noting that this list will always be updated. So visit this page from time to time to get acquainted with the new and useful tools we find on the Internet.


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