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Preface: What is Digital Marketing?

In this article, tenant to present Digital Marketing Training and some digital marketing tools and also digital marketing education books. The term digital marketing and definition of digital marketing has been referred to for two decades now as a subset of marketing management and advertising management.

But with the advent of information technology in recent years, the increasing average time of users online, the widespread use of mobile phones and the increasing Internet Penetration Rate in the world, is considered as an independent knowledge and expertise today.

What is Digital Marketing?

Definition of digital marketing

Site HubSpot of prestigious sites in the field of digital marketing and content strategy is the definition of digital marketing to point out that this is an Umbrella Term is considered.

In other words, rather than being a straightforward definition, it is better to know all those techniques and tools that fall under the heading of digital marketing.

Although there is no single definition of digital marketing, the following definition seems to be a good part of the common definition of digital marketing ( + ):

Digital marketing includes a set of tools and activities that are used to market products and services in the digital platform (web, internet, mobile or other digital tools).

Digital marketing or digital marketing tools

The following are examples of digital marketing tools :

Sometimes the Tools menu Digital Marketing, the ads targeted and customized (Targeted Advertising) as well as direct advertising (Native Advertising) is mentioned.

But since these two headings are more inclusive and not overlapping (they can cover other options), we didn’t list them above.

Note: There are already overlaps in the list above. But since this list is referenced in this way in many official books and references, we also used the common method.

Definition of digital marketing

Digital Marketing Headlines

In some lessons (including negotiation ) we provide supplementary headlines for instructors in that lesson.

For the Digital Marketing course, there is also a set of Digital Marketing Education headlines that can be useful and informative for those looking to study digital marketing as well as those working in digital marketing consulting:

Digital Marketing Training Course — Supplementary Topics

A few digital marketing education books

The digital marketing books in some languages are not large enough for you to choose.

But in English, digital marketing education books are not lacking. While there are plenty of books on any of the digital marketing topics (for example, mobile marketing books or content marketing books and content strategy have their big worlds).

So we can’t say the few books we introduce here are necessarily the best digital marketing books. But they are at least known and valid.

Also, we have used and referenced them repeatedly in digital marketing lessons.

The New Rules of Marketing and PR

David Scott’s book New Laws on Marketing and Public Relations is a classic reference book on digital marketing.

This book has been repeatedly republished and the author has updated it to suit the needs and requirements of each period.

Scott’s book deals more with the technical aspects of digital marketing than the technical aspects.

But it can be useful for anyone interested in digital marketing.

Internet discussions, direct marketing using digital tools, blogging, digital publishing of business news, SEO, social networks, podcasts, and other ways of producing content are some of the topics discussed in this book.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect to be surprised to read this book or come up with something new on every page.

But it can be said that the character of this book is to fine-tune the reader’s mind in the field of digital marketing and its subordinates, as well as the position of digital marketing in today’s business environment.

Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Everyone who works with computers knows the combination of the three Ctrl, Alt and Delete buttons: Reboot the computer.

When everything should start from scratch.

Mitch Joel, who has extensive experience in Internet marketing, has explored the role of digital tools in business transformation.

The book is like a collection of scattered posts on a blog. A blog about the business relationship with the digital world.

So open it up anywhere you can read and think about the tips.

But precisely for this reason, unlike David Scott’s book, the author’s claim is not (and should not be expected) that your mind should be regulated in this area. After reading the book, you may become even more disturbed than before.

But his points are so valuable that you occasionally examine them and dedicate a place to Mitchell’s words, advice, and analysis in your mind.

Epic Content Marketing
digital marketing education books

Joe Politzey has several books on content strategy and content marketing, each of which is useful in its own right, and we’ve mentioned them in related lessons.

But Epic Content Marketing can go beyond content marketing. Because it has taken into account many areas of digital marketing and discussed the role of content in each of those areas.

The book’s introduction is written by an SAP executive, and Politzie announces to the audience that she is going to have a set of digital marketing experiences and tips.

Targeting for content marketing, a content-based business model, a content calendar, and the use of various platforms and tools for digital marketing are some of the topics discussed in this book.

In one of our English reading reinforcement lessons, we have brought a piece of Pulitzer’s book with his voice and explained it ( audience role in content marketing ).

[Related lesson: Introducing Joe Pulitzer and Content Marketing Book more fully ]

A few questions, and their answers

What is Internet Marketing and Is It Different From Digital Marketing?

The term internet marketing is an older term and was more common in the nineties. With the advent of digital marketing tools, digital marketing has gradually replaced the term digital marketing (read more: What is Internet Marketing )

Are the terms of digital marketing and digital advertising synonymous?

The two terms are different, and the two are similar to those of advertising and marketing.

When we talk about digital marketing, we mean understanding the market using digital tools to solve market problems and needs through product design and delivery. Whereas when we talk about digital advertising, it is assumed that we have a specific product and simply want to convey our message to the audience using digital tools.

Where to Start Listening to Digital Marketing Podcasting?

It is usually not difficult to find and find digital marketing podcasts (because they are limited). But if you want to listen to digital marketing podcasts in English, choosing the right podcasts for digital marketing training will not be easy. We suggest going to the following two podcasts first and then checking out other resources


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