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Preface: what is website security and how to secure your website?

Website Security is a set of actions that maximize the security of the site and minimizes the possibility of intrusion. Keep in mind that site security is subject to other things, all of which play a vital role in securing the website. Server security, network security, Internet security, operating system security, software security, and many more play a key role in providing site security infrastructure. The discussion is currently in its infancy and there is still no discussion of effective and key actions on the site itself. Assuming that all of the basics are secure and that any other issues affecting the security of the site require some action on any site to ensure its security. Since most of the sites on the web are dynamic (dynamic), so we will focus on dynamic sites that are based on cms and we will briefly discuss static sites. Had. Given that site security is a very broad issue and needs a lot of discussion and discussion, it will try to get the titles in a regular and detailed way.

What is Website Security?

What is Site Security: A situation where a site has the highest level of security required and the lowest level of vulnerability, despite the usual services required. Site security depends on many things that must be observed.

Importance of site security( website Security )

Site security is extremely important and can be said to be the most effective factor in maintaining, maintaining and maintaining a site’s reputation, among other things. Unfortunately, by examining the status of regular and even large and sensitive sites, we conclude that many webmasters and administrators pay little attention to site security. Not hacking the site does not guarantee the site’s security, meaning that a site with security flaws may not have attempted to hack into it and would be vulnerable if the site was discussed. The importance of site security is determined when the site is under attack, which is likely to have two consequences. If the security of the site is properly secured, the attack will fail and the site will not be harmed. It is also noteworthy that even with the security of each site at any given time, it is susceptible to attacks and vulnerabilities. The type, number, and methods of hacking and infiltration are very wide, and countering all of them requires very serious and permanent action. In addition to covering and resolving security issues, it is also important to consider security issues.

Hosting site on a secure host

Get your site hosting from reputable and trusted companies. The secure platform on which the site is hosted is of particular importance. The use of security systems including antivirus, anti-spam, anti-shell, hardware and software firewalls and professional confidentiality of the server plays a key role in the attack. The overall security of the site depends on all the factors mentioned, and security is also a very important issue. When buying a host, pay attention to the above.

Secure and safe Internet use

Often the communication between the sites and the users is two-way and the connection is via the Internet. To sign up, login and many more you have to submit a user request to the site to make a proper response to that request. For example, when logging into a site, if the audit path (from our computer to the site and vice versa) is audited, our credentials can easily be stolen. That is to say, to avoid this, we need to use secure and limited communication. Using a public Internet with no specific security controls or restrictions can be extremely dangerous. Keep in mind that even if you use personal internet, you must take appropriate security measures to secure the Internet. Since most of the internet in our country is done through ADSL and is routed through modem and router and most devices are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, special measures should be taken to prevent WiFi hacking. Things like limiting the modem to Mac Address devices, disabling WPS, activating the modem firewall, etc.

Use authentic and genuine operating systems and software

It is well understood by the public that using the original operating system and authentic software will have much higher security than the reverse. Keep in mind that there may be changes to the kernel or part of the operating system and software used in the non-core sources, and these changes are likely being exploited, destroyed, and spied on, etc. It is arguable that unfortunately, in this case, it will be very difficult to detect and prevent this problem and we recommend that you use authentic operating systems and software and that there are no flawed and similar versions at all. Don’t use it. In addition to the above, if we look at the human and ethical aspects of the matter, it is better to respect the rights of the manufacturer and to use their original products.

Use powerful, up-to-date, authentic and genuine antivirus and firewall

This section also follows the principles of the previous section, but there are also significant differences. Using a powerful, up-to-date, authentic and authentic antivirus and firewall is one of the most essential things a webmaster should use. Even with all the other conditions in place and with no regard for this, there can be many security problems. There are some good security products out there, such as the ones offered by ESET and Kaspersky. If you are unable to obtain a license, these security products also have a limited Trial range that you can use.

Get content management system, template, and extension only from the source

Unfortunately, the main reason for the security of many sites is to disregard the principle of downloading the CMS, the template and the plugin only from the source. The file structure is easily editable and can be combined with malware, shell, spam, and more. Therefore, any file downloaded from its source can be susceptible to malware. We strongly advise you to follow this principle to avoid severe problems and compromise the security of your site.

Use a powerful password and protect it

One of the things that everyone agrees with and unfortunately a small percentage of them care about is using a strong password and protecting it. Good and powerful passwords must have more than 8 characters, a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters – special numbers and characters such as @,%,! And similar things. Another is protecting and changing it. Sensitive information must be safely protected. Fortunately, systems like Bit Locker and the like can take care of our sensitive information. Another issue is the periodic change of password that must be changed at certain times, such as once a month, to protect against brute force attacks.

How to improve our site security?

Determine the appropriate level of access to information

Determining the appropriate access level is especially important for files that contain key information such as database information. In this case, a level of access should be given to the file so that only the webserver and the file owner can read the information inside the config file and not read or write otherwise. For other files and directories, we also need to set reasonable and standard access levels and refrain from granting high-level access.

Protect login path to site management

It is recommended to use the site administration login protection feature. This is effective in providing and helping to secure the site and at times it provides substantial protection. Suppose if your site’s username and password are hacked, you can prevent the hacker from seeing the management path. As mentioned at the beginning of the discussion, security is not 100%, but security issues can greatly prevent security issues and, in fact, properly performing and securing site security can account for the actions taken at critical times, and Experience has also proven that with the correct security configuration many other weaknesses are covered. In terms of security, even the smallest things have their importance.

Set access and viewing restrictions

By setting access restrictions, site security can be greatly improved. Sites may prevent unauthorized persons from viewing a particular file or file by enforcing restrictions such as the definition of IP. In this case, the webserver is instructed to face a forbidden or access denied message if the user’s IP is other than the specified value or values. This feature is available on Linux and Windows web servers and can be easily used. We recommend that you make use of the IP restrictions, especially in your site administration.

Site protection against spammers

Spam robots search for sites and find weaknesses in them, especially unprotected forms that can be completed in a machine-like manner to launch massive spam attacks that are likely to interfere with protection. On the host server of the site, deal with the host of the site and get hobbies from multiple sources. But with a simple action and using the CAPTCHA protection system you can prevent spam security problems. We recommend Google’s reCAPTCHA system. Many large and reputable sites around the world use this system and you can safely use this security tool.

Security of the site - recaptcha
Website Security – Site protection against spammers

Keep track of reported security issues and ongoing security updates

The Website Security manager should always keep track of the latest security news and events, especially those that are directly related to site security. Many times large, even medium and small sites fall victim to these problems. Often, any company or authority that launches a product when the security bug in which the product is being discovered and released has to immediately provide a security solution and patch that can protect against the problem. In such cases, awareness and urgent awareness of the problem and its prevention will prevent security problems on the site. Note that even sites that are protected at the highest level of security are vulnerable to security bugs, and bug fixes should be addressed immediately. Subscribing to newsletters and forums, keeping track of the news section and blog site we use is a great way to keep you up to date and up to date.

Launch SSL security certificate on site

One of the best ways to maintain the security of users and site administrators is to use SSL security certificates on the site, which in addition to security issues, have a great impact on SEO results and gain the trust of users. The on-site SSL certificate encrypts incoming and outgoing information with a very sophisticated algorithm and prevents it from being intercepted and stolen. This will cause problems in many cases even if the user or administrator is unsafe. If the information is also intercepted, it will not be operational and the listener will encounter some encrypted information



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