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network soultionsNetwork Solutions

AvengerIT Next Generation  is the network developer of the expert company that has marketed the “smart” Network Solutions  provider. Network Solutions are our skills. We are one of the pioneers of the computer network solutions.

Avenger IT Next Genration has also called a data network solutions, is a series of points, or nodes, interconnected by communication channels for the purpose of transmitting, receiving and exchanging data, voice and video traffic.

We have excellent skills network devices. that is including switches and routers, which use a variety of protocols and algorithms to exchange information and transport data to the desired terminal.Each endpoint ( host) of a network has a unique identifier. also often an IP address or a media access control used to indicate the source or destination of the transmission. Endpoints can include servers, personal computers, phones, and many types of network hardware.

Network soultion:

With a customer driven, end-to-end Avenger IT Next Generation Strategy from main mission, we can deliver a well-designed, reliable and secure network solution that can improve the efficiency of your business.

We offer wired and wireless enterprise network solutions . it deliver a consistent user experience and meet common networking challenges, while allowing you to control the future of your while allowing you to stay flexible to adopt new technologies, also improve your infrastructure, performance and reduce your costs.

Working with top brands, our networking solutions are based on open standards, which free you from outdated propriety approaches, instead allowing you to evolve your network in your own time.

Our successful track record in Networking has been built upon a number of strong foundations including:
    • A solid approach built upon a proven PRINCE2 methodology using project managerswith experience and understanding
    • The use of market-leading, cost competitive hardware and software solutions
    • Innovative and proven technical architecture and design services by our highly experienced team
    • Effective WI-FI survey and network deployment engineers with many man-years of experience deploying similar projects

As well as networking design, planning and installation we also provide consultancy, project management, testing, maintenance and on-going support.

Our IT networking solutions include:
    1.  Design
    2.  Planning
    3. Network Deployment
    4.  Security
    5.  Analysis and Reporting
    6. Remote Network Monitoring
    7. Network Support

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