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Preface: Do You know What is Digital Marketing?

Is digital marketing( online marketing versus offline marketing) one of those weird phrases that you have to use to showcase yourself in meetings or not, is it a real thing?

Perhaps the better question here is what is digital marketing at all?

The term digital marketing has been referred to for two decades now as a subset of marketing management and advertising management.

But with the advent of information technology in recent years, the increasing average time of users online, the widespread use of mobile phones and the increasing Internet Penetration Rate in the world, is considered as an independent knowledge and expertise today.

Digital Marketing History

This digital marketing guide will teach you what digital marketing is all about. Although it has been popular since 2000, digital marketing history goes back many years. The following picture in 1986 shows an image of the first digital marketer in history:

what is digital marketing?

This person’s name is Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of the first wireless signal transmitter. He’s the one who invented the radio. Shortly after his invention in England, more signals were transmitted through open water.

Although it took 10 years for the radio to be publicly available, it was only a short time before the creators of the product realized they could sell the product.

The first live radio broadcast in the world was an opera performance at the New York City Metropolitan Building, and guess what happened next?

People started buying opera tickets from this building. Here was the born-digital marketing strategy. We’re sure you’ve been a little surprised so far. Because we didn’t talk about smartphones, apps, Google ads, or blogs.

The reason is that digital marketing is not just internet-based.

Definition of digital marketing

As usual in the series, we review Wikipedia and explain it:

Digital marketing is a general term for targeted, measurable and bidirectional marketing for products or services that …

As you can see, the definition of Wikipedia is very complex and we are also looking for a simpler definition: Digital marketing is any form of marketing of products and services where electronic devices are involved.


What is Digital Marketing?

That’s why digital marketing has been around for decades, not just content marketing, Google advertising, and social media. Digital marketing can be done both online and offline.

Both online and offline digital marketing is important in comprehensive marketing.

Site HubSpot of prestigious sites in the field of digital marketing and content strategy is the definition of digital marketing to point out that this is an Umbrella Term is considered.

In other words, rather than being a straightforward definition, it is better to know all those techniques and tools that fall under the heading of digital marketing.

Digital marketing includes a set of tools and activities that are used to market products and services in the digital platform (web, internet, mobile or other digital tools).

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Billboards you know. Not long ago, most car travelers looked at billboards while traveling. It was even seen that big brands like BMW and Audi were starting to compete across the board. In the past, many brands spent a lot of money renting these billboards. Although unfortunately still some people in Iran are wasting their money in this way!

Billboards fortunately or unfortunately are no longer a good marketing method and are being destroyed.

The reason for the destruction of billboards in the future is also quite clear in the photo released by Volvo’s Future Cars. The future of car driving will be as follows:

Image associée

No more travelers spend their time looking out. Even now, many passengers in cars are working on their cell phones.

According to reports, 9% of drivers work with their mobile phones at any time of the day. Given these figures, how can we be optimistic about the future of billboards? If even drivers with eyes on the road are not paying attention to these billboards, then who will look at these billboards?

Considering the issue of cars, as we all know this technology will soon be sweeping, there will be no future for billboards. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that this will happen in 2020. That is, until the next few years we have to wait for such phenomena to emerge.

This means that there is not much time left for you. Before you say goodbye to your traditional business, you need to bring in digital marketing.

Figures show that Americans spend more than 11 hours a day with electronics. Despite this long time, it can be concluded that Americans spend almost all their time in the digital world. Unfortunately, there are no accurate statistics in Iran, but given the strong interest of Iranian users in digital tools, it can be surmised that this situation is still high in part of the world.

Digital Marketing is the reason a 25-year-old boy can sit at home and earn $ 2 million a year just by playing online YouTube if offline marketing doesn’t.

Now let’s take a look at the digital marketing principles.

Digital Marketing Principles

The two main pillars of digital marketing are online marketing and offline marketing. We deal with the issue of online marketing separately, but just to complete the description, here are the various sections of online marketing.

The seven main categories in online marketing are:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  5. Click Advertising (PPC)
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Commission Marketing
  8. Email Marketing

We will elaborate on this in another post titled Online Marketing.

Well, what other digital marketing is there? There are so many. Here are four main categories in digital marketing:

The first type,   Advanced Offline Marketing   But has been strengthened by the use of electronic equipment.

For example, if your restaurant is taking orders from customers using iPad, here we are with digital marketing offline. Users have been promoting digital marketing for decades using digital tools, though you may have forgotten them.

The second type,   Radio Marketing   Is. Remember this the next time you reach the advertising section while listening to the radio.

The third type,   Television Marketing, Of course, we cannot forget it. Televisions have been with us for over half a century and have been in color since 1953.

And finally the fourth category, marketing   Phone   It has seen the most growth in offline marketing and has experienced many failures.

Here’s a closer look at these four categories of digital marketing.

Advanced Offline Marketing

What’s the difference between two billboards, one on Desert Road and the other on New York Times Square?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "new york city"

Their difference is in the LED. All Times Square billboards are electronic. In Arizona, no one is competing with you to get people’s attention. Even with a billboard, you can succeed. But in Times Square the situation is the opposite, and it is the world’s most valuable people. More than 330,000 people cross the field daily.

