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What is an Anchor text? | The Influence of Anchor text on SEO

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Preface: The Influence of Anchor text on SEO

The one that tells you which results to click on is called Anchor Text. In simpler terms, we are talking about the same text whose color is different from the round text and the crop can be clicked on.

If you use the Internet, whether you are a simple user or a professional webmaster, one thing is always true: you “search”. Usually on Google, sometimes on other search engines!

Searching for different words and phrases almost always aims to find the answer to your question or find a solution to a problem. Now the question is: Which of the millions of search results do you click on? How do you know which one of these links are hidden behind what you are looking for?

In the following, we intend to provide you with a complete definition of text anchor, how to use it, different types, uses of text anchor, and additional tips. Stay with us.

What exactly is Anchor Text?

The word anchor may sound strange at first: Anchor means ship anchor and Text means text. But the subtle point is that Anchor also means presenting or presenting and is called live television presenters. The anchor is a text message that introduces our website to a target audience while at the same time working as a ship’s anchor to connect and strengthen the connection between the user and the website.

anchor text

As we mentioned above, Anchor-Text is the clickable part of a search result or web page, which is usually blue in most browsers with an underscore. If you’ve already clicked on it, it may appear purple for you. But this is not limited to search engine results pages, and usually, any clickable text that redirects you to another page is called an anchor.

How to make a text anchor?

To create an Anchor, we need two things. The first is a web page (target link) and the second is a word or sentence that describes the content of the page. Note this HTML code:

<a href="https://example.academy/seo-tutorials/">free SEO training<a/>

Such code has been used in writing the homepage of the website. The visual representation of this code is the free SEO tutorial

The word that clicks us to a page with the same title in the Web Academy. The link here is example.academy/SEO-tutorials and our text denial is nothing but the word ” free SEO training “.

Use text anchors or better backlinks

Proper text anchor makes it easy to transfer link content

The anchor is a link text that users view as a link and is defined by the anchor tag as <A Href=”…”> </A>.

anchor text
(This text anchor refers to the content of a private site and is linked to)

Anchor-text at first glance gives Google and users information about what the linked page is about. These links may be internal and may refer to your site or maybe external to other sites. The higher the quality anchor-text is made, the better the users and search engines understand the content of the linked page and the site has a stronger link. Note that this part of SEO is one of the most important parts of SEO training. One of the most important things SEO companies do is correct and create a text anchor for the website.

anchor text
(Anchor-texts point out that the linked pages are about baseball cards. Using the correct text anchors, users and search engines find out what the link page is about.)

Dictionary of meanings

[jv_tabs style = "default" fitwidth = "no" active = "1" tabs = "2"] [jv_tab title = "What is CSS"]

The summary is Cascading Style Sheets and is the language of defining the layout and layers of web pages.

[/ jv_tab] [jv_tab title = "What is Text Style"]

is the format, font, size, and color of the text. [/ jv_tab] [/ jv_tabs]


Use descriptive and comprehensible text

The text anchor that you use to link to the page you want should at least give you an idea of ​​what the page content is about.

[box title = "Avoid Doing The following"] [list icon = "icon: ban"]
  • Write general terms for denying texts like “Page”, “Subject” or “Click Here”
  • Use terms that have nothing to do with the content of the linked page
  • Use the URL of the page as a text anchor most of the time (sometimes using the page URL as the correct text anchor, such as linking to the source material) [/ list] [/ box]

Use concise and useful terms

The use of short, precise, and understandable terms is of great importance in SEO Anchor.

[box title = "Avoid Doing The following"] [list icon = "icon: ban"]

Use long text wrappers such as long sentences or short paragraphs [/ list] [/ box]

Define the anchor-text format differently from regular texts

By changing the style of anchor to allow users to distinguish text anchors from ordinary texts. If users mistakenly click on an unnecessary text, they will lose their page content.

[box title = "Avoid Doing The following"] [list icon = "icon: ban"]

Using CSS or Styles That Mistakes  Anchor Error [/ list] [/ box]

Think of denying the texts that link to internal pages

You may have used text anchor purely for linking to external pages, but using it for internal pages has a huge positive impact on your site’s SEO and helps Google better analyze the content of your site pages. For more information, read the impact of the Off-page SEO link.

[box title = "Avoid Doing The following"] [list icon = "icon: ban"]
  • Using anchor  repeatedly filled with keywords and long sentences to get search engine attention
  • Making unnecessary text anchors that don’t help site users [/ list] [/ box]


Honesty is always important, and this is even more important in SEO. Nowadays, search engines, and especially Google, have become much smarter about cheating on so-called black hat SEO techniques. So in the process of building the site and generating content for it, we recommend always using standard methods and relying on the quality of the content and the applied design to get your site up on search pages


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