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A call center is a centralized office — or facility — that is equipped to handle large amounts of customer telephone requests for an organization. A call center handles all telephone communications with new and existing customers. All call centers facility provides ample workspace for a large number of employees, typically referred to as “call agents,” to administer telephone-based communications with customers.

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CALL CENTER  HAVE EVOLVED traditionally, the call center has been positioned solely as a sales and voice service center only. Call center was the focus for solving customer problems and was focused on improving first-call resolution, minimizing downtime, and improving scripts.

Fast moving to a new decade and progressive companies realize that these customer connection points can be maximized by focusing on the customer experience.

In the new engagement call center model, leading companies interact with their customers everywhere and at the same time as they get closer (by phone, email, chat, SMS) and in their daily lives.

Avengering IT Next Generation CONNECTING WITH THE CLIENT OF THE NEXT GENERATION To develop a truly effective engagement call center, communications must flow in both directions and customer confidence must be measured using multiple touch points, including social networks such as: than Facebook and Twitter.

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How we design the Call Center

Determine the model that will be used for the call center, i.e. a customer centric or product centric approach.

 Develop a Customer Access Strategy that includes:

  1. Customer profiling: who are the customers? What are their needs? How can those needs be best served?
  2. Customer Communication: how will the MFSP communicate with its customers?
  3. Query Types: what types and categories of questions are anticipated?
  4. Access Channels: what other channels will be available to address customer issues? Web, kiosks, mobile, SMS, retail agents?
  5. Service Level Objectives: what resources will be required such as people, technology, and databases?
  6. Organizational processes: what types of organizational practices should be established?

 Establish costs for call center:

A small charge is recommended to reduce nonsense calls and provide an incentive for customers to use other low cost alternatives, such as their handset, to obtain a balance

How we build the Call Center:

Estimate call volumes and call volume ramp up over initial months of operation

Establish call center hours of operation

Estimate call center size and staffing requirements by using a call center calculator

Model the organizational structure of the call center, for now and in the future

Map layout of call center, including furniture requirements

Obtain appropriate hardware and software to enhance call center capabilities

Perform user acceptance testing

Create a disaster recovery plan

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