Buses, taxis, as well as people trying to get your attention around are among the things that can distract you, but the most important distracting factor in the field is its electronic billboards.

Renting a billboard in Times Square costs between one and four million dollars. If you think these prices are too high, then just take a look at the cost of advertising in the American Super Bowl.

What do you see in modern Apple stores these days? Many users are working with iPads, MacBooks, and iPhones. If you are an electronics retailer, delivering a demo of your product is a must in your digital marketing strategy.

The Impact of Product Demo on Offline Marketing: "modern Apple stores"

Do you remember the computer magazines that came with the CD? We were all waiting to insert the adapter CD into our player first and watch the content on it.

People are always doing this. In the past, newcomers have copied their music among their friends by copying their music to a CD in large numbers. The same thing is done today with flash drives.

Radio Marketing

It’s been over a hundred years since the radio has been with us. Since the radio is well integrated into the Internet, it has not received as much attention as television. Of course, traditional radios still have their favorites.

Here are some facts about the radio:

  • Radio still reaches 85% of people in most countries a week.
  • Listeners listen to the radio for two hours a day.
  • 40% of radio advertising spend in the US.
  • Half of Americans listen to internet radio once a month.

According to these statistics, then the radio is not dead yet. Some radio stations around the world still make a lot of money. You can still find online radio channels and podcasts that have a lot of listeners and ask them to advertise at the end or beginning of their show.

Television Marketing

Television marketing is like a giant that never goes away and annually spends a lot of money in the television industry. Ever since Google Video became a YouTube, the efficiency of television advertising has been declining.

Certainly, a specialized YouTube channel about computer games with hundreds of thousands of followers could be a better place to advertise a game than most popular but unrelated games.

So why, while television commercials in developed countries like the US aren’t worth much, Americans still watch television on average four hours a day?

Many people nowadays also watch television programs through their recordings, which are ad-free. All of this suggests that television advertising should be used more intelligently.

TV advertising like other marketers like SEOs are not targeted and is broadcast for a variety of features and tastes. The only purpose of television advertising is to be seen more and more.

Television advertising is only valuable when it is aired on programs related to your business, otherwise, it is not suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. In general, this type of marketing is dying out and probably not so much in the years to come.

Telephone marketing

This type of marketing is a little unknown and is usually underestimated. Currently, more than 80% of Internet users own smartphones. In 2014, the number of mobile Internet users surpassed desktop users.

In 2016, the amount of time spent watching online ads on mobile devices surpassed other desktop devices. It is expected that by 2020, mobile advertising spend will also go through television advertising. But how did this rapid growth come about?

Here we are going to explore the offline methods of mobile marketing. Two features are common in smartphones that are often underestimated: call and SMS.

Research shows that a marketer can make 52 phone calls a day by making three customers for himself. That’s not comparable to social media or email. But there is a credible approach in marketing.

The best way to get code is through SMS. This feature is available on any phone. It is very likely to be read online or offline. Although MMS textiles cost us a fair amount, they are far less expensive than SMS textiles. The 160 character texts in SMS can still be very valuable in marketing.

There are techniques in this type of digital marketing that can be used to improve it.

Keeping up with sales festivals and discount coupons are great ways for restaurant owners to attract more customers. Using SMS to remind you of the day the product is delivered by online stores is also a great way for this type of marketer.

Since 98% of texts are usually open and almost 90% of them are read within the first three minutes, texting is a great opportunity for businesses to improve.

Be careful not to use QR codes in mobile marketing. Because many users still do not know the nature of these codes and the user needs to read a separate application in their phone to read the code. So these codes are not optimized for mobile.

Unfortunately, some brands are using QR codes in the subway and on television commercials. Users in the subway are in a hurry, and QR shows in television ads are only a few seconds short. So don’t waste your time with QRs and spend your money and time in better places.

digital marketing tools

The following are examples of digital marketing tools :

Sometimes the Tools menu Digital Marketing, the ads targeted and customized (Targeted Advertising) as well as direct advertising (Native Advertising) is mentioned.

But since these two headings are actually more inclusive and not overlapping (they can cover other options), we didn’t list them above.

Note: There are already overlaps in the list above. But since this list is referenced in this way in many official books and references, we also used the common method.


As you can see, today the Internet is not the only place to succeed in marketing. Of course, one cannot conceal the opportunities available on the web. Every marketer must use the potential of online marketing to succeed.

But employing some of the offline methods can, along with other online marketing methods, help a great deal in diversifying digital marketing. The digital marketing category will be revisited.

Online marketing

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  5. Click Advertising (PPC)
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Email Marketing

Offline marketing

1. Advanced Offline Marketing

  • Electronic billboards
  • Digital Product Preview
  • Digital Product Samples

2. Radio Marketing

  • Radio advertising
  • Sponsoring Programs

3. Television Marketing

  • TV commercials
  • Tele Shopping
  • Advertisements at popular events

4. Telephone marketing

  • Promotional calls
  • SMS marketing
  • QR codes

We hope that this has helped expand your understanding of Digital Marketing and help you improve your business.


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