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Preface: Criticism of users, an SEO method that is no longer a secret

Regardless of what area you work in, achieving Google’s primary results is one of your goals. SEO is what gets your website to that point and includes over 200 ranking factors including content quality, backlinks, mobile optimization, and keywords. Although these parameters have dominated its search algorithm since the beginning of Google’s emergence, it has been several years that new factors such as user reviews have also been influenced. User reviews(positive reviews and Negative reviews) increase or decrease site rankings (customer reviews SEO)in search results, but how does this affect SEO?

You’ve probably guessed that user reviews indicate that the website is active, so it’s one of the ranking factors. When you consistently generate quality content tailored to your users’ demand, your site will see your site become active, thereby improving your site’s ranking in search results. This will earn more users and increase the site conversion rate.

what is customer reviews seo: User reviews(positive reviews & Negative reviews) increase or decrease site rankings in search results,

Earn real stars from users

Simply reviewing your site is not enough for users and your business needs more stars than users to make a positive change to your site’s ranking. These stars increase click rates by up to 30 percent, according to Search Engine Land.

what is customer reviews seo: User reviews(positive reviews & Negative reviews) increase or decrease site rankings in search results,

The reviews and stars that users give to your site are displayed in the Google Knowledge Panel and to the right of the search results. This panel also has more information about your business.

Fight fake criticism

Reviews may increase your credit, but what if they are fake? It is not surprising that there are advertising centers that counterfeit positive reviews and people do unrealistic destruction of a business.

Users are relatively distracted and know that no business is ideal and doubt the validity of all positive reviews about a business. In most cases, rating 5 is a little hard to believe, but most users are affected by a rating of 4.2 to 4.5.

Platforms that only allow reviews and ratings for users who have used the services or products of business deliver a more realistic result. Instead of being open to anyone for cash, these systems only allow users to buy the products of the business in question. Trust in these platforms is greater and can convince more users.

Cash and Income

Many users use online reviews when shopping. According to a December 2016 survey by Fan and Fuel, 92% of users are skeptical about purchasing non-cash products. Similarly, BrightLocal has shown that 88% of customers trust online reviews as suggested by their friends.

The offer of trusted bystanders is great value, but it’s also worth seeing online reviews from diverse Internet users. Anyway, many people look at it, you’ll probably stare at it!

This trust will increase the traffic and sales of the site. It has seen a 69% increase in sales since HomeFuels Direct in the United Kingdom began displaying user stars on its website. this is the right meaning of customer reviews SEO.

It is not only positive reviews that can help. Criticism is certainly very powerful in SEO, but what most online marketers are unaware of is that negative reviews can even be effective in customer trust.

Showing positive and negative reviews together shows that you have nothing to hide. Positive reviews look at you from their perspective, while negative reviews provide a good opportunity to showcase your customer service.

Giving customers the opportunity to make negative reviews will make you more dear to them. In a world where everything is moving towards automation, this experience will add value to you.


what is customer reviews SEO? Customers have a lot to choose from in today’s world, which makes your business more transparent so you can stand out among your competitors.

Your business can use them as an SEO method using the rating system as well as Google’s rating. Reviews and ratings increase the confidence of your customers and reassure them that they will buy with confidence.


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