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We have not yet written about SEO WordPress Tips, but we have published many articles on how to build a site and speed up the sites as well as their SEO. We are now trying to meet your needs by providing a comprehensive overview of SEO WordPress Tips and a variety of methods.

What would be the benefit of a beautiful, eye-catching, and full of the website if it wasn’t for search engine optimization? In fact, search giants like Google and Bing are unimpressed with the beauty of your site. Instead, the quality of the content, keywords, file names, and text for the images are important.

Understanding the search engine’s desires can make your online life successful. At the same time, a misunderstanding of these concepts will also put you out of your online business.

Why SEO is Needed for Search Engine Optimization?

If you’re the manager of a WordPress website, you probably know how important search engine optimization is. No matter how beautiful your website is or how you build it, in any case, your activities will not be successful without SEO. A website that meets SEO standards has a higher chance of being displayed on the first page of search results and thus gets more traffic.

SEO is always present in the online world. After all, any business wants to be on the front page of Google and therefore need SEO. Although WordPress has hundreds of effective SEO plugins, there are a variety of tips and techniques in WordPress that you should pay attention to.

Here are some of the most important SEO tricks in WordPress. If you implement these techniques properly, you will see a lot of improvement in the amount of website display in search results.

1. Set up unique links

The URLs of web pages and posts are known as unique links in WordPress. In slang, they are the URLs used in the browser’s load address and the user will see a page of your website. These links are used by other websites and search engines to link to your site.

WordPress has settings for these links. To change it, just go to Settings and then Unique Links. It is often suggested that you change the default settings for this section and select “Write Name”. Because in this case, links are short and memorable by users and search engines index them easily.

2. Making Site Map

Your website has hundreds or thousands of pages in a while and you need to inform the search engines about site indexing faster. Creating a website map is very easy. WordPress has a plugin called Google XML Sitemaps that can automatically create sitemaps. This will greatly help the search engines to better index the site.

3. Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a popular analytics tool and has been suggested by Google. It’s completely free to use and helps you analyze site traffic. This tool lets you identify traffic sources, user behavior on the website, and other important parameters and use this information to understand your target audience.

Google Analytics is also effective in other things like identifying 4040 pages, monitoring visitor behavior, and detecting spam traffic. For implementation, we suggest that you read about Google Analytics installation in WordPress.

4. Use optimized themes

WordPress has a variety of themes for use on the website. However, in choosing the layouts or theme, rather than overly considering its beauty criterion, rate it as optimal. An optimized theme for high-speed search engines and correct coding. An SEO-friendly shell ensures that Google’s robots can read all the content on the page.

Important factors to consider in a good shell are:

  • Enjoy the theme of the Open Graph meta tag to better display the site on social networks
  • Correct use of page title meta tags and header tags
  • Correct structure and conform to HTML standards
  • Correct use of canonical meta tags

5. Use SEO plugins

WordPress has a variety of SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO that makes your website better SEO while encouraging you to add a page title, meta-discrimination, and keywords. These two plugins are a relatively comprehensive solution for SEO WordPress.

These two plugins enhance your website’s internal SEO and also provide a preview of the page in search results. These two plugins also make a site map automatically for your website. These extensions have a variety of functions in the areas of metadata and content analysis.

6. Optimize media files

Media is an important part of any website. However, these media files can cause serious damage to SEO if not used properly. How to name and select tags related to the photo can have an impact on SEO. Using the alternate text tag for images to the page SEO and seeing more of that image in the search results helps a lot.

Uploading an image with a very long and complex name is not a good SEO solution at all. Shortening the image name and reducing its size by compression tools can help rank the page in search results

7. Ability to share site content

Social networks have found a lot of fans in recent years. Most users today have activities on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. Using site-sharing tools and making them accessible to users can lead to page sharing and thus more traffic to the site.

Adding social networking buttons to the site’s pages in addition to increasing its traffic increases its credibility. So never underestimate the power of social media.

8. Use links and anchor texts correctly

You probably know the benefits of using links in posts, but you don’t know how to optimize them. Many website owners forget to link web site posts to each other. Internal links enhance SEO and user experience. It is also necessary to link to posts when necessary. Be careful not to link to another page just because of links.

Search engines have undergone major changes in recent years and are using more criteria to calculate page rank. Discovering the link between links through text anchor and the content of the source page has always been an important topic for search engines. Before Penguin’s algorithm in 2012, Anchor Text was the easiest way for search engines to understand sites. But nowadays Google is making more progress and penalizing websites that use abnormal text.

9. Produce quality content

What is the most used SEO tactic to increase site rank in search results? The answer to this question is quality and engaging content for users.

Creating and publishing high-quality content for any blog or corporate website requires high-quality content. Quality content, in addition to being free of misspellings, has the potential to attract audiences.

What is the quality of the content?
  • It’s original: Google hates copying content. Quotation of part of the content is acceptable, but copying all of it is in no way acceptable. You can use other content ideas, but stealing them is not the right thing to do.
  • It has a lot of sharing potential: Content must be engaging or engaging enough to encourage your audience to share it on social networks.
  • Meet the needs of users: Users often find the information they want to use the Internet. Providing content tailored to the needs of users is an important key to success in SEO. Training posts help users answer their questions. If your content helps users educate or inform them, it will be recognized as quality content.

10. Use the correct heading tags

For SEO, you must use optimized header tags on the website. However, if you are new to SEO, the correct use of header tags is not a priority. It’s easy to use header tags. Just use the WordPress editor and select the label from H1 to H6.

But which one to use for a title?

The H1 tag should be used for the title of the page and the message should be clear and understandable. The title of the original content should reflect the subject of the content and encourage users to continue reading it. You can then use the H2, H3, … tags for the secondary content titles.

The use of heading tags may not be the top priority for SEO, but it does help a lot in improving the user experience. Appropriate titles help users understand and attract content.

11. Use Good Hosting

You’ve probably already noticed that Google is paying attention to how fast websites load when ranking. Apart from the proper SEO techniques to speed up the site, good hosting plays a major role in this. Frequently hosts with SSD drive can speed uploading. Hosting new technologies can also help the site speed up.


Certainly, there are many techniques and tips in SEO WordPress(SEO WordPress Tips). But we tried to say the most important. Creating a chance for your site’s content to appear on the first page of search results is an important topic in online marketing. Take advantage of these tips to entertain website users and encourage search engines like Google to generate traffic for your site.


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