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The digital marketing landscape is changing so much that it is almost impossible to imagine what the future of digital marketing will offer in terms of opportunities. Over the past year or two, we have seen new technologies, very serious changes in social media, influencer marketing, etc., which have matured from their earliest days as a sustainable and powerful marketing channel. What do you think is the biggest digital marketing trend for 2022 and beyond?

Avengering Forecast in Digital Marketing 2022

Three main trends in digital marketing that everyone will talk about in the future:

  • Content marketing

The first is content marketing, which is what digital marketing businesses need to do. Before the pandemic, business owners and B2B marketers considered advertising on social media to grow their business.
As Google says content is the best way to rank sites, research shows that more than two-thirds of content marketers and business owners have doubled or doubled their content budget by 2022. What is clear is that content marketing may not go anywhere after a while, but what other digital marketing trends might we see in 2022?

  • Everything with sound

Research shows that in the future, more than half of the searches will be performed by voice and voice assistants.

  • Artificial intelligence-based marketing and support technology

Artificial intelligence has long expanded what may be in the world of digital marketing, but over the next few years, we will see exponential leaps in technology.
Artificial intelligence is also used in advertising. While it has not yet reached the level of human creativity, Google is currently running ads using artificial intelligence to optimize campaigns by identifying the best ad designs and copying and auto-adjusting based on user interaction.

Artificial intelligence and digital marketing2022

The future of social media or social media

You may think that social media is getting saturated, but social networks will continue to be present in every area of ​​our lives and will really integrate with online and offline services.
In part of the Netflix dystopian series, Black Mirror, social media has been taken off the screen and into the real world, as people rank their interactions with others and get better housing, jobs, and social status based on their overall ranking. They do.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has grown exponentially in recent years, and top influencers on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube have attracted millions of followers and made a lot of money from their dealings with brands. Influencer marketing is still in its infancy and has a very good return on investment compared to traditional channels.
One of the problems in this type of marketing is having fake followers, who are solving this problem with the advent of digital tools. Investing in influencers makes sense, given that most customers value individual advice more than marketing. The power of the influencer is not in the number of their followers but the amount of interaction of their followers with themselves.

Social media in digital marketing 2022
Social media in digital marketing 2022

Virtual reality is becoming commonplace

Remember the Pokémon game in 2016? This mobile game was a great example of how to use virtual reality in video games. Virtual reality is not just a fun trick for gamers and is mostly used as a digital marketing tool to gain customers. For example, IKEA now offers a virtual reality catalog where you can place the furniture for better decisions. Put your house or another example of virtual reality are clothing brands that allow their customers to try on clothes virtually at home !! We should expect virtual reality to gradually become a common occurrence for marketing purposes instead of an attractive trick.

Video marketing is more powerful than other digital marketing channels

Smart digital marketers have realized the power of video for years. In 2015, the Washington Post predicted that video would account for about 80 percent of all online content by 2020. True, we have not gotten there yet, but the video is now one of the most powerful and influential marketing tools. . Video marketing has an incredible impact on the level of interaction, and there are still no signs of declining user engagement. YouTube is now the second most visited site after Facebook (although Google is always first).
If you have not yet used video in your marketing, and you are lagging, it is not too late. You can do the most creative thing possible for your brand by combining video and virtual reality, however, you will surely win the best marketing channel in 2022.


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