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We are part of yours with our IT solutions(the solution)


the solution

Avenger is a IT solution provider also. An IT solution provider is a vendor, service provider, or value-added reseller (VAR) that comprehensively manages the customer’s project needs, from design to installation, through support.



This process typically involves reviewing the customer’s existing infrastructure,and assessing their needs, specifying the combination of hardware and software needed by the manufacturer to achieve the project objectives, installing the hardware and software on the site (s) of the customer. In many cases, the “solution” also includes ongoing service and value-added reseller support.


A turnkey solution provider is slightly different. Rather than customizing a solution for each customer, the turnkey provider offers minimal consultation and one or more established product packages that allow only minimal configuration.





find ou our IT solution areas:
Cloud + Data Center Transformation solutions
  1.  Consulting services
  2. Cloud & traditional technology platforms
  3. Convergence & hyperconvergence
  4. IT operations support
Connected Workforce’s solutions
  1. Insight Managed Collaboration
  2. Comprehension Managed Deployment
  3. Intelligent Managed Mobility
  4. Intuition Managed Office
Digital Innovation solutions
  •  Business Optimization
  • Customer Engagement
  • Workforce Enablement
Supply Chain Optimization solutions
  1.  Streamlined procurement
  2. Product life-cycle services
  3. Software life-cycle services
  4. Cloud products & purchasing
Serve your customers more efficiently.
Small to medium businesses solution

Grow your business smarter. We offer custom IT solutions to help you fuel productivity and streamline processes.

Service providers solutions

We’ll help you optimize operations and expand your service offerings to develop new revenue streams.

Browse solutions and services tailored to your industry

Healthcare solutions

Healthcare is evolving, and you need the IT to evolve with it. We’ll help at each step.


IT Solutions that help your business run smarter

Manage today and transform for the future with  IT solutions .IT solutions  help you maximize your investments,
scale effectively, connect your workforce and optimize your business.


Our method enables us to presence the competitiveness IT service solutions . we are your solutions:our solutions make you the best.

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